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  1. Darnold probably isn’t the answer. I hope I’m wrong, but as mentioned Dave Gettleman would have drafted him if he was any good.
  2. 5 years ago we had Dee Milliner, Dmitri Patterson (cut during season for going MIA), Dex McDougle, Darrin Walls, Marcus Williams, Antonio Allen If Trumaine Johnson misses significant time Id say this group rivals 2014. If that’s the case the Jets are going to be really bad (especially in an NFL where PI is reviewable).
  3. To be fair we have no idea what the guaranteed $ offered to Dak was. Hes probably better off utilizing the franchise tag.
  4. I failed to see how this is an issue. It was a Giants broadcast, but Papa and Banks were objective and fan. They also interviewed Enunwa.
  5. We don’t but Carl is a knowledgeable objective football man
  6. Didn’t they do an interview with Enunwa?
  7. Carl Banks said it on the broadcast
  8. That’s what Baker did against the Jets last year. He can process the first read much quicker than your average QB.
  9. What you guys don’t get is that it’s not just the preseason. Jones is dominating practices. Respected reporters like Art Stapleton claim he throws the best passes they have ever seen. How did the NFL miss this?
  10. Another thing Gettleman got right. Guy is awful.
  11. After the first quarter we watched a game in which 70 percent the players will be free agents before week 1. Im not going sweat about Davis Webb.
  12. Hackenberg wasn’t drafted by Dave Gettleman, and wasn’t groomed by David Cutcliffe. What we saw today from Jones was very impressive.
  13. Why? Hes not a pitcher in baseball.
  14. Darnold look like the rookie tonight and Jones the seasoned vet. That first throw was just awful. I like Darnold, but Gettleman knows more about football than me.
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