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  1. I think Darnold gets 2 more years based on the fact he is only 22 and the fact I don’t think this roster can be fixed in one off-season.
  2. I’m surprised if this story is true . I don’t post much, but I do visit the site everyday . I’ve actually been a member since ‘06 I tcreated a new account due to not being able to recover the password to my old account for some reason) . Anyway I don’t know Tom , not have I ever had a discussion with him, but I do enjoy his witty, informative and sometimes thought provoking posts here. Not trying to kiss anyone’s behind , nor am I willing to confirm or deny it’s his alt account .
  3. I’ve been a Jets fan since 1980 and what Marino did in 1984 was unprecedented considering the rules of the game. To this day (as much as I hate Miami ) I still feel he was the most talented QB I’ve ever seen . Had a cannon of an arm and such a quick release. I always feared playing Marino more so than any other QB. I wonder the stats he would’ve put up In today’s game.
  4. Fans of this first class franchise should be able to use first class bathrooms.

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