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    Dream trade down scenario

    Both were considered the best prospect of their respective draft. Doesn’t mean any thing.
  2. CurtMart

    Dream trade down scenario

    So was Leonard Williams.
  3. CurtMart

    Would you rather . . . ?

    Jets have 30 players under contract for 2019. The 60mil figure is extreme misleading to say the least. Even if we were to pick up 8 players making 10 mil a piece, we are left behind with 22 mil to bring in 15 more guys. 7 draft picks would cost less than 10 mil. For the 8 other FAs, we would have 12-15mil. Most of those last 15 players out of the 53 man roster would be on vets minimum playing STs. Cro and Spencer alone can give us an extra 10 mil to spend and we may see that. We have far more wiggle room than one imagines.
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