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  1. MasterChiefJets

    19' Cheerleaders before the final cut..........

    I believe the days are numbered. There are male cheerleaders making the teams (Philly this year, and Rams last year and this year to my knowledge). Complaints about the pay and perks. Cries of sexism etch. As it evolves, I think fans and owners will simply tire of the changes/outcry and do away with them. - or they will be completely different as we know them today.
  2. They are voluntary and he recently got traded. Lest we forget those not participating as well.
  3. Why get rid of Leo now? If Williams has a place for him in his Defense, he will be here for this year at least. If he and Gase don't like what they see, I'm sure the new GM or Interim GM will make the proper move.
  4. MasterChiefJets

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    Back on topic, Manish showed it all today. Angry about losing his inside position and Gase not taking the bait. It was precious to see. Perhaps the NY Media will have to start doing...journalism?
  5. MasterChiefJets

    I love Adam Gase

    I still loved how he walked off at the end without saying Thank you or asking for anymore questions. Just stating about winning and walking off. He just set a standard and went to plate for his team as well.
  6. MasterChiefJets

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    The Browns name should be changed. It is disgraceful. Charlie Brown should also change his name to Charlie White. Bald headed racist - being a skin-head at his age is horrid - oh good grief!
  7. MasterChiefJets

    I love Adam Gase

    It was God-like to see him tackle every question and stump every so-called journalist. I loved what I saw and am a fan of the man now. Now I hope to be a strong fan of his coaching come September and Interim GM skills until they find a replacement.
  8. MasterChiefJets

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    The NY Media showed who they were in this OTA Press Conference. Gase handled it superbly and now I cannot wait to see how he is here on the field. It was nice to see a coach in Jet's garb not being wishy-washy. As for the racist allegation? What the hell are you talking about? I see poop all over the internet from people to emojis. #poop is also alive and well. (I can't believe I'm even saying this.) As for the color of the poop, last I checked the majority of poop was brown - if this happened to be a Caucasian man, would it have to be white/pinkish poop and would that not be a cause for alarm? JN continues to keep a great ship and all posters keep good conversation (even about poop) - so I see nothing to worry about.
  9. I watched 5 minutes and had to stop. So sad to see Rex's Jets implode and disintegrate. After that Circus and Toilet, my attention is now on Gase and this team.
  10. MasterChiefJets

    OTA Thread

    They are too busy trying to roast Coach/Interim GM Gase and create division amongst the players with "reports."
  11. MasterChiefJets

    OTA Thread

    A Boy Amongst Men.
  12. MasterChiefJets

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    Gase did well. However, you could see when the blood was literally rushing to his head. Whether or not you believe him or not is moot. Like how he ended it and just walked off with no thank you or care: "Our Job is to Win, Our Job is to Win, That's it." Full Conference:
  13. MasterChiefJets

    Bubby Brister shovel pass video

    I find it very calming.
  14. MasterChiefJets

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Bowles finally got Suh to be more precise. Leggett plays offense.
  15. MasterChiefJets

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    The Jets can win any given Sunday. If these players do not give up like they did under Bowles, Darnold continues to improve and the Gase and Williams coach up, they could be in every game. I want to see them compete.

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