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  1. I guess that's where they'll plug Gronk in when he comes out of retirement by Halloween.
  2. Kyron Brown is a sleeper that I really like, smart player that is really knowledgeable at a young age about technique and how to play the position (uses the step-kick technique after studying Richard Sherman and the technique that Carroll teaches in Seattle). He's a player I'm looking forward to watching in the pre-season.
  3. Really like what the Rangers did in the draft this weekend. No Kreider trade, it will be interesting to see what happens with him as this summer moves along.
  4. It would probably be a more impressive list.
  5. Hogan and Savage in the same front office. Will the Mega Powers explode? (God I'm dating myself)
  6. The new boss appears to be a Herndon fan. https://www.nj.com/eagles/2019/06/joe-douglas-says-philadelphia-eagles-almost-drafted-signed-these-2-notable-jets-players.html
  7. More importantly, Winnie Cooper is all grown up and flexible as hell.
  8. Uh oh, Nathan Shepard might be the off-season "best shape of his life" guy. Always the kiss of death.
  9. I for one am excited to have bearded Will Sasso leading us. I enjoyed listening to him. Then again I would've enjoyed listening to anyone following Johnson's impressive combination of awkward/creepy.
  10. I'm hopeful his few years in Philadelphia have made him more open to analytics and at least having that represented in the front office in a major way. It seems clear he and Gase have become close because they look for the same traits in players; more of that old school scouting style. If Douglas has made funding of the scouting department and front office as high a priority as we've been made to believe, I hope that includes beefing up the analytic and data-driven side as well to provide that necessary counter-balance.
  11. I'm waiting to hear from Charley Casserly before I decide how to feel.
  12. True, as long as he uses that money to hire the right people. I seem to remember reports coming out when Maccagnan was hired that part of the deal to him accepting the job was that more resources would be put towards the scouting department. Douglas has history in, and knows more people from winning/stable organizations so on paper this should all be very good for us. But until someone is actually in the big chair with the final say and last word, who knows?

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