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  1. Exactly! I could care less about OTAs,preseason or camps.After the JaMarr Chase rookie camp struggle talk and then seeing him in the Super Bowl the same year the off season struggle talk means nothing.
  2. Good! I'm glad there's no offsets, guarantees ,language bs dragging on into training camp with our 1st overall pick his year. Maybe this thing is getting turned around finally. I said Maybe.
  3. Oh please don't my favorite moment...
  4. Tannehill the big shot now . Whats there for him to mentor? Don’t ever play for Adam Gase?
  5. The discussion is a PFF staffer says “Jets had a below average draft “. Many other PFF people say the Jets had a great draft, Including one who said we have 2 of the top projected fantasy players. Thats the relevance to this discussion. I never brought up wins and losses based on any of the PFF takes so I don’t know why you did.
  6. Meanwhile also PFF....So what's it gonna be? We drafted poorly or we have 2 top weapons in fantasy this year??
  7. Honestly, if we do suck again this year I'm looking right at Zach and Saleh. Joe Douglas has drastically improved on his GM skills since he got here and now its time for the Head Coach and QB to do the same. I want to see their equivalent of getting a Draft pick for Blake Cashman on the field.
  8. I honestly believe with this roster we can compete this year with anybody.............As long as we stay HEALTHY!
  9. Did the Cook pick later on simmer you guys down? I know I was doing plenty of this when we didn't get JJ at pick 10 but at pick 26 I was much calmer
  10. This feels all too familiar but its hilarious....
  11. Starts tweet off with “ It will make people mad but “ is exactly why pff clowns are my most blocked and muted on Twitter.
  12. Dam!! No.85 the tight end at 0:50 mark! This video is giving me John "The Terminator" Conner vibes.
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