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  1. Not since the days of Rex have I felt this much energy from this team and maybe never from the QB position.
  2. Yes, we can actually see the vision and the moves match the vision. How refreshing.
  3. Okay.... It didn't post, I did something wrong thankfully someone posted it for me.
  4. Wow! Just watched it on YouTube to see a very good NFL receiver speak like that about our young WR. Fellas I think we got a real one!
  5. Building a solid foundation, this is how you build a team.
  6. At least one from the top 5 and 1 project. Hopefully we can get Clark on the field this year.
  7. Should have gotten Marriota when LV made him take a paycut and paid him slightly more.
  8. Can you imagine sitting behind the same bad young QB on two different teams now!!!
  9. Just like Allen was thought to be the third prospect in his draft and ends up being the best, Fields may just be the sleeper best of the bunch.
  10. Do you think that the Texans sent someone to dig dirt on Watson because he doesn't want to play for them. So he likes going to Jack shacks....so what they are everywhere but I dont think he would do something non consensual.
  11. Assuming we keep Sam seems he would fit the system.
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