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  1. Screw this tanking crap. I don't see how any true fan can root for their team to lose. I've been a fan for decades and I'm always going to hope the Jets win. That's what a true fan does.
  2. If Gase is still the head coach, more like 0-5.
  3. Never. This guy might work out and be a starter. Mac's second round picks were always out of the NFL 2 or 3 years after Mac picked them.
  4. I think he was referring to the fact that he would have been a free agent and the Jets would not have re-signed him. He meant Leo would be gone in a year.
  5. 不不不不不 不不不不不 不不不不不 不不不不不
  6. First of all, JD does not work for Gase. They both work for Chris (Dumber) Johnson. And we don't have a football man at the top. We have Gase at the top. There is a squirrel in my yard that would be better than Gase.
  7. Unlike Gase, who came in like Kotite and managed to go downhill from there...
  8. I don't believe for a minute JD is trying to tank. The views of him yesterday were a look of pain. I think JD convinced CJ that he needed to do a complete bottom-up rebuild, and I don't think JD thought it would be this bad this year. But JD is building for 2022, and to a lesser extent 2021, NOT for 2020. JD was trying to improve the team this year (think O-line), while ridding himself of Mac's terrible decisions. This year was the tear down; the rebuild starts next year. If we wind up with the #1, so be it. But I will never believe that JD was actually trying to suck for the #1.
  9. So for everybody that wants to trade Darnold today, what is your plan when we don't get Lawrence? People talk like it's a lock, but with 10 games to go there is still only a small chance we land the #1 pick. Remember, we will lose the SOS tie breaker to most of the other suckie teams. All it takes is one other team to match us, and no Lawrence. What then? He really want to roll next year with Flacco and Morgan?

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