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  1. Put enough around him last two years? What are you smoking? Worst O-line in the league, no receivers whatsoever (and please don't start the Richie nonsense; he was a mediocre receiver at best), no running game, and our best tight end on IR. And he played last season with mono (if you've never had mono let me tell you from personal experience the effects probably lingered through much, if not most, of the season). I definitely want to see more out of Sam this year but saying he had talent around him last year is a joke. He had NOTHING around him and had a fair season. Let's see how he does if they ever actually do put some talent around him (like, a receiver core...).
  2. That is NOT funny. How much did MacMoron pay that clown to not cover anybody?
  3. Yes, but the Cheats aren't owned by the Dumb and Dumber brothers...
  4. That's not how it works. If a state supreme court ruling had ruled against an individual objecting to a stay at home order, then that individual could claim a violation of the US constitution against the state in federal court. This ruling went against the state. The state can't sue its own supreme court in federal court.
  5. I don't think Goodell said that they all have to open at their usual facilities. Florida is already advertising for teams to move their training camps to Florida if their state won't allow them to open. Once there is a facility available for every team, Goodell may allow opening training camp. Just saying...
  6. How does a state law get challenged in federal court? The state supreme court is the court of last resort for state law. State law can only be challenged at SCOTUS for violating the US constitution. Nothing in the US constitution gives a state governor any powers. They come from the state constitution, and the state supreme court is the last arbiter of state law.
  7. Isn't that what people said about Tua, before he trashed his hip? Teams would be trading multiple first round picks to trade up for Tua. Went 5th, and many thought he would fall further than that. If there is a college season and Lawrence suffers a serious injury, it could definitely affect his draft position next year.
  8. They can't go by this year's draft, since the draft theoretically helps the worst teams the most. Can't give a team that had the #1 pick in 2020 the #1 pick in 2021 if there is no, or a shortened, season. That is totally unfair. I think a lottery would be the only fair way to do it. I do like the suggestion someone had that they group the teams into lottery bins based on last season's record. That makes it a little more fair, and guarantees that the Cheaters don't get the #1 pick. But leave it to the NFL to do something stupid like run next year's draft in the opposite order of this year's draft...😨
  9. What happens when a team has a bunch of injuries? Half of our starters were on IR last year, and the season went on. Our starting QB had mono, which is highly contagious, and the season went on. If half of our team had caught mono from Sam, would they have cancelled the season?
  10. Yeah, find a way to lose. like your starting quarterback playing the game with mono. And Mosley was tearing up the Bills offense by himself until he went down. Now, if you consider the starting quarterback playing while extremely ill and a key defensive injury during the game "finding a way to lose" then, yes, I guess we did find a way to lose.
  11. Jets fans don't relax. Jets fans panic. Over anything. It's what we do...😆
  12. I hate Jerry Jones but he is a billionaire because of his business dealings outside of the NFL. Most NFL players would be working at Walmart if it weren't for the NFL. Big difference.
  13. The season will go on as scheduled. The stadiums may be empty at the beginning. This should actually drive the TV revenue up; with the total lack of sports all year, coupled with no one able to go to the stadiums, TV viewership will skyrocket. The NFL should be negotiating with the networks for higher revenue this year in exchange for playing the full schedule (after all, if the NFL cuts the schedule, it will be a huge hit on the networks).
  14. What do you expect from MacMoron? And the owners were, I think, the inspiration for the "Dumb and Dumber" series of movies (or at least should have been). Typical trust fund babies without an ounce of intelligence between them.

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