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  1. I am sure he is stressing about all of this. The season has not even been guarenteed this year and the NFL is billion dollar business. Not to mention, perhaps he is upset about the entire COVID19 situation and he has to give a happy straight face. I do know one thing - that big jar of M&Ms dwindled down to nothing. He also said that he was replacing screens in his house and eating cupcakes today! It has been eye opening to see everyone out of the corporate spotlight element and have to deal with this in their homes.
  2. This is the happiest back up QB I have ever seen. Darnold is our QB but it makes you wonder what they told this guy. 20200425_172552_2.mp4
  3. He's no Ed Reed but you can't deny his effort - even though his attitude can be a pain to hear. I hope he gets shored up so he fully focuses and progresses this years.
  4. He seems to only show life when he is speaking to the screen of fans. As soon as he goes on camera he looks pale and stressed.
  5. It is a sight to see. Pulling the trigger on needed position players but not just going for the safest pick. Trading back to stock pile picks in the meaty rounds and not getting screwed in value...and drafting an Olineman! So far, intelligence on display.
  6. Mayes injuried made him the odd man out. I would like to see Jamal with this new versatile safety.
  7. I can't argue with that. If he would shut his mouth the negative contingent would decrease tremendously. Like Geno Smith, he is the self proclaimed "greatest"at his position, except Jamal does produce results.
  8. He looks like he has great hands and speed. Top talent while still trading back is a plus.
  9. Jamal can be an annoying oversensitive prima on social media and running his mouth. But he is a great player that can Jet up. I like this pick and hope Douglas shores Jamal up - unless we are getting some killer compensation.
  10. Maye is always getting injured. This guy has versatility at multple positions and I'm excited to see him on the field with Jamal.
  11. I was hoping we stay put but getting another 3rd is still good as long as Douglas still gets the player(s) that will fit the goal. Rounds 2-5 is where you get the meat of your players.
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