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  1. Bra, 31 is about an entire generation older than you...bra. AJ Green will NOT be a Jet...ever. Get over your wet dream.
  2. Since Al Davis is dead, Redskins seems like a viable option. Having said that, Rex is still the best Jets coach since Tuna. Jets fans should be put on suicide watch cuz we are in a constant denial and think this franchise might be heading in the right direction. It’s not. It’s a total scam.
  3. The ****? I put all my eggs in that basket. Even passed on Everrett. Sheet.
  4. Yeah. He was. Still is. A lazy fatass basTURD.
  5. We should probably pounce on Mo Wilkerson before anyone else snatched him. Heard he’s amazing.
  6. Seeing Luke killing it out there, it being the Jets drives, I’m starting to think of Sanchez will be an All-Pro compared to our clingy QB.
  7. Did you miss the point where I said we mask the weaknesses? Yeah I think you did. I’m not shocked.
  8. Sam Darnold. The IL can’t protect a QB that’s clingy with the ball and can’t feel pressure.
  9. At the end of which year? 4th year? We did that with that Toilet Bowls guy. We fire Gase right now. He’s not an NFL HC. Never was. Never will be. You fire him because he can’t protect his QB with his play calling. Look at NE. Their OL has guys that just plug n play cuz they mask it with quick hits. Our QB drops back 7 yards and takes forever to set. The hell. Go shotgun, save him half a second. Snap, turn, pass. Snap, wait, screen. Snap, turn, pass. Do that all game long until the defense moves guys out of the fricken box. AG lacks the HC common sense. All Belichick’s schemes are public knowledge. Duplicate it and modify based on your weaknesses. But no. He wants to impose his stupid wildcat and crap. With 11 guys in the box.

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