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  1. Either Harbaugh McCarthy Toub Not really interested in trying (and failing) to copy the hot "trend" and find the next McVay/Nagy; I don't think he's out there. Give me someone with experience as a leader that has seen success as a head coach and can bring respectability and a winning culture back to the organization. And who knows, maybe he's not going to be the coach that wins a championship here, but he'll be the one to lay the proper foundation for Darnold, Adams, and the rest of the core (and in that scenario, the coach that follows.) I added Toub because from what I
  2. Last year was the year to tank when there was such a strong QB class. If we did we'd have our 2nd's to use to build around Darnold. I'll be more than happy with Darnold playing great and for Bowles to show his incompetence once again, costing us the game. But I'm not going to actively root for the Jets to lose this game, not in this situation. Especially when we already have the most important piece of the puzzle, the piece that you actually do tank for in the first place.
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