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  1. No, it's called market research, and every large company, and most medium or even small companies, do it all the time. Do you think a multi billion dollar company risks a major product introduction on the whim of the CEO? No, they typically hire market research firms to poll the target market. Marketing 101.
  2. Gee, that's encouraging. Especially given his record developing quarterbacks...
  3. All I was saying is that it's NOT up to Williams; ultimately it's up to Macc. The original poster was stating, or at least implying, that Williams would make the decision on Anderson. Hopefully he listens to the coaching staff and gets the type of players they want. I just don't have that much faith in Macc.
  4. I'm not an expert on draft value. What was the value we gave/got to move from 6 to 3 last year? Seems like moving from 3 to 7 should be worth more, especially if no QB goes 1 or 2; the #3 spot would be the first QB spot. Someone ALWAYS overpays for a QB in the draft.
  5. No, with the Titanic the misery would have been over after the first year. The Jets are more like Groundhog Day. Wake up the day after the season ends expecting the next season to be better, then BOOM...Same Old Jets hits you right in the face as soon as the new season starts... But, I'll still keep coming back, after almost 50 years, and root for my team. Definition of insanity...
  6. No, it's all up to MacMoron; he's calling the personnel shots now. Since Anderson is a FA it will be up to Macc whether or not to re-sign him.
  7. I like your post even though I am admittedly one of the long-suffering fans who puked over the Gase hiring. I don't, however, see MacMoron avoiding the big ticket guys because I really feel that he has to have a "win now" philosophy. Regardless of what the Little Johnson said about no playoff mandate I feel that Macc's days are numbered if the team doesn't show significant improvement this year. Remember, the logic behind keeping Macc was supposedly that he got decent players but Bowles didn't coach them up. With a new coach that he helped hand pick, Macc will have no excuses this year if there is no significant improvement. I wouldn't mind if they got one big name FA, either Bell (to help Darnold; I don't see a better, faster way to improve the offense) or a stud pass rusher. Just not more than one.
  8. The render is very good, maybe professional, but I highly doubt it is the real uniform. They are keeping it too tight to the vest. It could be a concept from early in the redesign process, thrown out there to throw people off or just not protected since it wasn't actually chosen as the new uniform. In any case, if a fan drew this up, that person is pretty good at rendering (maybe not so good at design though). And thank you to the poster who pointed out that the top of the "N" was the wing. Logo looks much more like a jet once you realize that is the wing. Given the Jets history of ******* things up, this wouldn't be the worst they could come up with if it was real...it's scary to think of what the Little Johnson could come up with...
  9. That's like hiring a CEO for a company and then telling the CEO who he/she must hire as VP's. You hire the person in charge because you trust that person to make the right decisions for the team/company. CJ and MacMoron collectively have never coached so much as a Peewee football game, so what makes them qualified to pick coordinators? And it's more important to have coordinators who work well with the HC then just picking who you think are good. If there is no chemistry, then you are guaranteed to fail.
  10. It was reported days ago (I don't have the link nor time to look it up right now) that McCarthy stated he would not take his kids out of their schools so he would commute home. If this was a show-stopper he would not have interviewed for the job.
  11. Or...the interview didn't go as well as expected from the Jets' perspective, and they haven't offered him the position...
  12. Or, maybe the interview with the Jets went very well; they told him they wanted to finish the interview cycle as a courtesy to the coaches they had setup; and McCarthy is holding off the Browns in anticipation of an announcement by the Jets in the next couple of days...
  13. It may be a slam dunk from the Jets' perspective, but there is no guarantee he will accept the position. Better to schedule a ton of interviews in case he decides not to come here. Nothing lost if they schedule and/or interview others but hire McCarthy.
  14. Westhoff is too old now, but I always thought he would have made a great HC. I don't know why he never got a shot, except that it seems nobody ever considers a STC for HC. But his football knowledge is off the charts, as well as his handling of his players.
  15. I agree. I don't wish any ill-will on him, the person. I just think he should have been fired last year. But that's not his fault.

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