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  1. To be fair, Webb was a Jerry Reese pick. However, Gettleman did pick Kyle Lauletta. We'll see what Jones and he do tonight.
  2. This all would be moot if we had not traded away Darron Lee. I mean he is a beast in Kansas City.
  3. What's a shame is that he was hurt by one of our nobody cornerbacks.
  4. No, we don't kinda need a kicker - we need one.
  5. If this is all true then you just answered my question. To be fair we had DBs running into each other the whole second half but Polite should be making an impact as a 3rd rounder. Unless this coaching staff believes in him, they are not going to put up with lack of effort.
  6. Correct. Also, add in an Offensive Line, Defensive Line and a Kicker with all aligned above and then you can think consistent winning.
  7. I honestly saw him once where he ran from the other side of the field to make a tackle last night - a little winded afterwards. There will be that showcase pre-season game where I'm sure he will start with starters not appearing. Perhaps it is a lot for him to soak in? For those already pushing for waivers, what do you see - not enough effort? not mentally focused or ready? not enough talent? just mediocre? I know he had the issues at the combine which some chalked up as nervousness or a lack of maturity.
  8. Falk throw to McGuire in stride. Wow, that next play was a blatant hold.
  9. Bilal had some great speed in space for that one run. I hope they keep him on for depth as he could so something with the starters while Bell or Montgomery are resting or opposite them on certain plays.

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