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  1. Lachlan is a really good punter who has a solid average and net. Im all for improving the team but let’s try to fix what’s broken first.
  2. CJ has two jobs. Hire a HC and hire a GM. Those do the rest.
  3. CurtMart

    Manish Speaks

    Yes but why would Macc not want his scouts to be affected by the HCs input? His scouts hadn’t done a thing worth mentioning.
  4. CurtMart

    Clarification of people in power

    What is this nonsense??
  5. CurtMart

    Manish Speaks

    So Macc didn’t want his scouts to adversely be affected by Gase’s input? What exactly did his scouts accomplish over the last 4 years? Who was Macc protecting? I’m glad he’s gone. 3 years too late but better late than never.
  6. CurtMart

    I was right about everything

    No, butt your avatar 🤗
  7. Would’ve been a good insurance policy at the very least. It’s not like we saved cap $. He wasn’t making much.
  8. He’s still 24 so my guess is, you don’t know what “a young player with potential” means.
  9. CurtMart

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

    We should’ve been picking between Josh arisen and Josh Allen if Giants had a brain. What a disaster that would have been. So no, it’s not Mac. He had us in a position to pick a Josh. Giants enables us to take Darnold
  10. I was never a fan of him. He’s already on the hot seat imo. I hated Mac but Darnold alone can push this team to a 10 win team so Gase doesn’t need to do much to be average.
  11. Gase doesn’t believe in bellcow RBs. His philosophy has been to eff up good RBs by misusing them. Let’s hope he learnt a thing or two after being let go by the lame Dolphins
  12. CurtMart

    I was right about everything

    My last name is Right. My first name is Always.
  13. CurtMart

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

    Mac doesn’t deserve credit for drafting Darnold. It’s a GM who’s office isn’t far away from Macs. Mac was sh*t from the get go.

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