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  1. If he has eyes everywhere how come he didn't see the hidden cameras in the massage parlor?
  2. This isn't necessarily a philosophy thing. One GM works for a contender, where they could be a high-priced FA away from winning a super bowl. The other GM is rebuilding a team, where spending money on high-priced FA's is stupid. Let's see if JD is adverse to spending on high-priced FA's if/when the Jets are ever in contention for anything other than the #1 draft pick.
  3. No. It never gets old. Can't get too much "Jamal sucks."
  4. Fiduciary duty? A GM does not have any "fiduciary duty" to do anything. A GM is not a fiduciary; he does whatever his boss, in this case Woody Woodpecker, lets him do.
  5. This post is accurate and makes sense. What is it doing on this board?
  6. Yes, it's the coaches teaching Zach to throw one-hoppers to receivers 7 yards away.
  7. The HC picks the starters from the players the GM gives him. JD picked Wilson and White as the only QBs on the starting roster. What choice did Saleh have other than to start Wilson?
  8. I agree. I wanted a heavyweight; was even in on the Harbaugh hype. But when they picked Saleh, and I looked into his record, I thought he was the best candidate out of the coordinator group. I still wish we had gotten Harbaugh.
  9. Check your calendar. 1999. In case you didn't notice, that was LAST CENTURY.
  10. For the record I was totally against the Zach pick. He had one good year in college in the Covid year where he was playing against community college-level competition. I will admit I was in favor of Saleh though...
  11. He is also the only HC to get the Jets to the AFC championship game this century, or in almost 40 years, and he did it twice.
  12. It is his job to do so. That's what "analysts" get paid to do, analyze. And his analysis is spot-on. We suck, and the all-rookie coaching staff is a major part of the problem.
  13. Why anyone would watch this WITH Zach Wilson is kind of mind boggling, actually...
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