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  1. Did Don Sutton also pass away? I remember seeing something!
  2. Slater would come along as an OT with him!!!
  3. I feel Sam will be our QB if we don't get Watson!
  4. Were not even coming close to getting Lawrence so how is this possible?
  5. Well you came back just in time for all the drama!!
  6. What about Sermon the RB from OSU??
  7. Trevor is going to be playing for Jacksonville,time to change that avatar!!!!!!
  8. It's like a baseball team without a good pitching staff!
  9. Just being honest, I don't think he's that good that's all!!
  10. I don't think Douglas want's to give up all those draft picks we have for Watson that would suck if he went to Miami and have tp play him twice a year!!!!
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