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    I am not a Sauce fan but by all accounts that I read he is the closest first rounder to be a guaranteed star (note I said closest; I didn't say it was guaranteed). Too many red flags on Thibs. Personally I think he will be a good player, but not a top ten draft choice level of player. Trading back into the first to take JJ has a much lower risk/reward potential in my opinion. If he busts at 26, that is not nearly as bad as a bust at 4.
  2. Yes, but they are getting lamer and lamer! So it is a good sign! If we win 10 straight super bowls he will surely find something to complain about!
  3. This. I hope both he and Becton turn into what we were expecting when they were drafted. But so far Mims hasn't shown anything. And don't tell me about injuries; being out on IR gave him plenty of time to learn the playbook. To me his lack of understanding the playbook indicates either he is too lazy to study or he doesn't have the mental capacity to learn it. I certainly hope he proves me wrong!
  4. It occurs to me that the same people who were condemning JD for signing Fant two year ago are the ones now saying Fant is our long-term solution at LT. The people who thought JD was absolutely crazy for paying him $9m a year (with an out after 2 years) two years ago now are fine with paying him probably $15m+ for at least 3 years. JD has been negotiating with Fant's agent; maybe he isn't willing to pay Fant the big bucks after one good season. JD can both have faith in Becton AND draft another tackle at pick 4 because he is unwilling to bank on Fant for the long run.
  5. Nope. I said it too. On the first page of this thread...
  6. I wish we were on Hard Knocks. Great chance to see the team before the annual disappointment starts...
  7. Do any of you really think Saleh or Douglas are going to tell any reporter what the team is REALLY planning to do in the draft? If he is that dumb then fire him immediately. Click bait.
  8. Not necessarily. Could be Fant's eventual replacement. JD might be thinking he doesn't want to extend an aging Fant at $15m - $20 per year after this year. Going forward Ek and Bec could be our starting tackles.
  9. This. I haven't lost faith in Becton, yet, but I am worried that he may turn out to be a bust, either because of a lack of desire, or because he keeps getting injured. With that said, I still hope he develops into the player we all expected when he was drafted, and I am certainly not giving up on him yet. Of course, if the powers that be, who have much more information and insight on his condition, decide to draft his replacement and trade him, then I will agree with their decision. They know more about the real situation than all the posters on this board combined.
  10. I doubt he is telling anyone anything. But people close to him may understand how he thinks better than all the "experts" on this board...
  11. I don't know Woody's age, so I might be more or less than 7 years, but the sentiment is the same. Unless I outlive Woody I don't expect to see a super bowl win. I was really hoping the mini-scandal that came up a year or so ago would get the NFL to force Woody to sell, but unfortunately nothing ever came of it.
  12. Two??? Oh, wait a minute, you are probably still considering Becton a left tackle. Guy has to be able to get on the field to be a left tackle.
  13. Edge, OT, or WR/TE at #4. We need someone who can catch the ball to determine if Zach can actually throw it.
  14. I agree in principle, but disagree on TE. A real game-changer type of TE would be worth a first round pick. Think Kelce or Gronk.
  15. Yes, we put up 53 total yards of offense yesterday. We're all set at QB and O-line for sure...
  16. We've swung for the fences a million times over the years, and 99% of the time it didn't work out. If I had a dollar for every "swing for the fences" pick that never panned out I could afford to buy the team from Woody Woodpecker. We are in a position to add 2 of the 10 best players in all of college football in the first round. We need 2 day-one starters in the first round.
  17. Agreed. Becton hasn't been on the field enough to call him a bust yet. But I doubt he will ever be a reliable player. Real players don't take themselves out of games for minor injuries (not talking about the knee this year). For a draft so deep in WR last year it is an embarrassment how bad Mims is. We should have either moved up to get one of the top receivers or passed on Becton and moved back and taken one. Or taken Wirfs. A pro-bowl right tackle is better than a no-show left tackle.
  18. Plus, he was assistant GM in Philly, which means he was a talent evaluator. He should have had files on every college player from his previous job.
  19. He doesn't have to be breathing to be the best TE on our roster...
  20. If he has eyes everywhere how come he didn't see the hidden cameras in the massage parlor?
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