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  1. Why pick just playoff games? Monday Night Miracle and Bills against Oilers would be too 10 on any list.
  2. Yeah but we kinda did that with Geno n Hack. Oh wait, we spent 2nds on em. Never mind.
  3. We’ve had him on our roster longer than the Giants. Is that some kind of proof too? We also drafted Geno n Sanchez. And I nearly forgot Hackencrap.
  4. Polite answer would be to wait the hell out until the season starts. That’s a polite answer.
  5. Just wasted 5 minutes of my life trying to figure what the heck this thread is about. I need to see some b**bs now.
  6. Wont notice a drop in production anyways.
  7. Did anyone else get a boner reading this?
  8. Definitely. BM is exactly the type of player I want coaching my team!
  9. Both options are IDGAF option.
  10. Few years ago, it used to be “(Coples is) on the verge (of a breakout season)”
  11. So the Fitz cycle begins. I guess we’ll see Rosen get hurt, Fitz win 6 or the last 10 games to go 8-8 and then get a $15 mil per year contract only to fail tremendously before being cut. Glads it’s with the Fish this time.
  12. I found it pretty funny to be honest.
  13. I voted both were great...at sucking exceptionally!
  14. Can you imagine Mart n Anderson stretching the field just before they go out and stretch some rules and laws? Yeah that’s a circus. Can we get Pac-Man to join as well?

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