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  1. wtf bro i only take in two thread about him. Like so to talk here you must love mcCarthy
  2. really funny just because i don't like mike mccarty as a head coach you make fun of me
  3. I hope you right.We don’t need a safe choice. Look what young Matt Nagy and Doug Peterson And look what the colts did they hire young oc that were smart And creative. If we hire McCarthy we getting a play caller who schemes are outdated and not creative enough for today’s NFL
  4. So if your a new member you have to agree with the old member line of thinking??
  5. Yes i Did and he right coach for what the nfl is going to be in next 10 years and he had great college offence
  6. Have you watch Green Bay in the last three years?? He not that good
  7. stop make excuses for him. Mike mcCarthy is todd bowles all over again

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