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  1. Whats the difference between darnold and Wilson, it seems like they are similar and have the same traits we liked in Sam coupld years ago , in not familiar with Wilson
  2. Did anyone ask him if he is going to hire a guy just told hold him back? Because I want to be that guy
  3. The clause in his trade is that he gets to pick which team to be traded too if im not mistaken
  4. Thats a dumb rule, the team that hired him should atleast get 1
  5. My ideal picks would go like this 1.2 penei sewell O.T 1.23 Wyatt Davis 2.34 Travis ettine Free agency: alen Robinson or juju or both Thuney or another top guard Names probably spelled wrong, but we would have a top offensive line for years to come with good weapons on offense for years to come and can focus on pass rush and/or corner in round 3 and 4 and also bring a free agent quarterback in to compete with Sam Darnold
  6. I never stated a criteria so maybe read it again, he had 1 successful year as dc, whats the hype? Gase 2.0, instead of being a dichead why don't you give me some insight on what kind of coach he is
  7. I dont see why everyone wants him, sideline presence maybe, but his defense finished out of the top 10 every year but 1..maybe I'm missing something but I never heard anyone say they don't want to face 49ers defense
  8. I agree with Smith or chase at 2 , we can get o line or even decent quarterback with 23rd pick then go offensive line 2nd round. Ideally it would be great to move back a couple spots grab another 2nd and 3rd and get d.smith around 6-9 range
  9. Running back, wide receiver, or corner anyone of these ill be happy and hopefully sewell becomes one of our tackles
  10. If Seahawks lose today it only helps the jets get Kyle Pitts!!!! Let's go rams!!
  11. We need offense , we need play makers. So why wouldn't we draft Lawrence's running back if he us available with our second first round or early second round pick
  12. By the end of his rookie contract he will be .500 especially since the office and fans love drafting defense every first round

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