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  1. I am very happy to say this is my first post! I am a life long Jet Fan from Upstate NY - I look forward to communicating with all of you as we strive for the sustainable success that we all deserve as Jet Fans! The bottom line is numbers do not lie - we have a GM who can not evaluate talent and when forced to make a decision is at best 4/10 GM. He hides behind his desk offering little explanation or comment while season after season we capitulate as an organization. The fact that everything is being blamed on Todd Bowles is outrageous! Todd is not perfect - we know this...His lack of preparation/discipline combined with his stubbornness and lack of interest in stabilizing the offense will surely see him off our sidelines in 2019...But being this is his first head coaching position he will likely get another shot at some point in the future. What has he had to work with? Aside from the 2015 season Todd has had little success as our head coach...over and over he has been stuck in nuteral whole draft pick after draft pick has gone to waste - Don’t believe me? Please take a moment to look at Mikes draft record - you will find that the majority of our draft picks are not only nonfactors on our team but are not even in the league anymore. We rank among the worst of the worst when it comes to draft success. For a GM that praises building through the draft he has completely failed all of us! Sure odds are your going to hit on 1st round picks and while a 2nd rd pick like Marcus Maye (often injured) has shown flashes of quality did we need to draft him? Absolutely not! We had plenty of holes that needed to be filled...could you imagine Alvin Kamara on this team? Are we going to pay Leonard Williamson elite DLine $??? I know that we absolutely should NOT!!! He again shows flashes but he is a very lazy player and in my opinion his attitude is very laid back and lacks the intensity we need! Derron Lee will surly miss the rest of the season after his suspension now that he is playing his natural position there may be a future for him on this team BUT it makes you sick to see a high 1st round pick struggle and twice as sick when his replacement this past week vs Buffalo - Neville Hewitt whom Miami signed in 2015 as a UDFA plays an absolutely brilliant game - he played with attitude and showed fight on every down. This is the attitude we lack in the front office! I do not trust Mike McCagnan moving forward! in my opinion if Todd is going to be relived of his duty Mike should be splitting the cab fare! We need a quality GM who understands every aspect of building a solid organization! I am sick of hearing “he’s better than Idzik” at least Idzik had the balls to stand in front of a camera a talk weather he was spewing bullsh*t or not...Mike has not addressed the fans as is his duty! We can not risk Sams future in this GMs hands....it is time to GO!!! Thank You for reading this and as always GO JETS!!!
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