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  1. What are you going to do when your kid says daddy tell me about the history of the Jets...and you say "Son we have no history " lol
  2. I know that's because they are so easy to make fun of because they have NOTHING
  3. Now that's funny..what team has been the League 59 years... has overall losing record..... has only appeared in one Super Bowl... and doesn't have a fan base outside of Queens New York..lol I'll give you a few minutes I know that's a HARD question lol
  4. The Raiders are insignificant..that's funny YOUR Jets in there 59 yr history have only have 1 significant year or any year that anybody remembers anything about the Jets 1968...only been to 1 SUPERBOWL in 59 yrs Jets bring new meaning to the word insignificant
  5. Well "genius"...this is a uniform thread and my back and forth is with a particular person on this thread.. its about the Raiders in comparison to the Jets and the Raiders standing in best uniforms in the league, so even though all my post have the Raiders in it the wording is different in all of them
  6. Yeah I figured you would find 1 then run away...from the first 5 on the best uniform thread on the web... NBC Sports Raiders number one... msn.com Raiders number 3... Fox Sports Raiders number 3... Detroit Athletic Raiders number one.. and for your sporting news they have the Raiders 11 but you failed to mention they have the Jets 30th your turn
  7. We can do this alllll day.... the majority of the uniform post have the Raiders in the top three that's what I'm saying..I'M LOOKING AT THEM ON GOOGLE RIGHT NOW
  8. So what lotto have the sad sack Jets won since 19 f/^&€*n 68...
  9. You were disagreeing just for the sake of being disagreeable.. my point is the majority of the post listed about best uniforms the Raiders are consistently in the top three and in most cases they are first.... I guarantee you'll never find the Jets in the top 5
  10. lol...go on Google right now and see NFLs best voted uniforms by players and sportswriters
  11. Silver&Black...Oakland Raiders the original Men in Black, there's a reason players and sports writers pick the Raiders uniforms eaither 1st or 2nd every year..."The Autumn Wind is a Raider"
  12. Why not change everything...****in Jets have 1 year of history ( 68) in 59 yrs in the league ..they suck
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