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  1. Should have gotten Marriota when LV made him take a paycut and paid him slightly more.
  2. Can you imagine sitting behind the same bad young QB on two different teams now!!!
  3. Just like Allen was thought to be the third prospect in his draft and ends up being the best, Fields may just be the sleeper best of the bunch.
  4. Do you think that the Texans sent someone to dig dirt on Watson because he doesn't want to play for them. So he likes going to Jack shacks....so what they are everywhere but I dont think he would do something non consensual.
  5. Assuming we keep Sam seems he would fit the system.
  6. With the names we have had at WR I can't understand why we wouldn't want a proven pass catcher. Bruh! We need people who can catch a dam ball!
  7. With so many holes we sign 2.5 players?
  8. Bears sign Dalton, WFT sign Fitz, Houston sign Tyrod so who's gonna take Sammy?
  9. That means they are going to release Hassan Reddick most likely. Reddick had 12 sacks as a pure pass rusher his natural position. Jets should take a look at him.
  10. Just listening to Hendrickson on SXM , the host Aquib Talib was basically telling him to sign with the Jets and Saleh will make him a star. We really got a coach that every player wants play for.
  11. Just shows how any bonehead can come up with these mocks.
  12. Sam is not going anywhere. Good coaches are reaching out because they know he can be fixed. Unless somehow Watson becomes a reasonable trade Joe and Rob will build a solid young core that will be ready for the right QB if it's not Sam.
  13. Good riddance Jets got the best out of that deal even if the picks bomb.
  14. This guy must be really bad in interviews, another year coaching in a SB with no HC offers. How you get beat out by a senior citizen who has never been mentioned.
  15. Rogers doesn't have a killer instinct, he's a phenomenal technician but lacks that special quality. One play he scrambles and has a wide open field for a TD and throws to a covered receiver. Tom throws 3 picks but still makes the biggest plays like the end of half throw to Miller. You have it or you don't.
  16. Just look at all the teams in the final 4, they had great QB play. You don't get close without it. Watson could get us to 8 wins in the first year with Saleh I believe. QBs like Watson never shake free like this.......never.
  17. Two best QBs playing in the SB, it went like it was supposed to.
  18. Soo...watching this QB play, who still doesn't want Watson.
  19. Good to see Todd Bowles and B.A. get to SB. Didn't dislike Bowles he was just nit what the Jets needed and BA has paid his dues. Brady rode a stacked roster......cant blame him.
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