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  1. Chris & Woody's Butler

    I am very happy so far, rebuild ahead of schedule IMHO

    The reality is that if Macc doesn't start to draft better this rebuild will falter. We can't ignore the fact that Macc has been dreadful picking players.
  2. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Any Interest in a Sheldon Richardson Reunion???

    Not a winner. The teams he plays on don't win. Let's get some guys in here that are good and are also winners. Pass.
  3. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Is it possible there's a candidate that's still coaching? Perhaps someone from the KC staff?
  4. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Goodbye 3-4

    are you a football coach? your armchair analysis sounded very informed.
  5. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Our coaching staff - 2 HC's

    I'm still not sure where I fall with the Gase hire. Hiring Williams and retaining Boyer I'm very happy with. I'd like to see him not hire his buddy who coached with him in Miami and get a fresh voice as the OC. That said...what dawned on me today is we went from having Bowles, Bates and Rodgers to a staff that had two coaches that were HC's at the end of the season. You gotta have talent to win (not a fan of Macc's work) but you also need to have good coaches. We haven't had that in a while. We now have 2 guys that were HC's last year on our staff along with the guy that oversaw the best ST unit in the league. An improvement for sure...
  6. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Coaching League or GM League?

    My belief is the NFL is a very cyclical (and copycat) league. Styles, trends, etc. change frequently. A constant has been coach > GM. I know they're linked, but in the NFL the coach was always kind. Now, more than ever, you're seeing what strong "GM" play can do for a franchise. I believe it's why you're seeing less and less coaches also play the role of GM. Andy Reid is the ideal example. When you consider how quickly teams can re-stock in the NFL if you have a great GM you are so far and away ahead of the game. Developing talent is one thing...but there are so many rookies making an impact immediately. Two of the top teams in the NFL turned very quickly. Our coaching hire is important. Macc is more important - IMHO.
  7. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Coaching League or GM League?

    In no other professional sports league does the coach have as much of an impact on the outcome than in the NFL. I think this is starting to change a bit. I actually believe now it's a GM driven league. You look at the teams that are doing well and they are stacked with talent, and most that have ascended quickly have done so with GM's that have done a terrific job in draft and FA. Saints got good quick with the Kamara draft after being down for a bit. Colts landed an amazing draft class (and of course got Luck back) this year. Eagles. Chicago. KC. Cleveland. Dallas. LA. More than ever the NFL is a GM driven league. In my view...the GM is becoming more important than who actually coaches the team.
  8. Chris & Woody's Butler

    The Silver Spoons

    How in the world Chris Johnson can look at Jamaal Adams and tell him Macc has a good plan and there's a lot of talent in the building is beyond me. Ownership plays such a huge part of professional sports success and as long as the silver spoon boys own the team we will have to rely on luck to find success. Macc has a good plan? A good plan. We have talent in the building. Guys...the delusion at the top is worse than even I thoughts. The dorks are clueless. I'm at a complete f'in loss.
  9. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Macc - how can he return?

    barely any of the guys drafted and then let go are still in the league. a couple are on practice squads. i think justin burress may be active for the browns. other than that they are out of the league. think about that. literally..go take a look at the number of guys out of the league. it's mind boggling. we can literally throw darts and have the chance of doing as good a job.
  10. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Macc - how can he return?

    What coach would opt to come and work with Macc?
  11. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Is Mac gone?

    Macc has an ave of less than 5 wins a year as GM. What coach is going to want to come here and work for him? The guy is a loser.
  12. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Macc - how can he return?

    I'm just amazed that the spoiled little brats that own this team don't realize Macc is part of the problem too. Unreal. Just pathetic.
  13. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Is Mac gone?

    The guys that Macc drafted that we've let go are out of football...not on other teams. It's incredible. There is no talent on this team.
  14. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Is Mac gone?

    What media member, what Jet official is talking about this. The guy is coming back. it's unreal.
  15. Chris & Woody's Butler

    Is Mac gone?

    Why is this such a slam dunk? That's my question. I guess you're comfortable just accepting this. I don't know why...but I guess you're happy.

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