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  1. Stop bellyaching about the referees. Start complaining about uncatchable throws into the dirt to open receivers!
  2. Horribly structured website compared to other sports messageboards. It has TOO MUCH BLANK SPACE AND ADS... can't keep track of anything without scrolling thru 10 pages of whitespace.
  3. No. No. No. No. Jets will beat NE, Bengals, Jax and Panthers. Wilson will shine, despite not having the best supporting cast. He'll be like Justin Herbert but will win more games. Jets go 9-8... & better than the NYG.
  4. D E E P But not unlike most previous gems.. Doen't anyone have a thought beyond "Y E S SSSSSS?
  5. They wouldn't. That's my point. The level of execution required on the part of both passer and receiver is not nearly as high as that required to execute vs a PRO defense. So the evaluation is not as strong as it would otherwize be with tight coverage, heavy pass rush, tipped passes atnthe los,.. etc. I am not saying that the ALA dudes aren't good, because they are but in the absense of challenging defenses the game test is weaker and therefore less conclusive.
  6. You're right, I don't know you.. and thanks for the laugh! PS I visit many sports message boards and see posts like yours.. that are FOR REAL!
  7. "Take the pole you morans!" Do you by any chance have "No RAGRETS!" tattooed on your chest? (I sure hope you did this on purpose.)
  8. Correct. And that makes it easy for a player to shine more brightly than he would against stiffer competition. Smith gets great separation, so he and Jones look like superstars. But I haven't seen any passes in tight windows, physically contested or particularly difficult catches tonight. Have you?
  9. At least we will not be remembered as the low-life Eagles. May they rot in hell!
  10. So the draft ain't looking like such an open-and-shut case now, is it? Jets may get Trevor Lawrence after all.
  11. Shomler is good. Not perfect, but damn good. A team could do worse than Wilson at QB. A good team does not need Mahomes or Brady to be a SB contender. Build a GOOD team and the rest will follow.
  12. Jetsfans. STOP. BREATHE. Remember when Sam Darnold was first seed.. and then fell.... And Josh Allen went seventh! Nothing is written in stone. Things change. I think Zack Wilson would be a terrific pick, and on a rookie contract with cap space could be an attractive situation that a new HC would be tempted to work with. I can see a LOT to be hopeful about.
  13. I'm glad they won, but the season is NOT OVER YET. The team could still get pick #1. Why do Jet's fans lose heart and give up so easily?
  14. Excellent post. Thanks for saving me the work. Odd how good teams NEVER NEED HIGH DRAFT PICKS.. and they STAY good for years, eh? Why? Because they are driven in the pursuit of excellence, in all places & at all times! And you cannot 'draft' management and coaches.
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