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  1. I agree that the organization gave Sam no support, but even though I was a JD fan now I'm not so sure. Last year was his first full year in charge, and between FA and the draft he left Sam with the worst OL in the league, not a single (well, maybe Crowder) decent WR, no TE and a 38 year old running back. And now he dumps Sam because of last year's performance? For a college QB who had one good year in college against total scrub competition. I hope when we play Carolina this year Sam kicks our butts and really sticks it to JD.
  2. Yes, because "shoulders" Wilson had one good season while playing against community college-level talent, so he is GUARANTEED to be a franchise QB. And when he is on IR a quarter of the way through the season for his shoulder, I wonder what all the Zach lovers on this board are going to say then. I can hear it already, "wait until he's healthy next year!"
  3. Pitts. We need weapons and an O-line, not a QB.
  4. No, Saleh's kids are all with his wife. Cromartie's kids were with about 7 different women.
  5. I agree. I have felt for a while there should be two bye weeks. With a second bye week all teams playing on Thursday night could also get over a week before and after the Thursday game. No more short weeks due to Thursday night football.
  6. And how many games did the players play when it was 4 preseason and 16 regular season games? I don't understand your math.
  7. And it's even more comical to hear people raving over Wilson's record against schools that would lose to most high school teams. Did he play against a single legitimate college team last year?
  8. Yes. Sewell with the #2 pick is my guess.
  9. Actually they can. It's only $18m, which is dirt-cheap for a starting QB these days. If Darnold were to be traded, I'm sure the acquiring team would immediately opt for the fifth year. I think not opting for the fifth year would limit his trade value.
  10. And it would be even more reckless to head into the season with a rookie with one good college year and Morgan as your only QBs.
  11. Based on what? Do you have JD's phone tapped? How do you know what interest there is or isn't in Sam? Unless JD had already decided he was definitely going to trade Sam, there is no way to know how much interest there was or is in Sam. Just because JD said he would take calls does not mean he would be willing to trade Sam. Think about Jamal. It took a ridiculous offer to get JD to trade him. Without the two first round picks from Seattle there is a good chance Jamal would have been playing for us last year.
  12. Two words; Josh Rosen. I didn't say it was a negative. My point is that he has already had surgery on his throwing shoulder, and since he comes from a family with tons of money, any future injury might lead him to pull an Andrew Luck.
  13. 1. They why haven't we signed one? 2. Yes, and he is unknown because, in a 2-14 season he could not get on the field for one snap all year, but he is going to be ready to lead the team if Wilson goes down on his bum shoulder? 3. Maybe JD trades down more than once and winds up around 8. Or maybe JD and Saleh, football professionals, disagree with you on where Pitts should be drafted. I like the Gronk analogy; Brady to Gronk kicked our butts for a decade. 4. GMs don't disregard the wishes of their hand-picked new head coach. A good GM gets the types of players the HC wants.
  14. JD isn't getting fired over Darnold or Wilson. He will get fired in a few years if the Jets aren't winning football games and getting into the playoffs. He got a six year contract for a reason, and we are in year two. Maybe in year five, if we still aren't competitive, he might get fired, but it won't be over Zach. The idea that one draft pick will determine the leadership of the Jet is ludicrous. By that logic every GM in the NFL should have been, and would have been, fired for passing over Tom Brady at least 5 times each. To the best of my recollection, no one got fired for not drafting
  15. Yes, it's called Darnold before Gase got his hands on him. Look back at year one with no OL, one NFL caliber receiver, and no running game. I'm a Darnold fan but admittedly not sold on Darnold as the future, but drafting a rich kid with a history of shoulder issues on his throwing shoulder, when we are so devoid of talent, isn't the answer to me. Give Darnold a year with a real NFL coaching staff and some talent around him, and build up the rest of the team with the picks we could get for #2.
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