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  1. No reputable OC wanted to come here after Gailey got fired. It was obviois after the 2016 disaster that the Jets were starting a massive rebuild and Bowles wasnt going to survive long term.
  2. Rex did a far better job on the defensive side of the ball than Bowles did. Would have been interesting to see what Rex could have done in 2015 with career years from Fitz, Marshall, Decker, and Ivory. In 2017 Josh McCown also saved Bowles job by having a career year. Had the Jets started Petty or Hackenberg they may have gone 0-16.
  3. Gailey did a really good job in 2015. Probably the best OC the Jets have had since Parcells. Bowles should have had a succession plan knowing Gailey wasnt a long term solution.
  4. The talk is about Gase, but what about Bowles? Say what you want about Bowles, but the only real shot he had was in year one. If you gave Bowles truth serum I think his biggest regret would have been allowing Gailey to return in year 2 instead of retiring. Had he done so he might have been able to attract a strong OC candidate coming off a ten win team instead of being stuck with Morton and Bates. I also think overestimated his ability to handle the jobs of DC and Head Coach. Why not hire a young aspiring coach as DC to work under and help you instead of your buddy? That said if Bowles ever gets another shot my bet is that Rodgers is his DC.
  5. WayneChrebet80

    Trumaine Johnson

    PFF is clickbait
  6. WayneChrebet80

    Trumaine Johnson

    Cornerback is becoming a position you need to draft and develop. Its obvuous Trumaine didnt have the physical skills anymore to play CB in the NFL. Maybe he was out of shape and will work harder in the offseason, but my bet is Trumaine knows he is done after this year and will be a complete non factor.
  7. WayneChrebet80

    Darnolds two worst games in 2018

    Winds were brutal that day and he was down Anderson and Enunwa.
  8. Were against Williams in Cleveland and Gase in Miami.
  9. WayneChrebet80

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    I would think CB has to be an option. Id prefer to go DE in Free Agency and CB in the draft.
  10. First public interview since his termination. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-todd-bowles-bucs-introduction-20190111-story.html%3FoutputType%3Damp
  11. WayneChrebet80

    Kubiak Asst HC/Offensive ADVISOR of Vikes

    Zimmer is a lame duck coach but has still put together a good staff
  12. The guy has a facial tic. Not sure why folks in the media and on Twitter have to act like second graders in making fun of him.
  13. Not sure what the big deal is with 4-3 ans 3-4 in todays NFL. All these defenses are using multiple fronts and mostly playing nickel.
  14. WayneChrebet80

    Karl Abramson Twitter

    Somebody should write a story about this kid. Its hilarious.
  15. WayneChrebet80

    Karl Abramson Twitter

    This kid went from 50 followers to 1000. Check out his twitter page https://mobile.twitter.com/karlabramson?lang=en

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