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  1. SMH. You talk as if he has a proven track record.
  2. Your analogies are a bit off. You don’t get fired if two of your colleagues in your group called in sick and you weren’t able to make the deadline even after getting couple of makeshift employees that have no clue what they are even working on (Foles). If I get fired cuz my buddies didn’t show up to work, I’m filing a lawsuit. Having said that, Gase sucks regardless.
  3. Too many great QBs in the AFC. Don’t want any more.
  4. Ban this troll. How dare we make a positive thread around Christmas?
  5. Didn’t even quote anything remotely close to Sam Darnold.
  6. But my grandmother is dead so we would’ve forfeited all Draft picks. I suppose thatS still better than what Mac drafted anyways.
  7. Lachlan Edwards Crowder has been better than Robby on offense.
  8. For me to be onboard with all that, the whole mono thing needs to be upgraded to d*ck pics next year.
  9. I’ll go on record again and issue my opinion. Feel free to publish it in the news. I did not want QW. I wanted Josh Allen. Before the draft. So I’m glad Jets didn’t listen. We get a player we can trade for a 3rd round in 2021!
  10. Exactly. We need a top draft pick so we can trade em for a 3rd day pick after a couple of failed seasons.
  11. Bunch of idiots. Jets are allowing like the 3rd least fantasy points to TEs this year. These massholes need to do a little work.
  12. He’s the best there is. Tell Giants. They should pay him 20 mil per so we can get a 4th. That’s all I care. So glad we got rid of him when we had the chance.
  13. Thank you. Even one of the best QB to ever play the game (we can argue on that point if you prefer) looked like an ordinary QB when uNader pressure.
  14. How did the Giants beat the Pats in SBs? Hint: it wasn’t cover 2 zone D. And it certainly wasn’t their offense.
  15. You would’ve been wrong. Without injuries, we win more than 8. With injuries, we might end up with 7 wins.

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