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  1. https://youtu.be/7eZUBJgoQms YouTube WILL NOT LET ME EMBED THIS VIDEO. Sorry.
  2. Apologizing in advance for the video not being embedded. YouTube says this video cannot be embed. https://youtu.be/7eZUBJgoQms What are you most looking forward to for the Jets next season?
  3. Gang_Green

    Chris Herndon Rookie Highlights

    Jace Amaro was awful.
  4. Gang_Green

    Jets 2019 opponents Home/away set

    7 - 9 or 8 - 8 could even be 9 -7. we have some tough games at home
  5. hopefully we get a 2nd out of it. draft an offensive weapon for darnold
  6. What's your opinion on Chris Herndon's rookie performance? Stats: Games Started: 12 39 RECEPTIONS 502 YARDS 4 TOUCHDOWNS 12.9 Y/R
  7. So your telling me a player who actually cares about the team and wants to actually win will tear a team apart? LMAO
  8. Gang_Green

    Nathan Shepard....the invisible man

    Haven’t heard this guys name once this whole season.
  9. Gang_Green

    Jamal Adams Highlight Reel

    It was added for a different angle of INT not to make it look like he had two lol. We all know he only had 1 against the lions.
  10. They are probably still salty over how we beat them in the Divisional Round back in 2010
  11. Gang_Green



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