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  1. If he can just be a serviceable depth this year it will be a plus. He was useless last year!
  2. This year will be about putting pieces together and learning the systems for the new talent. The following year they should be making a run at the division and a playoff run.
  3. The Jets aren’t playing no games. Lafluer is gonna do so much with all these new pieces.
  4. That’s a competitive roster with back ups that can play.
  5. Now I think they will take Hamilton and Thibs.
  6. The Giants currently don’t have enough cap space to sign their draft picks if they stay in both 5 and 7. What if the jets trade next years 1 and #35 to move to 7 and get 3 blue chip players at 4,7 and 10.?
  7. All I know is that Deebo would give the Jets a chance to compete at least offensively in the division, without him it’s a a year away. This guy was the reason SF got so far, he is an X-Factor this team hasn’t had since……….
  8. Thank you JD for NOT drafting him!
  9. This won’t last, one stadium. The play is very subpar, you just see why many of these players never held on to an NFL roster. Happy for the players, they genuinely seem happy to play. Maybe a few gems can be found, play should be better in a few weeks……. Hopefully.
  10. Just draft Chris Olave and problem solved for 3 years. He’s the best WR in the draft and it’s not close.
  11. Anybody gonna watch. I remember watching the old league and it was very competitive, even gave the NFL a few greats.
  12. Sauce, Stingly, or McDuffie, can start and play right away.
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