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  1. Actually, he has coached in the NFL since 2008 starting as an Offensive Quality Control Coordinator in Tenn. I left that part out of the resume but should have included it.
  2. Now that we have our DC and STC coaches officially locked up, the major piece remaining is the OC. Is the hiring of Dowell Loggains a foregone conclusion? Gase has repeatedly said in interviews that there are coaches that he wants to talk to that are still under contract. Loggains is still under contract with the Phins until Flores gets to pick his own staff. Which means we have to wait until the Pats post season run ends. While most people here dread the thought of Loggains, Gase did also say that he will be the QB coach and will be calling the plays as well. It is his scheme. Here is some info on Loggains: Tennessee Titans (2008–2009) Offensive quality control coordinator Tennessee Titans (2010–2011) Quarterbacks coach for Vince Young and Matt Hasselbeck Tennessee Titans (2012–2013) Offensive coordinator - ranked 26th and 22nd with Locker/Hasselbeck/Fitzpatrick as QB's. Cleveland Browns (2014) Quarterbacks coach for Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel Chicago Bears (2015) Quarterbacks coach for Jay Cutler - Gase was his OC Chicago Bears (2016–2017) Offensive coordinator - ranked 15th and 30th with Barkley/ Cutler/Hoyer/Trubisky and Glennon as his QB's Miami Dolphins (2018–present) Offensive coordinator - ranked 31st with Tannehill and Osweiler as his QB's. Gase was the HC
  3. Didn't think it would get done but good news!
  4. rayzor

    DC options remaining

    My buddy ran into him around Times Square this morning and asked him if he was in town for an interview. "He laughed".
  5. I checked his Miami introductory press conference and he looked and acted much more "normal". Maybe it's the NY media that has him looking like a deer caught in headlights!
  6. Most of us want Gregg Williams but it looks to me that it might not happen despite the reported indefinite "talks". Looks like he could wind up in Washington. This hire is more important than the OC hire since i think Gase will be making the calls on his own scheme. While most of the high profile coordinators have already signed on somewhere, here are the remaining options i can think of. Slim pickings. Kris Richard - would be a good hire but if successful, he's gone in a year. Marquan Manuel - they cleaned house in Atlanta. The Falcon's D was ranked 25th in points allowed. 8th in 2017. Steve Spagnuolo - had some interest from Browns Dom Capers - GB ranked 22nd. Had some interest from Cards Rex Ryan - not sure if he would be willing to be a DC Marvin Lewis - not sure he would be willing to be a DC Jack Del Rio Mike Nolan Matt Burke - Miami connection. Hopefully not. D ranked 29th in 2017 and 27th in 2018 Am i missing any other candidates besides a string of assistants out there?
  7. I hope the Jets aren't waiting for someone like Kris Richard. Why else the delay for Williams?? If we did get Richard and he does well, he'd be gone the season after.
  8. rayzor

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I think he will at least be able to develop Darnold which is the priority now. If we don't win, we can always get new coaches in a few years again. Darnold will still be like 24.
  9. The question is, did Rodgers become great on his own or did McCarthy get him there? I'm willing to sacrifice a few years if he can get Darnold to become half of what Rodgers is. Then we can always change the coaches. Darnold's development should be the priority. Can't risk screwing him up.
  10. I don't get why so many are down on McCarthy. A coach like him doesn't just come around often. What's everyone's knock on him? Worried about his "stale" offense? Let's see where is offenses ranked throughout his years: 2008 - 8th (Rodgers rookie season) 2009 - 6th 2010 - 9th (won Super Bowl) 2011 - 3rd 2012 - 13th 2013 - 3rd 2014- 6th 2015 - 23rd (Rodgers worst statistical season) still made playoffs 2016 - 8th 2017 - 26th (Brett Hundley played 2/3's of the season) 2018 - 12th I'll take these rankings any day. Keep in mind that he developed Rodgers into the player he is today. If he can develop Darnold into anything close to Rodgers, it's a win. If in 3-4 years we still can't win, then we can move on. At least Darnold will benefit and he will still only be 24 years old.
  11. People who think teams will tank on purpose are clueless. Most players will not lose on purpose though fans hope they would. If the team is bad like the Jets, they will lose on their own. There's no debating having the top pick is better than a lower pick. It's funny none of these idiot beat writers wrote anything on this but if the Jets had lost to the Bills on Sunday, they would have been in line to get the 1st overall pick!!. Thanks to surprising upsets by the Raiders and Niners, the Jets would have been number 1 due to a tie breaker in strength of schedule. It does come down to the remaining 3 weeks but let's face it, the Jets most likely won't beat the Texans, Packers and Patriots, ensuring them the top pick, which is franchise changing. You could get Bosa or trade down for multiple first rounders. I'm happy Darnold showed progress but it was a meaningless win. They went from 1st pick to 5th because Bowles decided to change his normal coaching style and go for the win. It would not have hurt Darnold's development if McGuire had been stuffed at the goal line.

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