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  1. Long but interesting videos. I wish he analyzed plays from different games as well. Basically it does confirm what Jet fans already know. Sam's accuracy is a big issue. He just isn't consistent enough. So the question is, can accuracy be coached?
  2. How does one explain how Josh Allen, who also attends, became a top 3 QB this season? Can't be all Daboll can it? Is it possible Sam is more difficult to coach?
  3. Just so you guys are clear where Watson ranks among the top QB's, here's PFN's latest QB Power Rankings: 1) Rodgers 2) Mahomes 3) Allen?? #4 – Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans Season: 16 GP | 301.4 YPG (2nd) | 70.2% (3rd) | 7.1 avg CAY (5th) | 6.1 TD% (10th) | 1.3 INT% (4th) | 30.13 OVM (2nd) | 444 rush yards (5th) | 3 rush TDs (T-9th) Deshaun Watson just put together a season for the ages, recording career highs in passing yards (4,823), passing scores (33), completion percentage (70.2), and yards per attempt (8.9). His seven interceptions are also the fewest he’s thrown in a single season, including his rookie year, where he appeared in just seven games. It’s easy to see why he’s the only non-playoff passer within the top-five of our 2020 QB power rankings. However, with the Houston Texans in full-blown offseason mode, you have to think some coach is out there salivating about inheriting a top-five NFL quarterback — that’s if he doesn’t force a trade. Could you blame him? 5) Wilson 6) Brady 7) Jackson 8) Tannehill 12) Stafford 30) Darnold
  4. After watching that replay a dozen times, i still couldn't see where he hit his head. Is it possible it was caused by just the overall "hit"? It does seem more like the theorized choke out that caused him to be out of it. His neck was definitely twisted up. If that were the case, he should be 100%
  5. I'm sure Jones has something left in the tank. It kinda depends who our QB will be. If it's a rookie, it might be more beneficial to have a young core group of WR's he can develop rapport with as opposed to a stopgap one year player. That's why i think the younger the better.
  6. from an article about a month ago: "Jeff Ulbrich is going to be in high demand this offseason. While Raheem Morris continues to make head-scratching coaching decisions, interim defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich is making a name for himself as the next must-have defensive guru at the young age of 43 and after just six seasons as an actual NFL defensive assistant. If the next Atlanta Falcons head coach decides not to keep him, there will be a handful of NFL teams knocking down his door for his services, especially after what he was able to accomplish against the high powered Andy Reid offense. While the Atlanta Falcons defense didn’t finish with any sacks today and had just one tackle for loss, the defense did an incredible job of knocking Patrick Mahomes off his spot all afternoon and made him very uncomfortable in and out of the pocket today. The Falcons defense has improved tremendously under the guidance and direction of Ulbrich and the franchise would be dumb to let him go just like they did Matt LaFleur a few years ago."
  7. Pretty surprising it's neck and neck for drafting Wilson/Fields vs keeping Darnold. Do people get that it's not easy to be in position to get a top 2 QB in the draft? And how costly it can be just to move up a few spots? Like the 3 2nd's we paid just to move up 3 spots??
  8. Probably the same reason Mac Jones will go in the top 10. They looked good in college.
  9. I'd even go as far to say i'd take Allen and Herbert over Lawrence at this point.
  10. Easy. The sure thing. Watson. Lawrence is still a gamble.
  11. Agree. Should probably add Fuller, Higgins and Lazard as realistic options. I think the 28 year olds are too close to their peaks to pay them what they want.
  12. Moving from 2-8 would get us much more than a 2 and 3. Don't forget, it costed us 3 2's just to move up 3 spots to grab Sam.
  13. How Cimini heard this is a mystery. Fans might have to get used to the idea of Sam staying put if this is true. Hopefully it’s a smokescreen.
  14. I wouldn't say it doesn't matter what Darnold does next year. If he miraculously becomes a top QB in the new system, they certainly would considerate it. But there's no way they exercise that 5th year option on him before the season starts.
  15. It's a definite possibility we keep Sam and draft a QB. Where we draft that QB is the question. It could still be at 2 or lower on a trade down. And it would depend on which QB would be available. Ideally, we trade down to get some extra draft capital and are still able to grab someone like Wilson.

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