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  1. This year, yes...But what if the legal issues ramp up in the offseason and result in severe league punishments? This could go real bad for whoever trades for him.
  2. Funny part is in the same game, TJ Watt showed what 2 firsts,a third and 70 million dollars should net you in return. Clutch plays in clutch moments. Not loudmouth smoke screens.
  3. Oof, that tweet thread is brutal on ole Prez Mal........And I'm here for every bit of it! Let's keep the party going shall we?
  4. The man has come back from 2 ACL tears. Once in college in 2014 and again while on the Bengals in 2018 and has looked dominant each time he returned. This is a tough one to comeback from but I believe he has the ability to do it.
  5. This contract is not bad at all with the production he is giving.....Now , imagine him on the other side of Carl Lawson next year
  6. Nicely done by Joey D! I love it and it shows others if you put the work in and it translates on the field you will be rewarded. You can’t just talk your way into a payday with Joe Douglas. Even more proof he knew Marcus Maye was not worth anything more than a 1 time franchise tag prove it deal.
  7. There's a big difference between doing something in private behind closed doors ,then being caught or outed by someone than literally taking selfies and grabbing ass in public view for all to see. True, he may have even been given the green light by his wife to live his best life for all we know but its not really a good idea to party like its 1999 right after the professional sports team that your responsible for just lost their 4th game in a row with said generational talent at the helm.
  8. Good! It makes them look even dumber for that classless tweet.
  9. I wonder what his Dbag agents witty response on Twitter is going to be to this…
  10. Best takeaway is some haters are gonna have to suck it this week.... https://twitter.com/ErikBurkhardt/status/1443311455747682314?s=20
  11. Yeah but I'm just still salty with all the " Stay in school Trevor " bs that was spewed around this time last year by the talking hacks and now you don't hear a peep. So I'm happy for Zach and hopefully we can continue to build from todays win.
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