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  1. If you care: 7 — K Chandler Catanzaro 15 — WR Josh Bellamy 19 — QB Trevor Siemian 20 — S Marcus Maye - changed from #26 to his old college number. 23 — CB Jeremy Clark 26 — RB Le'Veon Bell 34 — CB Brian Poole 57 — LB C.J. Mosley 70 — G Kelechi Osemele 77 — OL Tom Compton 82 - WR Jamison Crowder ?? - Ty Montgomery
  2. rayzor

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    Looks like Chrebet's #80 will remain unused. Crowder wasn't deemed worthy so will be wearing #82. Took them a while to decide.
  3. We traded up to 3 from 6 last year and it cost us our 1st and three 2nd rounders. Just our luck that there aren't quality QB's coming out with desperate teams needing them.
  4. There were reports Bosa was visiting with the top six teams in the draft order. But he’s reportedly only meeting with five of the top six. According to Albert Breer of SI.com, Bosa’s itinerary does not include a visit to the Jets, making them stand out in the crowd of the Cardinals, 49ers, Raiders, Buccaneers, and Giants. The reality is that Bosa’s not expected to fall past the second pick, held by the 49ers. If for some reason both the Cardinals and 49ers went a different direction, i'm sure the Jets would draft him anyway without having to meet him.
  5. rayzor

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    I got the point that we could be meeting him in secret. Just don't think it matters whether we meet him or not. No one is getting fooled. Haha
  6. rayzor

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    Of course, i knew we met with Darnold. I was trying to make an analogy. Not meeting Bosa is equivalent to not meeting with Darnold. Which we did, but imagine if we didn't because no one expected him to drop to us. Assuming that's the reason. Or we simply don't want any part of Bosa. I'm trying to see the benefit of a "secret" meeting with Bosa unless someone plans to trade ahead of us to get him which i don't see happening.
  7. rayzor

    Ty Montgomery visiting the Jets

    I thought Montgomery looked pretty good in the few games I saw him in. Would be a decent pickup on the cheap. Only issue is that Packers incident that got him traded. If you recall, Montgomery got shipped out after a fumble in which he appeared to defy a directive from coach Mike McCarthy to down a ball in the end zone on a kickoff with two minutes remaining. Instead, Montgomery brought the ball out and proceeded to fumble, which wiped out any chance for a comeback. After the game, several Packers players said that Montgomery was seen throwing a tantrum on the sideline after being taken out of the game on a preceeding possession. The theory being that Montgomery disobeyed the coaching command out of spite. He denied it of course.
  8. rayzor

    Who will offer us the most?

    We won't be trading or get any decent offers. If only next year's QB prospects were coming out this year.
  9. rayzor

    ASJ to the Pats

    I worry about this. He had a bad season with Bortles but with Brady........ Wonder why we never took another look at him.
  10. rayzor

    Jets Sign QB Brandon Silvers

    Brandon Silvers over "John" Manziel?😏
  11. Jonah Williams is visiting on Tuesday.
  12. rayzor

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    Interesting. #80 is not "formally" retired but i doubt the Jets issue that to just any player. He did wear #3 in college. No one has that.
  13. rayzor

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    no one has dibs on #80
  14. rayzor

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    Crowder - "remain to be assigned" for some reason
  15. rayzor

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    Very odd. It's like not meeting Darnold because no one expected him to drop to us.
  16. Interesting announcement. Wants to spend more time on his "faith and family".
  17. rayzor

    Should NYJ poll fans on new home /away?

    Let's say fans voted the all blacks to be the home uni's. That would essentially make our primary uni's having black as the main base color. That probably wouldn't fly with management.
  18. Like someone else mentioned, it does go the other way on the other side, haha.
  19. Wouldn't you guys think that this was presented to them as an option? And they nixed it for the football? They would never admit they made the wrong decision at this point.
  20. That would've been so much better. It's hard to believe they would completely ignore what the team was named for. I don't consider those angled wedges wings.
  21. A highly hyped 4 year project that doesn't get a majority vote of "love" should be considered a fail.
  22. Probably because he and Mosley were signed late. They didn't have time to rehearse the choreography. 😏
  23. I can't imagine the Giants doing anything like this, lol

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