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  1. Looks lazy and out of shape..... sorry figured I'd get a jump on the hate
  2. That announcer really don't like Jimmy Graham, must've heard him say his name 50 times
  3. Only stat that matters is the W is got while playing Mediocre ball
  4. Seemed like he had some words for Johnson after the attempted diving wide open catch
  5. Didn't our defensive coordinator say "that blowout would never happen again" he should be fire just for a false promise
  6. Every highlight they showed of colts offense making holes looked like clear holds on most of them
  7. This is ridiculous, players look lost and out of place, don't understand why quincy Williams is not in Jared Davis is garbage
  8. Going to say this again.. he reminds me of Pennington, makes smart decisions knows how to move the sticks
  9. I dont understand how so many people are wishing for JD's head! If you had high expectations for this season then that's your fault, this teams been a dumpster fire and we all know its going to take some work to change the culture and put your own people in place. Why do people think that can happen in 1 or 2 offseaons,? Look around the nfl, there are a crap ton of 1-6 2-5 teams. R E L A X
  10. This is going to ruin our draft position, Flacco is going to win some games for us, i hate this move
  11. Jets reporters ask the dumbest questions, they either ask the same one 1000 different ways or just get stuff on same topic, they should all be fired
  12. A guy who's rookie caused the jets to be the laughing stock for years with the butfumble has no merit, a guy who also had to burry a football because of a blow out defiantly has no say or merit! Fu*k off rex that's why your in a booth
  13. Of course run up the middle! So fam predictable on 3rd down and even these 2 pt conversions
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