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  1. The Gooch

    Pats are winning the super bowl

    I HATE THE PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The Gooch

    All this talk of needing a pass rusher...

    I would draft Jonah Williams from Alabama and sign and edge rusher in free agency preferably Dee Ford
  3. The Gooch

    McCagnon had help now

    Bring him in!!!!
  4. I think the Williams hire would makes things look and feel better
  5. The Gooch

    Let's go Jets

    Yea what happened to that great offensive line
  6. The Gooch

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    What about this Dee Ford? What team is he on?
  7. The Gooch

    Top 50 Free Agents 2019

    Like Ray Lucas calls it we need some new fresh fattys up front!!!!!
  8. I have always been just a reader more than a poster I just want to say there are a lot of good posters on here and I love the jets I just hope everything works out with the new coaches and free agency and all that.
  9. The Gooch

    Where Is Gregg?

    I see a lot more discipline on this defense with Williams as DC
  10. The Gooch

    Joe Beningo

    I have scars all over my body for being a Jets fan for over 50 years LOL!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Gooch

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    Read an article that Chris Johnson is Enamored with McCarthy!!!!
  12. How come everyone is assuming Harbaugh is leaving the ravens now after they made the playoffs and lost this game?

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