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  1. rayzor

    Siemian to Jets

    Nice signing. One year deal. $2M. Max up to $3M if incentives are met. Took him from the Vikings. They tried to re-sign him. He brings 24 games of starting experience from his time with the Broncos with him.
  2. Most people are undervaluing our pick. Keep in mind that when we moved up from 6 to 3 last season, it cost us 3120 points. That's a 40% premium! Unless my math is wrong. So, 3 one's or the equivalent will be more like it. There's always the QB premium.
  3. Signed a 1 year deal for $1M. Jags already paying him $6.5M.
  4. There goes McCarron as an option. To Texans. Not much experience there. But cost them $3M.
  5. You're right. I'm surprised they have the similar amount of experience considering Glennon got in the league 2 years earlier.
  6. Siemian isn't bad but I prefer someone who can contribute to Darnold's development. That would mean someone with more starting experience like Glennon or Gabbert.
  7. Let's "steal" him from the Vikes. Might not be cheap though if there's competition for his services.
  8. regardless of whether he gets prosecuted, his reputation has taken a major hit.
  9. On a conference call, he said that Anderson and Enunwa reminded him of the time he played with DeSean / Garcon.
  10. Qvale deal is 1 year, $1.4 million with a chance to reach $2.4 million with incentives, per source . $550k guaranteed.
  11. rayzor

    Robert Quinn

    Cowboys talking trade. As well as Saints
  12. Depth. Guess that foot healed for Eric!
  13. The Jags still have to pay Bortles $6.5M. Rams must be getting a cheap deal.

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