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  1. He should be very comfortable with boos, he’s heard them in that same stadium on 2 teams now
  2. When you are drafting for a totally new coach, systems on offense and defense it’s year one!
  3. Talent and experience is the issue from GM to players. I do like the plan and the coaches, it’s nice to see adjustments at halftime for once. The team is 2 drafts away and 2 years of experience away. It doesn’t feel like a circus like years past or players quitting.
  4. Give him a contract early before he knows how good he is.
  5. How much does this defense have to do ……this is utterly ridiculous.
  6. Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray on Sirius still predict blowout win without AJ, Julio, and Bud Dupree. They say Henry will run for 200yds. Saleh better be pinning this up.
  7. I don’t get it. Everyone is a rookie at their jobs this year, Lafluer never called plays, takes at least a year or two to know your offensive players and design plays that work for them. Zach and all the other rookies QBs look like rookies no shock there. Saleh is a rookie HC so time management and decisions will be rookie like. JD is still learning his job. Buckle up it will be bad this year and part of next. This year is finding your foundational players that are either rookies or Second year players. Defense is ahead with a bunch of 1st and second year starters it will be very good next yea
  8. The kid is good, he can make throws most can’t. Lafluer is learning on the job, so is Saleh and Zach. Receivers must catch the damn ball. The offensive line is JDs fault and or the the O line coach. Don’t look for wins against really good defenses like one coached by Fangio, these career defensive coaches hardly ever get beat by rookies.
  9. What rookies are lighting it up right now. Matt Nagy has been accused of trying to get Fields killed, Trevor the generational talent is still winless with one of the best coaches ever. N.E. Is playing hide and seek with Jones but it didn’t work today. We also have a first time play caller/first time OC, first time HC and rookie QB. It’s gonna look bad all around because nobody has experience at their position. Buckle up it’s gonna be a ride…..
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