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  1. Very good chance that Bosa or Allen will be there if Kyler goes 1. You have the chance to get blue chip player you take it, Jets have been taking chances on lower grade players who don't pan out. A good pass rush to cause turnovers also helps a young QB.
  2. Shelbyblue

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    Don't read much into it, camp bodies, we only had 36 players signed to contracts. There will be a lot of shifting before training camp.
  3. Most players live in NJ, they practice and play there, True also for NYG. Our franchise never has clear direction, coaches carousel and we are just hopefully getting our QB after 50 effin years!!!!. Jersey taxes are bad too .
  4. Shelbyblue

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Nobody wants to come to the NYJ. Paradis, Saffold, Barr, Bell will pick the Ravens and why not they always contend. Boat load of cash and only one overpaid LB.
  5. Shelbyblue

    NFL Free Agent Updates

    Lee was always out of position and gets run on frequently. We got real players with attitude now. Trade Lee for a 4 or 5 and get more line help.
  6. Go shopping in NE. Trent Brown and Trey Flowers. Weaken you enemy and get the 2 corner stones for years.
  7. Shelbyblue

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Any great QB picks apart a zone, especially Brady. Game over!!!
  8. Shelbyblue

    Our Next HC Should Have A Track Record

    LeFluer is the guy, Macc made the call right after the Titans loss.
  9. Ok Johnsons', fire everyone who had a hand in this mess NOW!!!!!!!
  10. Totally agree, open up the vault and let him take what he wants.
  11. They booked vacations at halftime.
  12. Shelbyblue

    Ok...I'm convinced.

    As good a Bell is he never got Pitt past the Pats. Pick up linemen in FA and draft skill players. We were best when we had a great line, really good Defense. Sam has that "it" factor to take us home.
  13. Shelbyblue

    Sam Darnold

    I can buy my Darnold Jersey now. Sam, Robby, Herndon. Just a coach and a dominant player on both sides away.
  14. Roberts is not a receiver, he's a very good ST player. We have no receivers.....
  15. Johnson was a bad pick up, he sucks!!!

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