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  1. Loved it so much. Kong vs. Godzilla cannot come soon enough.
  2. Out of that QB class, Darnold was the perfect fit for this team - in attitude and temperament.
  3. Who said he will be riding the bench. Gregg will be riding him. On his case with no mercy expecting the best and getting in his face. He doesn't play games.
  4. I understand the post because he did produce in that facet. However, I think we have the coaching staff and front office in place to find a younger, more versatile player that can also contribute in other areas for a better price.
  5. My respect for him increased when he stood up against the media and took everything they threw at him. The buck stopped with him and he made clear that his goal was to win games and not chase unsubstantiated reports for those circus-seeking beat writers. All focus will now be on the field and moving this team to a Championship.
  6. He'll be fine. Darnold was a few days late as well. The longer he waits though, the greater the wrath of Gregg Williams. This staff is not playing games.
  7. Yes, that was when the circus began. I hated it because he was such a reliable receiver.
  8. He clearly knows the game. Pre-season in a few weeks will hopefully be a fun tune-up.
  9. Haven't played Madden in years. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
  10. I think everyone on this board has been taking it well. Cautiously optimistic but with promise - now with a franchise QB and Front office in place. Edit: What is there to be confused about?
  11. Sorry to keep this bumped, but for the weeks after 9/11, it was the most unified and connected I ever felt with my fellow man. Unfortunately, it wore off. As for the CB, horrible what happened and the fact his best friend died. Yet, he was practicing a month later. You can only hope it works out.
  12. I want to see a Jets Super Bowl appearance and win in my lifetime. And I want the game to be live - not some grainy recording.
  13. That is the happiest I have ever seen him look. He never looked happy on the Football field - Either confused, depressed or spent, forcing himself to crack a smile. Perhaps the coaching change and running for his life at Penn State took the love and focus of the game out of him. After hearing his profanity rant in the AAF, I hope he finds fulfillment out there in life. God knows he can talk the game pretty well.
  14. I am looking forward to the Kingsbury / Murray tandem. I would like to see them finally become something in that division of Offensive Guru's and our favorite Defensive player's coach.

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