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  1. Dude wtf is wrong with you? Why you spamming the site with old unrelated threads? P0rnhub not working?
  2. Yeah when you SS wants 20mil per, it better be a business decision. There’s not a single safety in the league worthy of 20 mil per. And won’t be for another 5 years.
  3. Reporter: Do you want Jamal Adams on the roster? Rex: I ain’t here to kiss Belichick’s rings. Reporter: What about Jamal Adams? Rex: Hey guys, we don’t have Revis in this building right now. Does it matter that Revis is not here? Goddamn, he’s pretty f*cking good. Reporter: Yeah but, Rex, what about Jamal Adams? Rex: Let’s go eat a goddamn snack! Reporter: Rex? Rex? Re...Re......F*cking moron!
  4. Wait, what? Rapistberger at top 4 all time? He’s not even a top 4 of his era let alone top 4 all time.
  5. Anything different for 2023? My understanding was the tag figure increased by 20% every year after the initial tag. Is that not true?
  6. lolololololooasdfaosdflaodsflasdofflol I'd keep him for $7mil in 2020, $10 mil in 2021, $12 mil tag in 2022 and about $15mil in 2023. Total 4 years for $44 mil. ZERO defensive snaps. Let the Khunt rot.
  7. About the only time I’d fap to the Pats n Giants QB.
  8. That’s the goal but he needs a little more $$
  9. Miami has to be a first. I’m not a fan of Devante. I feel 2019 was aberration.
  10. At this point, I wanna kee him on the roster and tag him. He can choose to retire but tag him twice if you can and let him rot on the bench. Need to send a strong message that you need to wait for your turn. Can’t start a public war 2.5 years into being in the NFL.
  11. 1. Jets, Bills, Pats, Dolphins 2. Fitzy 3. 7.0-7.2 4. Hoyer 5. AJ 6. Diggs
  12. I heard Geno Smith also went. But he mistakenly used a different time zone, arriving right after the practice ended.
  13. Just wait for a hit that knocks Lamar Jackson out and be prepared to take that hit yourself. It’s bound to happen.
  14. Love it! Can’t wait to see some more!
  15. 5 wins with a healthy team gets him canned for sure. 6-7 wins goes into the grey area. 8 wins is safe.
  16. Get well soon brother. This leach of a disease we’re encountering right now is a real threat but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Right now you might think things can’t get any worse. Trust me, I’ve been there. And I strongly believe that things happen for a good reason. You just don’t know it yet. Few years down the road you’ll realize it. So hang in there and have faith in your God. Keep us updated.
  17. Sure they went on a roll. Jets also went on a roll of their own ending the season 6-2. All that was with many players starting that weren’t even on an NFL roster when the season began. Sam Darnold improves significantly. We can coincide it with a weak schedule but I would like to state a point that even if the schedule was weak, we still beat those teams with a very weak roster. So the QB naturally will get some credit for that. I hate the Bills and I refuse to give them any credit for anything they do. I also hate the Cheaters and Dollfans.
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