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  1. Minshew has shown that he can't be the guy. Mullens has shown that he can't be the guy. If Saleh wanted him, they would have gone after him before the Eagles signed him. That says a lot. I don't see the point in getting either one of them unless they can help Wilson develop. JJ has more than enough experience to fill that role. Do you guys really want to win meaningless games if Wilson isn't under center?
  2. Basically, in terms of QB experience, he most recently helped develop Sanchez, Cutler and Cousins.
  3. Should the Jets take a look at Taco? Not sure if he's fully recovered from the fractured ankle.
  4. i would think someone would look bigger in a loose shirt. Can't hide behind a tight shirt.
  5. Not saying he was ever out of shape. Just that he looks like he's in better shape or more muscular now.
  6. Looks like Mekhi ain’t the only one hitting the weights.
  7. It's very possible they sign no one. Foles might be too pricey unless he gets cut. Believe it or not, RGIII could be an option because he knows the offense. He hasn't looked great though.
  8. I think his knowledge of the Patriot and Dolphin defenses is being overlooked. That's 4 games out of the season. I don't want Wilson seeing any ghosts!
  9. No argument there. I did say we're not looking for a guy that can win. It's his knowledge that i think is valuable.
  10. I've always said Hoyer should be the guy. He'd literally cost $1M but it's his experience in the offense and the intimate knowledge of the AFC defenses that make him the best option. We're not looking for a guy to win really. Someone that can help Wilson. Teach him the Patriot and Dolphin defenses.
  11. They also get McCaffrey back. I would think we would be dogs for sure.
  12. Yet the NFL gives the Jags the Texans. The easiest game on their schedule. ALmost like protecting Lawrence
  13. I would’ve preferred Jags. Rookie vs rookie. This is Zachs first game ever. Advantage Darnold? What do you think the spread will be? My guess is Jets +7
  14. Still in Florham Park according to whoever filmed it. Good to see they haven't stopped practicing even though camp is over. Says he was practicing with the other QBs Morgan and White. TE Brown, Berrios and Moore.
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