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  1. That's like hiring a CEO for a company and then telling the CEO who he/she must hire as VP's. You hire the person in charge because you trust that person to make the right decisions for the team/company. CJ and MacMoron collectively have never coached so much as a Peewee football game, so what makes them qualified to pick coordinators? And it's more important to have coordinators who work well with the HC then just picking who you think are good. If there is no chemistry, then you are guaranteed to fail.
  2. viffer

    Just hire McCarthy already

    It was reported days ago (I don't have the link nor time to look it up right now) that McCarthy stated he would not take his kids out of their schools so he would commute home. If this was a show-stopper he would not have interviewed for the job.
  3. Or...the interview didn't go as well as expected from the Jets' perspective, and they haven't offered him the position...
  4. viffer

    Just heard on the Michael Kay show

    Or, maybe the interview with the Jets went very well; they told him they wanted to finish the interview cycle as a courtesy to the coaches they had setup; and McCarthy is holding off the Browns in anticipation of an announcement by the Jets in the next couple of days...
  5. It may be a slam dunk from the Jets' perspective, but there is no guarantee he will accept the position. Better to schedule a ton of interviews in case he decides not to come here. Nothing lost if they schedule and/or interview others but hire McCarthy.
  6. Westhoff is too old now, but I always thought he would have made a great HC. I don't know why he never got a shot, except that it seems nobody ever considers a STC for HC. But his football knowledge is off the charts, as well as his handling of his players.
  7. I agree. I don't wish any ill-will on him, the person. I just think he should have been fired last year. But that's not his fault.
  8. Not according to the statement put out by the league: " Adopted in 2003, the Rooney Rule is an NFL policy requiring every team with a head coaching vacancy to interview at least one or more diverse candidates. In 2009, the Rooney Rule was expanded to include general manager jobs and equivalent front office positions."
  9. Ok, sorry. When you said "that rule" I thought you meant the Rooney rule.
  10. I'm hoping that the Caldwell interview means they already have their sights on someone and need to get the Rooney rule interview out of the way. I really hate that they interview someone simply to fulfill the rule, without any real consideration for hiring the person, but if the league requires it, so be it.
  11. Really????? NFL expands Rooney Rule requirements to strengthen diversity Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 04:58 p.m. Updated: Dec. 12, 2018 at 05:20 p.m. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000999110/article/nfl-expands-rooney-rule-requirements-to-strengthen-diversity
  12. I guess that's true, but wouldn't KC have to approve the interview, which they might not do while prepping for a playoff game? I knew they couldn't hire him, but I didn't know they could interview him. Anyway, Caldwell still can be interviewed without any restrictions or needing any team approval, and the Rooney rule is satisfied. How on to Jim Harbaugh.
  13. I think the "news" part is that the firing will be Sunday after the game, not Monday like everyone predicted. Shows they want to start the interview process for the next HC right away. Caldwell fulfills the Rooney rule. Since they can't interview someone like Bieniemy until KC is out of the playoffs, by interviewing Caldwell right away they clear the path to move quickly on a coach who isn't tied up in the playoffs. Like Harbough now that Michigan is done.
  14. viffer

    Why not Saban??

    I seriously doubt that Bowles' salary is based on what the Jets are willing to pay a HC. I'm sure it's based on Bowles' performance. One thing Johnson has not been is cheap; he spent a fortune on the Jets training facility. According to reports when they built that facility, Johnson didn't say no to any request; he paid top dollar without an argument. For the right candidate, I'm sure the Johnsons would cough up the money.
  15. Because they can't interview Bieniemy until KC is out of the playoffs, which might mean after the Super Bowl. Caldwell, as someone posted above, can be interviewed immediately, satisfying the Rooney rule. This would, of course, indicate the Jets have their eyes on a candidate who can be interviewed right away. Like, for example, Jim Harbough, since Michigan got blown out today. Could interview Caldwell on Monday, and announce Harbough as the new HC right after New Year's!

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