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  1. I've always liked the old Powell. I hope he sticks too but i don't believe he's better than Montgomery at this stage. McGuire should go.
  2. It looks like Webb is a goner. I thought he had potential but Falk looked better overall in the pre season games. He even looked better than Siemian. Siemian's experience is what keeps him as the backup.
  3. How do they determine the fine amounts? Holton Hill, the Vikes CB who literally took out Paxton Lynch, got only a $10,527 fine. And he was ejected from the game!!
  4. He supposedly couldn't stand out against 3rd stringers during practice. Hopefully, Williams can get something out of him.
  5. A decent kicker can kick into his 40's. It must be in Cat's head. Hmm, Bertolet was 9 of 14 last season for the AAF. 4 for 7 from 50+. Doesn't sound great but it seems he has a strong leg. Though he missed 2 of 7 from under 50. Why not Blair Walsh, Cody Parkey or someone like Kai Forbath? They don't seem to want to spend anything on a kicker.
  6. Just in time. Texans might have complicated things.
  7. He was just signed to a one year deal. I thought he might have been an impactful player for them. He was reportedly taking a month away for personal reasons. He's still only 26.

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