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  1. I usually like watching the drafted players take a snap before I judge a draft, but that might just be me
  2. 3 safety and missed out on the tightend i really thought we could use or another offensive lineman
  3. I wouldve lived belvin Jordan who went a pick right after us before picking another safety
  4. I want belvin Jordan not too with anyone else
  5. I dont know when he will go off the board but I hope we land the tightend from Miami belvin Jordan,
  6. How is crowder not on that list? He been nothing but consistent surrounded by garbage
  7. Ohh makes sense, who wouldve thought
  8. I don't understand this pick, why draft a slot receiver? Especially with the oline and running backs available
  9. Hate this pick, simply because he's from usc and we have a terrible track record
  10. Saleh seems like someone I want as my best friend, I want to play for him he seems down to earth and normal something we never see within jets organization
  11. Give them every thing they want... besides the number 2 pick
  12. Whats his contract look like He? I think He wants the new york attention, if he wouldve had the season he had last year in New York the media and fan base would be crowning him king!
  13. Lol I asked the same thing, seemed like everyone was open besides the check down he threw too
  14. He just shoots from the hip with hope sh*t sticks, usually contradicts himself in his own post
  15. So you credit mahomes, Allen, Watson career to Jordan palmer? You can't see the difference in mechanics between Allen and darnold? Something Palmer shouldve adjusted for darnold but failed to do Also the coaching staff and weapons for both quarterbacks are not even comparable, appreciate your 2 cents though
  16. Jordan been working with sam for 3 years he has regressed every year, I didnt say you had to be a good quarterback to coach but when somethings not working you have to change some things. Obviously missed the point. Sperm on your brain..
  17. The problem with sam was and has always been the guy he trained with, Jordan palmer a failed quarterback who couldn't make a Canadian team! He needs better trainers for sure
  18. I think corner should be day 3 pick but thats just me, I want to surround our quarterback with help at 23 and 34 either offensive line Nd wide receiver or vise versa
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