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  1. 23 minutes ago, AlexVanDyke said:

    What was up with the say this guy walked and moved?  He loooked like an old school caricature or an awkward kind of throw back. Was he always like that on the field? 

    I get that bellicheck and the bots have this image of genius but didn’t Brady abs the pasta performance kind of disprove this? Not sure Jones is the answer here  















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  2. 23 hours ago, Litez said:

    Sup everyone, long time viewer of this site. I know the love/hate for Zach Wilson is pretty real on here. Im definitely 1 of the Jet fans that really wants us to draft him. The most recent Zach Wilson BYUSN interview definitely was a little disappointing though to me and a lot of Jets fans as he seemed more tired and disinterested than usual (especially with any Jets mention). But I did want to point out that there was an interview last week that wasnt posted on BYUs youtube. I think it will make everyone feel much better about Zach and him going to the Jets. This was right after the Darnold trade. I didnt see it until last night and I think anyone that had a bad taste would feel better watching this one.

    He seemed very excited about being drafted here. I wouldnt doubt it if maybe someone from the NFL made them not post it to their YT like they usually do every week because its pretty apparent hes going to be a Jet after watching. Could also be why he acted the way he did in the most recent interview playing down him going to the Jets because maybe someone got in his ear to not make it so obvious.


    EDIT: Ofcourse the Link isnt working now. Searching to see if BYU took it down from their site or not but here is part of the Interview from last week that they posted on BYUs twitter




    Wha Sup!!!!

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  3. Just now, phill1c said:

    I think you take the best player. Or trade down if you can't use him. But the Jets have so many 'needs'. 

    I mean if the Jets drafted a productive CB who was a leader and productive, I'd be very happy. It would beat drafting a talented guy who we can't really use to his potential (Coples comes to mind).


    You look different today phill1c!!!!!!!!!

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  4. On 3/16/2021 at 7:11 PM, TnT said:

    LeBron James is set to become part-owner of the Boston Red Sox.

    The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is joining Fenway Sports Group (FSG) as its newest partner, a source told Michael Silverman of The Boston Globe.

    James will reportedly own an undisclosed amount of shares in FSG and becomes part-owner of other company subsidiaries such as NESN, Roush Fenway Racing, and Fenway Sports Management.


    The 36-year-old is accompanied by longtime business partner and friend Maverick Carter as an FSG partner, reports Silverman.

    The duo will be the first Black partners in the company's history.

    James previously held an approximate 2% share of the Liverpool soccer franchise, which FSG owns.

    In addition to James' partnership, FSG approved a $750-million private investment from RedBird Capital Partners, a source told Silverman. The agreement, which is pending approval from Major League Baseball, would make them FSG's third-largest partner.










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