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  1. I blame the reporter for asking the stupid question, of course he is the starter he's the number 1 overall pick
  2. Wish I could double emoji this comment!!
  3. Didn't know most of them good info thank you
  4. I wouldve told them your house but dont know where you live. The surrounding area has so much stuff to do, all you do is sleep in the room not stay in it all day everyday..cheapest the area and closest to everything
  5. Definitely do not stay in Newark, anywhere but Newark! Howard Johnson on route 3 is in clifton right by ihop and tick tock, close to couple bars as well like Shannon rose, tomorrow's and also 10 minutes from the stadium about 25 30 from NYC without traffic that would be my choice if coming in from out of town..
  6. I usually like watching the drafted players take a snap before I judge a draft, but that might just be me
  7. 3 safety and missed out on the tightend i really thought we could use or another offensive lineman
  8. I wouldve lived belvin Jordan who went a pick right after us before picking another safety
  9. I want belvin Jordan not too with anyone else
  10. I dont know when he will go off the board but I hope we land the tightend from Miami belvin Jordan,
  11. How is crowder not on that list? He been nothing but consistent surrounded by garbage
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