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  1. Hall will have the best rookie season. NFL ready, fits perfectly into a system that lets RBs feast. Wouldn't be surprised if he's in the offensive RPOY convo. Gardner will get burned here and there because all rookie DBs do. Overall I think he'll flash elite talent often enough that people will feel really good about him entering year 2. Wilson will likely be the player deemed having the "worst" rookie year; less because of him and more due to all the options Zach has now to spread the ball around, and rookie WRs struggle to break out unless they're truly elite. I like the player and think he'll be fine but I'm sure the stat line will look less impressive than people want. Johnson will mix into the rotation immediately and I think will have a quick impact. Hoping for 6-8 sacks next to a healthy Lawson. Ruckert it's also hard to say. He'll enter as TE3 but will have every chance to ascend. Just hoping for strong blocking and timely big catches from him in year 1.
  2. Cavanaugh was the QB on the field when Howard Cosell announced John Lennon's death. That's all I got on this hire. It's fine, not great or terrible.
  3. Well at least we finally have some legitimate NFL players at the WR position. Still need that top flight target, but this is a start. Davis and Cole are improvements over Breshad Perriman, that's for damn sure.
  4. Great offensive mind with a strong track record of developing QBs and turning programs around... but he can never seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. I tend to think the whole "New York media will eat this guy alive" mentality is overrated, but Mullen has the potential to make Rex's press conferences look like Mangini's in comparison.
  5. He also said he wanted Jamal Adams to remain a Jet.
  6. He's not coaching to where football is going. Pass.
  7. Odds are only one of these "hot coordinator" types will ever amount to much as a successful head coach in the NFL. And a lot of that will have to do with the roster that's built and the talent they have to work with. Which is a long way of stating the obvious: we just have to hope that Douglas is the right guy to identify the correct coach and build him a roster that he can have sustained success with.
  8. It will be interesting to evaluate this draft 3-5 years down the road, and see what (if any) effect the current situation has on how the draft plays out. More first round busts? More late round gems? Or will we see the opposite, and people begin to question the yearly over-evaluation during the draft process?
  9. Cooper is definitely intriguing, and hypothetically I'd much rather pay him $18-20M than Robby @ $13-15M per, but receiver is my #2 focus in both free agency and the draft behind the OL so I want to see a big push to sign Conklin and/or Thuney before anything else. If you're able to come away with those two, you then enter the draft with the ability to focus on weapons in the 1st round and with 2 of our first 4 picks.
  10. Gase worked under Martz in Detroit and San Fran, he's the only "big name" I could see Gase bringing in because of their history together. Even then, it would only be in an advisory role I'm sure.
  11. I guess that's where they'll plug Gronk in when he comes out of retirement by Halloween.
  12. Long enough for people to decide the fate of the season.
  13. Kyron Brown is a sleeper that I really like, smart player that is really knowledgeable at a young age about technique and how to play the position (uses the step-kick technique after studying Richard Sherman and the technique that Carroll teaches in Seattle). He's a player I'm looking forward to watching in the pre-season.
  14. Really like what the Rangers did in the draft this weekend. No Kreider trade, it will be interesting to see what happens with him as this summer moves along.
  15. It would probably be a more impressive list.
  16. Hogan and Savage in the same front office. Will the Mega Powers explode? (God I'm dating myself)
  17. The new boss appears to be a Herndon fan. https://www.nj.com/eagles/2019/06/joe-douglas-says-philadelphia-eagles-almost-drafted-signed-these-2-notable-jets-players.html
  18. More importantly, Winnie Cooper is all grown up and flexible as hell.
  19. Uh oh, Nathan Shepard might be the off-season "best shape of his life" guy. Always the kiss of death.
  20. I for one am excited to have bearded Will Sasso leading us. I enjoyed listening to him. Then again I would've enjoyed listening to anyone following Johnson's impressive combination of awkward/creepy.
  21. I'm hopeful his few years in Philadelphia have made him more open to analytics and at least having that represented in the front office in a major way. It seems clear he and Gase have become close because they look for the same traits in players; more of that old school scouting style. If Douglas has made funding of the scouting department and front office as high a priority as we've been made to believe, I hope that includes beefing up the analytic and data-driven side as well to provide that necessary counter-balance.
  22. I'm waiting to hear from Charley Casserly before I decide how to feel.
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