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  1. 5 wins with a healthy team gets him canned for sure. 6-7 wins goes into the grey area. 8 wins is safe.
  2. Get well soon brother. This leach of a disease we’re encountering right now is a real threat but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Right now you might think things can’t get any worse. Trust me, I’ve been there. And I strongly believe that things happen for a good reason. You just don’t know it yet. Few years down the road you’ll realize it. So hang in there and have faith in your God. Keep us updated.
  3. Sure they went on a roll. Jets also went on a roll of their own ending the season 6-2. All that was with many players starting that weren’t even on an NFL roster when the season began. Sam Darnold improves significantly. We can coincide it with a weak schedule but I would like to state a point that even if the schedule was weak, we still beat those teams with a very weak roster. So the QB naturally will get some credit for that. I hate the Bills and I refuse to give them any credit for anything they do. I also hate the Cheaters and Dollfans.
  4. We should’ve beat them wk1 With Mosley and we could’ve beat Josh Allen in wk17 as well. Anyways I’ve already predicted a split for 2020 so I’m not gonna debate how we will sweep them this year.
  5. you do realize we would’ve swept the Bills if Mosley didn’t get hurt? And losing to the Phins n Bengals just means they lined up better against our injury riddled team. I guess you forgot about the injuries? Sam doesn’t need to take a big leap. OL might be a question but I’ll take that Compared against the weakest OL in the league last season. Our CBs? I’ll take a mannequin over TruJ. Perran might be a question but he’s more of an NFL player than the one trick pony Robby. Who else did we have last year at WR that we don’t this year? Anything more than 400-500 yards from Mims this year would be a bonus. Tough schedule, yes, but at the same time, we get to face the Brady-less Pats twice. That’s two losses in 2019 that can be converted into wins. And Dolphins? If we don’t sweep them, it’ll be a surprise. We might split with the Bills. Should go 4-2 or 5-1 in the division. Colts, Broncos, Chargers, Raiders, Rams, Cards and Browns. That’s 7 very winnable games. Shouldn’t go any worse than 5-2. Seahawks, 49ers and Chiefs. Probably go winless if injuries don’t play a part. 4-2 + 5-2 + 0-3 = 9-7 It requires us losing all 3 to the Hawks 49ers and the chiefs and also accounts for 3 losses against teams we should win along with a split with the Bills. All that assumes we don’t go through an injury we can’t overcome. It doesn’t assume any team improvements, such as it doesn’t account for Sam taking the next step which many reasonable experts expect he will simply because of the improvements around him AND being in the same offensive system for the first time. WRs are improved and so is the OL. Mosley should be a difference maker on the defense as we saw that last year. This is an improved team. I’m clearly a glass half full kind of guy. I’ve been watching the Jets since the early 90s and haven’t endured nearly as many miserable seasons like yourself, but this is the first season after the 2011 season that I’ve felt confident. I was confident in 2010 and 2008 (Favre). If we go 8-8 being relatively healthy, I’ll be disappointed.
  6. If you wanna look at the end result, then yeah your 7-9 prediction was spot on. But if you wanna go into reasonings, then you’re dead wrong. Jets had crazy amount of injuries. When you lose your top 2 QBs for 3 games where the offense doesn’t score, you lose your top FA defender for an entire year and your already weak OL loses a few starters, the 7-9 record was very impressive. They went 6-2 in the second half. That’s who they were. Maybe a 10 win team. If we can avoid too many major injuries, we should be a 10 win team in 2020.
  7. So glad JA gets to bullrush all the linemen every time.
  8. This was probably the worse contract a GM has ever signed. He missed the entire 2017 season. Then he was placed on IR in 2018 after playing 11 games but Mr. Dumberer (McCoffee) Gabe him a massive contract that was almost entirely guaranteed for injury. It’s not like we signed him for peanuts and gave full guarantees. We actually paid him about 8+ mil a year to be our 3rd WR. Idzik was terrible, this was his best pick. And Mac gave him this terrible contract. I can’t decide what’s worse. Idzik, Mac or this contract.
  9. What makes a draft pick bust? You’re gonna have to ask them.
  10. Larry Warford has to be a Jet. He instantly makes this OL an elite unit. And possibly keep it that way for 3-4 years. That can kickstart a window of opportunity. If Darnold can turn it up a notch this year, we would obviously have to figure a way to pay him, Adams and the OL. But it’s all doable. We don’t have too many other big priced players besides Mosley. And I don’t see Bell being here in 2021. Larry Warford will make Darnold take a small leap at least. And another first of second round WR would provide enough ammo even for someone like Sanchez to make a deep run in the playoffs. Without Larry, we will be pinning our hopes on Darnold to take a bigger leap (pro bowl level play) that may not be there.
  11. Clearly depends on how he plays this year. If he takes that statistical leap this year, you can bet $30mil a year is on the cards. But if he struggles somewhat and plays lights out in some games, $20mil a year is possible.
  12. Our teams, especially offense, got progressively worse after 2010. And so did Sanchez. Aging OL weakened significantly and WRs were Holmes, Hill and Chaz Schillens. Our expectations were Sanchez would make up the difference. Except, he showed he wasn’t capable of lifting a team but could do just enough to win some games if he had the right surrounding cast. Most people had him rated In the top half of not top ten in the league in his third season. That narrative didn’t take long to change. Buttfumble was just the final nail.

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