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  1. Odds are only one of these "hot coordinator" types will ever amount to much as a successful head coach in the NFL.  And a lot of that will have to do with the roster that's built and the talent they have to work with.

    Which is a long way of stating the obvious:  we just have to hope that Douglas is the right guy to identify the correct coach and build him a roster that he can have sustained success with.

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  2. 3 hours ago, BROOKLYN JET said:

    The incident reportedly took place on Feb. 10 on a redeye flight from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J. The player, who was wearing a face mask, claims a female on the flight made "multiple unwanted sexual advances" towards him and questioned the mask on his face. After stating he was wearing it for COVID-19 concerns, she said he looked "frightening."

    Already wearing a face mask for Covid in the beginning of February?  Hmm.

  3. Cooper is definitely intriguing, and hypothetically I'd much rather pay him $18-20M than Robby @ $13-15M per, but receiver is my #2 focus in both free agency and the draft behind the OL so I want to see a big push to sign Conklin and/or Thuney before anything else.  If you're able to come away with those two, you then enter the draft with the ability to focus on weapons in the 1st round and with 2 of our first 4 picks.

  4. Kyron Brown is a sleeper that I really like, smart player that is really knowledgeable at a young age about technique and how to play the position (uses the step-kick technique after studying Richard Sherman and the technique that Carroll teaches in Seattle).  He's a player I'm looking forward to watching in the pre-season.

  5. The new boss appears to be a Herndon fan.



    Namely — there are two other players in particular Douglas cited as past targets for the Eagles, one in the NFL Draft, one in free agency.

    From the draft, that was tight end Chris Herndon, who the Jets picked 107th overall in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft out of Miami.

    Of course, the Eagles had already drafted a tight end — emerging South Dakota State alum Dallas Goedert — in the second round, and didn’t have a need for Herndon as the draft progressed.


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  6. 10 hours ago, Lith said:

    First Nathan Shepherd tweet of the offseason.


    Uh oh, Nathan Shepard might be the off-season "best shape of his life" guy.  Always the kiss of death.

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  7. I'm hopeful his few years in Philadelphia have made him more open to analytics and at least having that represented in the front office in a major way. 

    It seems clear he and Gase have become close because they look for the same traits in players; more of that old school scouting style.  If Douglas has made funding of the scouting department and front office as high a priority as we've been made to believe, I hope that includes beefing up the analytic and data-driven side as well to provide that necessary counter-balance.

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