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  1. Looks lazy and out of shape..... sorry figured I'd get a jump on the hate
  2. That announcer really don't like Jimmy Graham, must've heard him say his name 50 times
  3. Only stat that matters is the W is got while playing Mediocre ball
  4. Seemed like he had some words for Johnson after the attempted diving wide open catch
  5. Didn't our defensive coordinator say "that blowout would never happen again" he should be fire just for a false promise
  6. Every highlight they showed of colts offense making holes looked like clear holds on most of them
  7. This is ridiculous, players look lost and out of place, don't understand why quincy Williams is not in Jared Davis is garbage
  8. Going to say this again.. he reminds me of Pennington, makes smart decisions knows how to move the sticks
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