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  1. 6 hours ago, ChuckkieB said:

    Darnold will be better than all of them.  Let's revisit this at the end of the season.  People get crazy over a few games!  Daniel Jones is now Johnny Unitas!  Cmon man.  

    Sure......     Darnold is a hall.of famer.... relax everyone


  2. 11 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

    Jamal Adams is OBJ 2.0

    clear as day.

    said it for a while.

    mark my words. it's coming.

    He is allergic to losing.  Hes your quintessential modern day athlete.    Im not saying I agree with most of his behaviors,  its just an observation.    Our organization is a dumpster fire...   

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  3. 13 hours ago, BigRy56 said:

    This team is decimated by injuries right now. We'll come back in week 5 with Darnold, Herndon, Mosley, Williams, and Jenkins all back in the starting lineup. Thomas will also be back and Crowder will be able to slide into his normal position.

    This team is going to look wildly different after the bye. 3-3 isn't likely, but it's not impossible. If we can come out of the first 6 games at 2-4, the final 10 games are not difficult - this is a long season and let's see where we stand after the second New England game.... people might be singing a totally different tune at that point.

    Uhh.... herndon doesnt come back until week 6 dude.  And who is guarenteeing all those other players are coming back from injury in week 5?  


    Blind loser optimist 

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