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  1. Best part of the day, Patriots looked like the Jets out there.....
  2. Kingsbury is coaching where the game is going.........Johnsons???
  3. Might as well, only what 1 quater of play so far???....85mil???
  4. There aren't any. I moved from N.Y. and now Baltimore games......no more suffering.
  5. Ryan Freakin Tannehill!!!!!. Gase ruins QBs. Good for Tannehill. I bet Darnold too!!
  6. But Sandiego still no SB wins, good QBs gone to waste.
  7. Watching every other Young QB look Dam good or at least functional. It's coaching, they ruined Darnold.....or maybe he ain't it.
  8. The only way to stop this is to not support the team with your money, they will sell the team or spend serious money on real football people to fix it.
  9. Not Pagano rather Fangio if they van him. I doubt it though.
  10. I like Jim Harbaugh but he wares on people after initial success, but hell I'll take him.
  11. My pick Dabol head coach, DC Matt Patricia. Fell free to add on.
  12. Man!! Buffalo built s beast, if the Jets don't get this right they will be at the bottom the next decade.

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