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  1. WayneChrebet80

    Gase Speaks

    I wanted nothing to do with Bell for the exact reason you laid out. Mosely to me seems like a different type of guy. Is he worth the contract? No chance in hell, but at the very least I think he will put in an effort.
  2. WayneChrebet80

    Gase Speaks

    Says he has nothing to do with McCagnans departure and the narrative that suggest he won a power struggle is false.
  3. Gase has proven to be a guy that can’t get along with anyone which is why he was shown the door in Miami. Why would you want a guy like that in a prominent role within the organization?
  4. Actions speak louder than words. By hiring a non gase guy and empowering him he is sending a message to the fans. Christopher Johnson has been publicly humiliated because of Gase’s inability to get along with people.
  5. 1) Privately admit that you botched the coaching search (don’t need to leak anything to public, but sometimes it’s hard for billionaires to admit they ****ed up) 2) Search for the best possible GM candidate regardless of whether or not he/she is a “Gase Guy” 3) Give said GM the power to bring in his own coach in 2020. Allowing him/her to evaluate Gase for an entire season.
  6. WayneChrebet80

    Manish Speaks

    This is just unbelievable. Gase was hiding because he didn’t want to be associated with this draft class?
  7. https://www.richmond.com/sports/ap/dave-hyde-adam-gase-keeps-cashing-in-on-failure/article_48ad80d7-ed94-57a0-a5d4-c20e2cf5c7a4.html Some of this is getting out of hand IMO. There have now been reports Gase doesn’t like Bell, Mosley, Williams, and Darnold. Honestly if all this is true and you didn’t like the teams QB and offseason strategy why take the job? Also-Gase had zero shot at getting Darnold (who was a top 3 lock) so why would Gase spend a lot of time scouting him?
  8. WayneChrebet80

    Albert Breer gets to the bottom of what happened

    I don’t think that really matters. Look at Arthur Blank, Steve Bischotti, Jeff Lurie, etc.. There are plenty of owners who run great franchises without a football background.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.si.com/nfl/2019/05/16/new-york-jets-mike-maccagnan-adam-gase-joe-douglas
  10. Thought it would be an interesting topic that highlights the ineptitude of the Jets
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/05/16/bill-belichick-confidant-crushes-mike-maccagnan-on-his-way-out/amp/ Pot calling kettle black here as Mike Lombardi is pretty terrible himself.
  12. The guy gets to be a GM and doesn’t even have to move his family. I’m thinking he takes the job without question.
  13. WayneChrebet80

    Neil Glat, do the right thing-Step down

    My head is going to explode reading this thread. If not for reports of him sitting in on GM interviews five years ago you never would have heard of Glatt.
  14. WayneChrebet80

    Neil Glat, do the right thing-Step down

    I think it leaked during the year Idzik was hired that Glat sat in on interviews (probably to answer any questions the candidate had on the business side of things). Ever since then he gets sh*t on by fans when the Jets **** up.

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