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  1. If I was down to my third string qb, second string line backers, shaky offensive line with new pieces in a new system , I’m pretty sure majority of the people would mark the season as loss from that point on... how many teams can survive on there 3rd string qb? Not many
  2. Jets go 11-5 and after the patriots game we win out just to lose to them again in the afc championship game, and destroy our prime draft spot, but in all seriousness our schedule is extremely weak on the latter part of the year and I can see them winning a lot of meaningless games
  3. Fire Gase, make Williams head coach, get Lincoln Riley or another top offensive guy let him get some games in with the team and then start fresh next year
  4. I think the order stays the same if I’m not mistaken , I think If it went by win or loss jets would be number 1 ahead of cardinals and 49ers
  5. Cardinals had the number 1 waiver spot, he didn’t make it past that..
  6. Harrison should have never been benched, he practiced with the first team all off season there had to me some comfort and continuity there it was a stupid move by our head coach , Khalil should have been ready to start around this time if our line was as miserable as it is now
  7. Everybody realized how good the bills actually are after they beat us, I didn’t expect us to be 3-0 to start the season I was expecting 1-2 so being 0-3 does not surprise me we just need to come out of this bye week with a bang and win a couple games that we weren’t expected to win
  8. That was nasty in the replay play calling is just laughable at this point!!
  9. You are supporting him by reposting this but you want him fired? A way to get that type of guy fired is don’t click his story and don’t feed into his bull crap.. I stopped going to his page a long time ago
  10. There olb recorded 3 sacks yesterday!! Why couldn’t he find us one of those!!
  11. A little off topic but has anyone seen Gronkowski? That dude looks like he dropped 300 pounds and picked up bad habits!! There is no way that guy wasn’t upswing steroids you don’t just lose all your muscle after one off season
  12. We maybe we can try to get a true number 1 receiver sh*t even a number 2 would be great... Watson balled out with pressure on his face all game that excuse doesn’t work in the nfl.. you are suppose to make people around you better
  13. Look at the timing Darnold had on that throw, even with Robby stumbling if he threw that to his outside shoulder it was a touchdown
  14. I love that he has attitude when these reports are asking stupid question.. I listen. To every interview and more times then none these reports ask really stupid irrelevant questions
  15. What happen to a screen to bell, roll outs I just don’t get it
  16. Could have had a walk in touch down if Anderson didn’t have to back track for the ball ... should’ve drafted Lamar Jackson
  17. Darnold deep ball has always been a huge question mark.. we lost because he can’t throw deep
  18. It just shows we need a real threat wide receiver to go along with Darnold and bell
  19. Chicago because of defense and packers having rookie head coach
  20. Can we get a dam pass rusher!!! I was reading earlier they released a guy from Miami who has 4 sacks and tons of pressures on preseason why aren’t we putting some claims in

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