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  1. They traded a future hall of fame edge rusher in his prime and pro bowl #1 WR to get those extra picks. They also have a severely overpaid QB
  2. WayneChrebet80

    Would you trade our #1 next year...

    No but I would give them 3 for 13 and their 2020 1
  3. Why would you sit Rosen behind Eli? Let the kid play and see if hes the answer. If not they need to draft a QB
  4. Would it be illegal to let Rosen compete with Murray for the job?
  5. WayneChrebet80

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    He lit up Bowles defense two years ago for what its worth
  6. WayneChrebet80

    What is Jeremy Bates doing?

    Coach Rodgers got a job with Bowles
  7. His wikipedia says hes QB coach for Redskins but cannot confirm. He was a decent coach. Hope he lands on his feet.
  8. Im an older player, but what is the point of comparing Bell to a lineman? Like I said earlier the best offensive player I saw in green and white was Brandon Marshall in 2015. 109 receptions, 1500 yds, 14 TDs The guy was an absolute monster until he sprained his ankle week 2 in Buffalo 2016.
  9. The Jets could literally have to cut their entire oline next year outside of Shell. You invested a first and three thirds in a QB and you arent going to build an oline in front of him?
  10. I could see it happening honestly. The Seahawks formula worked because they had QB as good as Wilson making peanuts. That allowed them to pour resources into building an all world defense. The haul they would get in return for Wilson would let them supplement their roster back to a Super Bowl level while they search for the next QB. The past two seasons the Seahawks had Wilson and watered down roster and where did it get them? 8-10 wins. The price for Wilson would exceed Khalil Mack. Bidding starts at 3 first round picks. How can the Giants compete when they not only have to tie a bunch of their salary cap into Wilson but also need to give up a ton of draft capital? Where are the long term answers on the Giants roster? They are set at LG with Hernandez and RB with Barkley TE with Engram, and S with Peppers (Engram and Peppers will start making $ in 2021). Outside of that they have a bunch of impending free agents (Shepard), high priced vets over 30 (Solder, Zietler, Tate, Jenkins, Ogeltree, Bethea) and young guys drafted in the mid rounds with some upside that fans tend tl overrate, but hardly sure things. (Beal, Tomlinson, Hill, Carter). The rest of their roster is pretty much depth guys/low end starters.
  11. The last time the Jets owned a pick this high (not counting trade ups) was 2006. The Jets made the decision to double up on oline and it turned out to be the best draft in team history. If I was Mike McCagnan my two first picks would be the best two OL available (trade down if I could, but if I cant still would pull the trigger at Taylor at 3). Taking one of these defensive studs is enticing, but at the end of the day my job is tied to Sam Darnolds success. If it doesnt work out I will still sleep soundly at night knowing that I did everything in my power to give him the support he needed. The Jets cannot fix all their needs in one offseason. Get the offense ready this year and work on improving the pass rush and secondary next year.
  12. WayneChrebet80

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    Based on Gettlemans comments today I dont think a QB is at play at 6.
  13. WayneChrebet80

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    I personally think Josh Allen would be the top defensive player taken if he went to Alabama or Ohio State.
  14. I think if somebody offered a 4th (What Saints gave up for Apple) the Jets would jump at it. Unfortunately hes probably only going to net a 6th at this point so its probably best just keeping him.

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