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  1. No, it's not his money until he earns it. And you don't earn 10k the day you agree to a job. Maybe in your job you get 3 years future salary the day you agree to the job, but for the rest of the world we get paid when we earn it, i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. NOT up front.
  2. Boy, you're as right about JD as you were about Gase... JD was holding out for offset language, which makes a lot of sense from a team point of view. The signing bonus payment was his bargaining chip. The Jets have paid the signing bonuses up front before, so there is no reason to believe they wouldn't do so for Wilson. By holding out for both they were able to "compromise." They got the offset language they wanted and only gave up the signing bonus payment they were probably always willing to give up. It's amazing how many people on this board who have never negotiated anything are
  3. They did, but some Jets fans still need to blame everything on Darnold. If we don't make the playoffs this year it will be Darnold's fault...
  4. Could be Mims, but could also be Ashtyn Davis or Jabari Zuniga. You KNOW that Jets fans always want to fire everyone associated with the Jets for one reason or another. Personally, I choose not to panic until our season is officially over, which usually occurs around week 5 unfortunately...
  5. Uh, sorry, but they've paid the signing bonus within 15 days on multiple occasions, including Sam Darnold. Most likely they were holding out on the signing bonus payment as a negotiating tactic. They "gave in" on the signing bonus payment in order to keep the offset language. Smart move by JD.
  6. Yes, in an era when salaries for rookies were negotiated, not set by the CBA. In Revis' day just about everything was open to negotiation. Today it's timing of signing bonus payments and offset language. And they have paid signing bonuses all up front in the past, so that is likely not the issue. Not even close to the Mevis situation.
  7. Revis was back in the day when his salary wasn't dictated by the CBA. Whole different world.
  8. There aren't many things that can be negotiated since length of contract and salary are determined by the CBA. So offset language and how much of the CBA-specified salary is signing bonus and how much is game checks are just about ALL Wilson can negotiate.
  9. Who cares? It still hits the salary cap for this year.
  10. They will also subpoena records from his carrier. If he was texting when it happened he will be charged, and rightfully so. Where I live a couple of years ago a woman texting ran into a construction site and killed two workers. Records were pulled and she went to jail. No excuse for texting while driving. Terrible, terrible tragedy. Rest in peace coach. I wish we had the opportunity to know you better.
  11. It has nothing to do with spending. The salary is set by the CBA based on draft position. So it is about timing of the payments (i.e., signing bonus vs. game checks) or minor language like offsets. But the actual amount is set by the CBA.
  12. Jets fans done panicking? You're kidding, right?
  13. Mid-season form? With this team it's year-round! To be fair though, we do have 50 years of history to base the constant panic on...
  14. Got to be one of the most ridiculous posts I've ever read. Under the current CBA there is almost nothing that is not predetermined, especially salary. He would have to be a moron to sit out a year (and he can't go back to school) over some minor offset language in a contract. None of the major contract issues are negotiable. If he sits out over offset language then he was a bad pick. And as far as Foles goes, let's not forget that Zach has had TWO major shoulder surgeries already in his young career. Going into the season with Zach and two backups who have never taken an NFL snap is irres
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