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  1. Can you imagine Mart n Anderson stretching the field just before they go out and stretch some rules and laws? Yeah that’s a circus. Can we get Pac-Man to join as well?
  2. The truly amazing stats are his his away wins in playoffs. I just wish we put more emphasis on the OL and offense overall. Would’ve made Sanchez a decent game manager. A RB like Bell would’ve done wonders taking off the pressure. Can’t wait for Darnold to take that advantage this year. I’m glad we got Bell, cuz it will mold Darnold into a successful QB imo.
  3. Tom Brady is running out of fingers to put the rings on and he’s at every single voluntary off season snap PLUS organizes daily TB12 drills...at Alex Guerrero’s office!
  4. Le’veon is still looking to replace the heist. So far he’s replaced just one GF who doesn’t want him to get a second...or a third gf.
  5. I guess a corpse is better than not having a TE.
  6. Sanchez had “drive”. And character
  7. Mo was always lazy. I saw him taking off plays starting his rookie year. But when he tried, he was extremely good. That’s why he’d get all the stats inflating plays from 50% of the plays he actually gave a s*** about. If he had the drive like JJ Watt, there isn’t an OL in this league that was able to keep up with him. But after his contract, he basically quit. Didn’t bother at all. Just watch the tapes from his early years. He was ALWAYS Lazy Mo. And frankly, I’m glad his ass is in jail. Every drunk driver should be locked up for a good few months in this day n age. Have they not heard about a thing called Uber? ****in idiot. He can eat sh*t and choke on it for all I care.
  8. Gotta give a yes to Jimmy G. So glad Patsies trades him away
  9. Leo has been average at best Maybe Greg Williams can squeeze a little more production but I feel it has much more to do with the player than the scheme/CS. He will be a FA next year.

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