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  1. All we've heard is that the Jets really want to trade down for more picks. This has been fairly consistent throughout the draft season. Regardless of how it turns out, I'll give them credit as at least they seem to have a plan of attack. We'll soon see how it unfolds, but I for one have faith. Having lived through 35 years as a Jets fan, I've seen it all. The highly-drafted busts. The all-time players we've passed on. The all-time players we've hit on (Revis, Mangold, etc.) Folks, the draft is never a sure thing. You can miss on high picks, strike gold on low picks...you just never know for sure. But I know 2 things: 1) NFL teams have access to more info than we do. 2) There is no guarantee ANY of these players turn into all-time greats, or even all-pro's. So, if this front office believes that the talent in this draft lends itself to trading down and picking up more lottery tickets, then I have faith it will work out. Last thought...the most successful (and most cheating) franchise in the NFL trades down all the time. Seems to work out pretty well for them.
  2. I'll also say this: I think this next hire is going to be pivotal for the franchise. We finally have a Franchise QB. Jets need to get the right coach in here. Whatever the cost, I think it would be worth it IF Payton were interested. Don't know if he would be or not. But if the Saints win the SB, and Brees rides off into the sunset, he may just want to make the move to work with Darnold. Another fun fact: No Head Coach has ever won the SB with 2 different franchises. Payton could be the first...
  3. Interesting responses... So a few things... 1) This is a serious suggestion / opinion on my part, although most of you took my post as a joke, or treated as if I was a troll. I think that says more about you than it does me or my opinion. 2) Although this is a new account, I've been reading this board for years. I'm a 45 year old guy and been a Jets fan since the age of 7. While I acknowledge my idea was outside the box, the amount of disrespect and trash responses is a bit disappointing. I thought there were be more serious discussion about Payton being a serious option for the Jets, should they decide to give it a shot. 3) Yes, I understand the guy is currently under contract. The Jets would have to pay him a ton of money, and send the Saints compensation. The question is, if Payton were interested, why wouldn't the Jets do whatever it took to acquire his services? The idea is not as crazy as some of you seem to think. In 1996, the Jets "acquired" Bill Parcells from the Patriots - I'd say that worked out pretty well for them. In 2000, the Patriots "acquired" Bill Belichick from the Jets - How'd that work out? So, as I said in my original post, if the Jets are not blown away by any of the current candidates, going after Payton may be an option for them. Sure, you'd have to wait until after the Saints season is over, which very well may be the Super Bowl. However, I will point out that the Colts were forced to wait until after the Super Bowl last year to hire Frank Reich - I think that worked out pretty well for them. Again, this is all prefaced on what they think of the current crop of candidates. If there is someone who blows them away, sure go ahead and make the hire. If not, what does it hurt to make a phone call to Payton's agent, offering a boatload of money to the guy, and seeing if he's interested?
  4. Granted, it is an outside the box idea, but it’s not like this sort of move by a coach hasn’t happened b4. I’m just saying if the Jets brass aren’t thrilled with any of the candidates, and the Johnson’s are willing to spend top of the market money on a head coach, it’s worth a phone call to gauge whether Payton has any interest. If the Jets are willing to make him the highest paid coach in the NFL, while the Saints are not, that may be enough to get Payton to want out. He’s been in NO a long time, along with Drew Brees. With Brees coming to the end of his career, who knows what’s going on inside the mans head. He may be open to a change, especially if he has an opportunity to be the highest paid coach in the NFL. Would anyone dispute he’d be the best guy for the job IF the Jets could get him?
  5. So was Belichicken when he went to the Patriots, so was Gruden when he went to the Bucs, etc, If Payton is interested in the Jets, they can work something out with the Saints. Its not like this sort of deal hasn’t been done before in the NFL.
  6. I think Payton and McVay are at very different points in their respective careers. Think about being in Payton’s shoes right now. You know Brees is at or near the end. Why wouldn’t you be open to an opportunity to be the highest paid coach in the NFL and get to work with a 21 year old phenom like Darnold?
  7. True, but think about it. Drew Brees is approaching the end of his career. Payton may want to make the move, especially if the Jets are willing to make him one of, if not the highest paid coach in the NFL. Would / Could the Saints pay him that well? Just saying, it’s worth a phone call to his agent to see if there is any interest.
  8. If u aren’t thrilled with any of the names currently being discussed, theres one interesting possibility: Sean Payton. Would have to open the vault and throw huge money at him, but it would be worth it.
  9. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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