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  1. True, as long as he uses that money to hire the right people. I seem to remember reports coming out when Maccagnan was hired that part of the deal to him accepting the job was that more resources would be put towards the scouting department. Douglas has history in, and knows more people from winning/stable organizations so on paper this should all be very good for us. But until someone is actually in the big chair with the final say and last word, who knows?
  2. I'll worry about Bell when he gives me a reason to in September and October. Until then, much ado about nothing.
  3. Christian Hackenberg just randomly thrown into the title of that link. Man, Mac will never escape him
  4. Right or wrong, Gase is making a statement. The disappointing LB with some attitude issues was still around because the previous "brain trust" wanted a 5th instead of a 6th. The new guy in charge (who also happens to be the head coach) is saying the compensation isn't as important as getting a potential malcontent out of the locker room, and anyone that has a problem in the future is disposable. Mangini did something similar, on a FAR bigger scale, with Mawae. He was fortunate to land a near equal player in the draft that year to seamlessly replace him. I don't hate it.
  5. I don't know, that Mike Maccagnan really makes love to the camera...
  6. Douglas as GM and Jeremiah as scouting director/player personnel role seems like the type of thing this organization can't pull off. Is Tanny reminiscing about his time in Miami with Gase ("ehh maybe he wasn't so bad!)? That's the direction the Jets I know and love would go in.
  7. At the very least I'm sure they'll let the clock run all the way down to wait for the best possible offer.
  8. Poor Todd McShay, still not allowed to sit at the big boy table for round 1.
  9. I'm sure Roger Goodell will get a nice, warm welcome from the polite Nashville crowd.
  10. 2003 was the first draft that I followed obsessively, and I was really nervous when they traded up to #4 (for good reason, apparently.) 2004 and 2006 we drafted the two guys I had my heart set on from the very beginning, Vilma and Mangold. And I really really really hope that 2018 becomes the favorite (and best) draft of every Jets fan for the next 15+ years,
  11. They look especially great with the white jerseys. I'm really gonna love our road unis this year. It's still kind of annoying that the green jerseys are a different color green than the helmets, though. I'm looking forward to seeing how they look in a game.
  12. The key to the offense is adding talent while also trying to maintain some level of continuity for Darnold. This would be a negative in both regards, but especially the latter.
  13. And at first I wasn't sure if I liked the idea of Gase+Williams because of their similarly strong and intense personalities, but I feel like that might actually be a good thing. Because, in that scenario, both sides of the football are on the same page and getting the same kind of coaching. Without having been in an NFL locker room, I wonder if it's a "negative" when you try and balance the styles out. If you have the fiery, loud coach on one side and go with the more quiet, stoic "leadership" on the other side, I think maybe you're sending the team mixed messages about how you expect
  14. It's not just a matter of teaching a QB mechanics and then, voila, you have a finished product. There's a reason why so many of these guys, very accomplished veteran guys, still have coaches they work with in the off-season. It's why a guy like Favre was able to learn new things and practice a different way of playing the position so late in his career, and have a bit of a resurgence. Details that are practiced and reinforced, and ideas and concepts that are being introduced on a consistent basis to try and achieve the impossible and perfect the position. I think it's good to have someone
  15. I'd just add, as an admitted McCarthy fan... There's no question the overwhelming reason for Rodgers' success is Aaron Rodgers. It's not like if he had an average coach, or a defensive minded coach with a mediocre offensive staff, he would be JAG. He'd still be successful. But the attention to detail, the "QB school", the experience he has in teaching the position... these are all the little things that add up to push a talent like Rodgers over the top. Like I said, without that he's still probably what, a very very good QB that makes multiple Pro Bowls and gives his team a few sh
  16. As long as they don't give him any of the baby powder filled with asbestos, we should be ok.
  17. HC - Toub OC - Gase DC - G. Williams Wouldn't mind that. We could do worse (and probably will).
  18. Pay whatever you need to sign Matt Paradis, sign another of the top guards available, take J. Williams, and you go a long way in protecting Darnold. OL needs to be priority 1, 2, and 3 this off-season. Give a franchise QB time to throw and he can make average weapons look very good. But a QB that's always on the run (or on the turf) can make very good weapons look average. I'd love for a team like the Jags to fall in love with a QB and we trade down with them and still get Williams. But even if he ends up a RT or even a G, if he's a Nelson/Scherff level player it will make a HUGE
  19. The GM has not provided nearly enough talent. The head coach has not brought any discipline or accountability (on top of a myriad of other issues). We really have some 1-2 punch here, don't we?
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