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  1. Yes, at 0-10 Gase is doing brilliantly. If he wins one game are you going to call for coach of the year? 🤣
  2. Maybe, but that half doesn't have a moron like Gase as the HC. If the HC knows something about running a football team, then maybe that system works. Unfortunately, we don't have a HC, we have Gase...
  3. No. They eff'ed up the uniform design; restrict them to the bobble heads...
  4. And are in the running for the first overall draft pick at the same time!
  5. With the upcoming draft picks and cap space, I think next year we will compete for the playoffs, IF we fire that turd Gase (don't let SORE I hear that!). I did not like the Morgan pick, but otherwise the draft was anywhere from respectable (a first in many, many years...) to great. Regardless of what anyone on this board says, it will be at least two more years before we can truly rate JD's first draft. But so far, so good. Looking forward to the Jets future for once...
  6. Ficken was great this year before the injury. Don't know why they rushed him back with the way Castillo was playing, but maybe they saw something in practice. In any case, they kept Castillo on the roster. Maybe they wanted to give Ficken another chance and if he didn't perform they will cut him and keep Castillo for the rest of the year?
  7. Ha! I've been saying for YEARS that I think Westhoff would make a great HC. I wish they had given him the opportunity years ago.
  8. I agree. That kid is MASSIVE. Anything that compromises breathing is going to have a major effect.
  9. I think that comparing the intelligence of the Johnson bros. to the intelligence of a fly is very insulting...to the fly!
  10. And if you believe Cimini, we are going all defense in the draft next year...
  11. Having the worst HC in league history certainly has something to do with it...
  12. As versus Gates, where people were calling for his head the day he was hired...
  13. Between Woody and Chris there isn't one viable brain cell. At least Hess was a self-made successful business leader. Woody and Chris have never done anything in their lives except inherit money. What makes you think they could ever grow a brain?
  14. Well, we hired Gase based on his only qualification being that he held Manning's jock strap...
  15. I still think CJ gave Gase through 2021 when JD sold him on a ground-up rebuild. A lot of Jet fans are going to be suicidal when CJ announces that Gase will return in 2021.
  16. I think JD will spend but not like you hope he will. I don't think there will ever be Trumaine Johnson- or CJ Mosely-like deals by Joe. I expect a lot of value picks to add depth, and maybe a moderate deal or two for potential starters. But I think he will stick to the draft to find future stars, not pay over-the-hill former stars like Mac did.
  17. I disagree. The Big Cheat has already determined that Cam is not the future, and unless he feels Stidham has real potential, if he is in the running for the #1 pick I can easily see him throwing both games against us.
  18. You beat me to the fire Gase part, but I would guess that JD is shedding players and building cap space to spend in next year's free agency, when the expected lower cap will put a lot of good players on the market.
  19. Hopefully by the time the draft rolls around we have an entirely new coaching staff, built by a real head coach. But, knowing the Johnson brothers, aka Dumb and Dumber, we will probably either be going into year 3 of the Gase disaster, or will have hired another loser head coach...🤢
  20. Screw this tanking crap. I don't see how any true fan can root for their team to lose. I've been a fan for decades and I'm always going to hope the Jets win. That's what a true fan does.
  21. If Gase is still the head coach, more like 0-5.
  22. Never. This guy might work out and be a starter. Mac's second round picks were always out of the NFL 2 or 3 years after Mac picked them.

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