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  1. It will be interesting to evaluate this draft 3-5 years down the road, and see what (if any) effect the current situation has on how the draft plays out. More first round busts? More late round gems? Or will we see the opposite, and people begin to question the yearly over-evaluation during the draft process?
  2. Cooper is definitely intriguing, and hypothetically I'd much rather pay him $18-20M than Robby @ $13-15M per, but receiver is my #2 focus in both free agency and the draft behind the OL so I want to see a big push to sign Conklin and/or Thuney before anything else. If you're able to come away with those two, you then enter the draft with the ability to focus on weapons in the 1st round and with 2 of our first 4 picks.
  3. Gase worked under Martz in Detroit and San Fran, he's the only "big name" I could see Gase bringing in because of their history together. Even then, it would only be in an advisory role I'm sure.

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