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  1. I really hope not, I see him going in the 2nd 3rd round , I watched his tape and nothing really jumps out at me , he seems slow
  2. Rich cimini had a list of all the players attending the draft, we are getting 2 of them and I’d be happy with anyone on the list minus the quarterbacks
  3. Dk aj brown and Moore all played together if I’m not mistaken, would be a dream to get both
  4. Yeah I am , I’d rather them deal with the child abusing wife beater, who has tua throwing to him and we just spent tons of money on safety help, 2 top corners in the draft been slated to is in every mock! Yeahh I’m happy we didn’t give up 5 picks for him
  5. If hill goes to dolphins sauce Gardner has to be the pick at 4, I personally don’t want to give away picks but hill is a beast
  6. Tom Brady, the trade is for Tom Brady
  7. Would love to see him have a full training camp with the playbook under his belt, I like his motor and he seems to always make plays when No one else around him is
  8. I noticed mims on a couple of those plays and it shows why he couldn’t get any playing time, his route are just lazy and he has no burst
  9. To me it doesn’t , we still need 2 starting offensive linemen at center and guard.. this chart shows vera-tucker was actually worse then van rotten, that’s just wild I didn’t see that watching the games
  10. Also not having chemistry with a starting line up will defiantly hinder his production , he needs more continuity with his playmakers
  11. I feel like part of him darting them or over throwing them high was his inability to see over the monsters on the line, seems like he is super accurate outside the pocket as most quarterbacks not named Brady are
  12. I know I can personally remember 5 drops and 2 or 3 turned into interceptions so that would add a little to the completion percentage and drop the interceptions down, I’d like to see what the kid could do with 2 viable weapons on offense and more then 1 second to throw the ball thanks for putting that together
  13. I wonder what his completion percentage would’ve been accounting for all the catchable dropped balls that our receivers didn’t help him with,
  14. I have been watching all year, Zach been running for his life and has less then a second to throw the ball, you are trying to build a starting offensive line out of backups, we need to fix the oline with another guard at least. if it’s a deep draft ad edge then we can afford to use our second round picks on them, draft 2, solidify the edge position
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