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  1. He's the best we could have, Cam is still trying to be a starter so that would have been a bad fit.
  2. I'm Glad JD is drafting and bringing in good character guys.
  3. We can't get sidetracked buying broken goods. This is a 3 year draft by Douglas to become competitive. Fix the line with 2 more Draftees, one in the first one in the third. We can pick a good receiver in 2 take a swing in later rounds for corners and pass rushers. Get Robby signed.
  4. Yesssss and they bring back Alex lewis!!!!
  5. Jets loose this one on Darnold not playing smart amd Gase bad play calling.
  6. I'm a big Alabama fan, Quinnen was a product of the other D lineman that year, he really had 1 standout year and everone took the bait.
  7. sh*tcan the Salt sniffer. He's gettin high man.....he is getting high...
  8. Dolphins will crush the Jets, get Gase fired. Sam will be sacked 8 more times and 2 or 3 more picks from the Patriot style defense of Miami. Guaranteed!!!!!!
  9. I would take Freddie Kitchens if he gets fired. There is not much out there after Gase gets canned unless you go to the college ranks.
  10. Browns at least are not making Baker throw against that defense, good game plan save for the turnovers.
  11. Before the season started we needed another draft done with a competent GM.

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