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  1. Go shopping in NE. Trent Brown and Trey Flowers. Weaken you enemy and get the 2 corner stones for years.
  2. Shelbyblue

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Any great QB picks apart a zone, especially Brady. Game over!!!
  3. Shelbyblue

    Our Next HC Should Have A Track Record

    LeFluer is the guy, Macc made the call right after the Titans loss.
  4. Ok Johnsons', fire everyone who had a hand in this mess NOW!!!!!!!
  5. Totally agree, open up the vault and let him take what he wants.
  6. They booked vacations at halftime.
  7. Shelbyblue

    Ok...I'm convinced.

    As good a Bell is he never got Pitt past the Pats. Pick up linemen in FA and draft skill players. We were best when we had a great line, really good Defense. Sam has that "it" factor to take us home.
  8. Shelbyblue

    Sam Darnold

    I can buy my Darnold Jersey now. Sam, Robby, Herndon. Just a coach and a dominant player on both sides away.
  9. Roberts is not a receiver, he's a very good ST player. We have no receivers.....
  10. Johnson was a bad pick up, he sucks!!!
  11. Team penalties, early time outs, players out of position. This is why they all have to go.
  12. Shelbyblue


    Seems lile Bates has 3 plays to hos offense. Bills offense is exciting to watch.
  13. Shelbyblue


    We got 2 football players Roberts and Adams, throw in Myers too.....thats it.
  14. Shelbyblue

    Darnold going in for X rays

    This team is soft and unprepared, Bowles has to be fired after the game and Darnold needs to sit until we het a coach.

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