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  1. Great replies. I especially liked a part of one that said, I assume, in jest: It’s a good thing opposing defenses can’t track patterns like us fans though. Another reply had said why don't I just quit (being a Jet fan) rather than broadcasting it. I guess, when I think about it, I was hoping that others might join in to object to the actions of the owner. I DO realize that--I guess---part of being a sports fan might be to leave politics aside and focus on the pure sport. However, I'm not talking about if someone is Republican or Democrat. I'm referring to the firing of one his employees because that employee dared to compliment Obama about something. I'll copy the 1-2 sentence below, but as far as this goes, I'll just stop talking about this subject from now on---unless someone twists my arm and sees differently. The headline: UK ambassador Woody Johnson fired a senior diplomat for praising Obama during a talk about Us-Britain relations. LN
  2. I must admit that watching the Jets this year is a little better than in most of the past few years. At least they are not going 3 and out all the time. We are actually seeing completions and even some creative play calling. But 1 of the things that exasperates me the most is the game calling on 2nd down. Often the Jets will pass on 1st down, as opposed to when they used to be so predictable and run every 1st down. However, almost invariably, if they get a very short completion or an incompletion, they then run it on 2nd down. OF course, they usually get 2-3 yards, and then have to go into their 3rd and long plays. And, while they did convert several 3rd downs last nite, it certainly is a much more difficult task to pass on 3rd and long when everyone knows to expect the pass. How many times has Darnold been sacked-as in this past game-- on 3rd and long, when he even lost the ball. I know there must be some statistics out there that say if you pass the ball too often, you'll have problems. But a good coach has to realize that the running attack of the Jets is just not something than can usually produce a significant gain most of the time. And I do acknowledge that the running game was better than usual last nite. Perhaps they even knew they had no chance, and just wanted to continue to develop the running program. Of course, that wouldn't explain why even against Miami last week, they were still running on 2nd down when they had 7 + yards to go for a 1st down. One has to wonder just how many more points the Jets could get if they didn't waste as many of their plays on runs, and instead got the most our of their 3 downs. Of course, I realize things can and do go wrong with any passing game, but certainly, I believe, it's easier to complete a pass on 2nd down than 3rd. And, if I myself know that the Jets almost always run on 2nd down when have 7-10 yards to go, don't you think opposing teams have figured that out.? However, being annoyed with what seems like these wasted plays might be something I'm willing to live with. However, when I then hear that their owner recently fired someone from his staff (though, not, I believe, from the NY Jets team staff) because that employee had the "nerve" to utter the name of Barack Obama---well, that is something that is bringing me closer to the decision to let go of the Jet hold that I allow myself to cling onto since I was a kid more than 50 years ago. If I wanted to root for a team owner who has his head up Trump's ass, I would root for New England! Imagine the joy of seeing your team win almost every week. And, if I choose to jump ship because of ownership, I think that's as valid a reason as any to follow 1 team vs another. It's not like these teams are fighting for our freedom or working on cures for diseases. And, perhaps I'm wrong about what I heard about Johnson firing this employee for the reason I stated. If so, I'd like to be corrected with some facts. Thanks for listening. Look for me on some other team's site in the near future. LN

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