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  1. Do we? Stafford has already let the Lions know how he feels. Can't say the same for Deshaun just yet
  2. FOH Quinnen is all Saleh's. I'm taking Fields/Wilson before throwing in QW in any trade scenario.
  3. I don't know. I think if they hire Bienemy that might cool things off a bit. But bringing in Josh McCown for a HEAD coaching interview out of left field may be enough to cross the point of no return for him.
  4. Right. And those half wits on their social didn't even put Josh Allen in the picture. Just beyond dumb 🙄
  5. God I hope the Bills get destroyed! No originality and just nut hugs the Jets as usual...
  6. This would be the perfect timing for the Texans to move Deshaun to us. They acquire the #2 from us and instantly deal it to Detroit for #7 and some picks/players. It leaves them in a good spot to land one of the available QB's at 7 and build up their roster. Win..Win..Win for all.
  7. Holy sh*t . We've got actual football guys in the building finally.
  8. What the hell? Media is actually willing and good player to NY?
  9. Ok so Sam it is then 😞..What’s our best trade down scenarios looking like these days?
  10. Eli flexed his status out of the gate on draft day and dictated where he was and wasn't going to play.
  11. Urban Meyer says hi. Bet he's riding the Lawrence train all the way to Jacksonville.

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