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  1. you've been saying that for years. problem is, it's never OK bc our guys don't develop the cohesion needed. we need our marquee players to be available and gel. We need Maye. for every practice. we're not good enough. When we play 3-4 extra games a year bc we go deep in the playoffs i will understand. maye needs to get on the field.
  2. At some point he's going to lose the confidence of Adams, who will get more familiar with someone else. Then he's toast. He needs to get back on the field. Best ability = availability. He hasn't proven that yet
  3. Maye is not good enough to miss a lot of practice. He's still a young player by NFL standards and his time away from the practice field and his team is a recurring issue. You'll have some sy it's not a big deal. But for this team that needs everything to fall into place this is a big deal. He needs every second with his teammates. The guy never practices or plays. he's going to realize very very soon that this game will pass guys like him by. That time is close for him. he hasn't done anything to be remembered yet.
  4. Guess you just don't want to have any fun, huh? Ba humbug to you too fish. Geez man, didn't realize you were the opinion police. It makes a difference to me...and whether it makes a difference to you I could give two craps. Go to another thread and leave us alone
  5. Like many I was up in arms over the Gase hiring. I hated it...everything about it. But amazingly, I'm now a huge believer that this guy just might be nuts enough to exorcise all the demons we've had to deal with forever. He got Macc bounced, which got us a front office the likes of which we've never had, and the more I watch and observe of this guy the more I like him. So I figured I'd start a thread for others like me that have had a change of heart and are kinda all in and fired up about Gase. Count me in. Can't believe I"m saying it but I'm a believer!
  6. Then there are the posters who consider themselves an authority - like you. And posters who try not to overthink this whole site and go with whatever's on my mind - like me.
  7. You know there's a reason why the entire world thinks the Jets are a joke. It's bc the central figure in this, Gase, is a total joke. The guy hasn't done a thing. Proven. He's only proven to be a loser. Amazed again at how low the bar is for Jets fans. We expect ineptitude. That's what we get. Don't you expect to get a great coach? C'mon. Expect more.
  8. Bell just tweeted about the situation, openly acknowledging that he's aware his HC might not like him. Gase is pissing off Bell. Get Gase out of here. Guys...out HC is a joke. And our franchise is a joke. Wow.
  9. are you serious. belli and ne have won 6 rings. gone to 9 supes. gase is a scumbag that's done nothing. we're not ne. that's a once in a lifetime scenario (6th round pick riding bench finds the field bc of injury) that turns into all timer. we're not ne. we have an ownership problem. guys want to play for belli. who wants to play for gase? no one. they run.
  10. Gase is a scumbag. Major scumbag. It's possible to be an amazing football coach and not a total scumbag (Rams coach). I have no respect for Gase. I can only imagine being a player and having this be the environment. What a joke.
  11. Accountability is calling out Macc for his horrendous record and inability to build a team
  12. not true. win some games. draft some players that make the team and stay in the nfl. his record as gm is horrendous.
  13. so you're happy with Mac? Please explain why. Let me guess...he got us Sam Darnold. The dude has been a disaster.
  14. Yes. I am calling out those embarrasing franchises as well. They're as bad as we are, which is bad. And the reason is because of how poorly they draft, just like us. You draft the OL from Alabama and he starts on your team for 10 years. You know, the guy that just went top 10. Macc is bad. Just bad.
  15. You are aware that Mac passed on both Deshaun Watson and Pat Mahomes right. Is it possible in your mind that Mac stinks?
  16. In an offensive driven league Mac has now drafted 3 D linemen out of his last 6 picks.
  17. You have to build a roster. Macc has compiled the reputed BPA since he got here and his record stinks. Win some games. Show me up. Keep losing and this is what you get. Macc will not be here very long. it's too bad.
  18. Why are you defending Mac? What has he ever done to deserve your protection? Draft Darnold?
  19. What is Mac's record as GM? 24-40, no playoff appearances, and a ton of D linemen drafted in the first round. Get an edge rusher Mac. Get an olineman Mac. Or draft a redundant d lineman.
  20. A for effort I guess. Mac stinks. You'll wake up soon and realize.
  21. This BPA nonsense. What is Mac doing? It's time we all wake up. Mac is not good. We simply don't understand how to build a roster in todays NFL. He should have been fired.
  22. Mac is an overly analytical scaredy cat. He's the reason this team is stuck.
  23. Am I allowed to be a die hard Jets fan if I don't live close enough to go the games? Or am I also a second class fan in your mind? When I lived in the area I have season tix forever. Big deal. I now don't miss a game and follow the team religiously. If you're a fan...you're a fan.
  24. The reality is that if Macc doesn't start to draft better this rebuild will falter. We can't ignore the fact that Macc has been dreadful picking players.

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