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  1. He just shoots from the hip with hope sh*t sticks, usually contradicts himself in his own post
  2. So you credit mahomes, Allen, Watson career to Jordan palmer? You can't see the difference in mechanics between Allen and darnold? Something Palmer shouldve adjusted for darnold but failed to do Also the coaching staff and weapons for both quarterbacks are not even comparable, appreciate your 2 cents though
  3. Jordan been working with sam for 3 years he has regressed every year, I didnt say you had to be a good quarterback to coach but when somethings not working you have to change some things. Obviously missed the point. Sperm on your brain..
  4. The problem with sam was and has always been the guy he trained with, Jordan palmer a failed quarterback who couldn't make a Canadian team! He needs better trainers for sure
  5. I think corner should be day 3 pick but thats just me, I want to surround our quarterback with help at 23 and 34 either offensive line Nd wide receiver or vise versa
  6. I say sign Nelson to a 2 year 24m contract, would allow more flexibility in this years draft
  7. Yeah I might think different of Murray then you do, and thats okay
  8. My question was would you select a qb next year if you are in the top 5? You said it worked for cardinals I said I dont believe it has and you were lost from there on out... just discussing not arguing
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