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    Arians to Buccaneers: official.

    This is what I'm interested in, can Bowles recreate that vaunted defense he had with Arizona that got him the job in NY? He's certainly got his work cut out for him, that defense doesn't have a lot of talent and it looks like Gerald McCoy is not the player he once was.
  2. I would only unload him if I was getting a first or early second in return. It would be nice to deal him and replace him with Grady Jarrett who is able to generate more pressure on the QB than Williams, although he certainly won't come cheap.
  3. FO-Ti

    Kris Richards out of left field?

    Wouldn't hate it. If he can bring in a strong support system around Darnold then it could be a solid move but would definitely still prefer a guy on offense. You would hope he could light a fire under Tru, but he might be a lost cause at this point.
  4. FO-Ti

    Arians to Buccaneers: official.

    Not sure how much he will be able to get out of Winston but they have some nice pieces on offense already in place so this could work out.
  5. You are confusing Manziel for Mayfield. Kingsbury was both the QB coach and offensive coordinator for Johnny Manziel his first season at Texas A&M, which happened to be the year he won his Heisman. Look at what KK did his only season at Texas A&M, the team won 11 games including a win over #1 Alabama and Oklahoma in the Cotton bowl. The team did decent the next year, although not as good as with KK's offense, and they haven't been anywhere close since leading to the firing of Kevin Sumlin last year. Hard to say he wasn't a huge part of there success as well as the great couple of years he had with Sumlin at Houston. This guy had a pretty legit resume before ever taking the job at Texas Tech. I already said I didn't think he should get that much credit for much of anything to do with Mayfield, his best play was under coach Riley at OU but you conveniently ignore the fact that Kingsbury was the only major FBS school to offer Mayfield a chance to win the starting job outright. No other schools deemed him even good enough to even give him the opportunity to walk on, including his favorite school Texas as well as Oklahoma. Kingsbury gave him the starting job over Webb initially, then Mayfield lost it to injury, and the rest is history. The mistake KK made in hindsight by sticking with Webb is easy to overlook in my eyes considering no one was even willing to get Mayfield into there building in the first place. He doesn't get a chance to go to OU as a walk on without his brief audition at Texas Tech and anything to the contrary is nothing more than speculation on your part. You bring up how unpolished Mahomes was but continue to ignore the success he had at Texas Tech where he was the Big 12 passing leader for two straight seasons. The guy goes to the school as a 3 star QB and leaves as a top 10 pick and some how you think that KK didn't do enough for him? I love Andy Reid and the term "QB whisperer" term gets thrown around too often but he's one guy who earns that title, but even he isn't good enough to turn an absolute project into one of the top 3 seasons in NFL history in just one year. The fact remains that you and I both don't know how Mahomes would have performed as a rookie last year so we can never say how raw or not he really was. I've already said too much again but can't let that last bit go. Tell me this isn't YOUR post that YOU wrote. Did I include a bit of hyperbole in my "So because he didn’t turn Davis Webb the great 87th overall pick into a pro bowler his first 2 years in the league the guy doesn’t know offense or how to develop QBs now?", sure... that hardly distracts from the salient point unless you want to conveniently ignore what I originally wrote which seems to be your option right now. You maintain that Webb's lack of NFL success is a sign of KK's inability to properly develop him. I maintain the fact that you can't prove that Webb was ever deserving to be a 3rd round QB to begin with prior to working with KK. Whatever, he's in Arizona now so you won't have to worry about him, but still find it odd you try such lengths to discredit a coach who you admittedly don't and haven't followed all that closely but to each his own.
  6. FO-Ti

    The decision that defines McCarthy

    While I agree with your overall premise you might just be the only person I have ever heard praise McCarthy for his clock management and play calling abilities. I'm close friends with a lifelong Packers fan and he has complained about horrific game management by McCarthy pretty much since day one when he got the job. At first I thought I was just talking with an overly critical fan but as someone who has watched a lot of Packers over the years, I've learned he was right on the money all those years ago. These I found are from years ago but do a good job of highlighting some of the gripes about him throughout the years. http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/108869020/green-bay-packers-mike-mccarthy-giving-up-play-calling-duties https://totalpackers.com/2010/12/whats-with-mike-mccarthy-and-clock-management/ I get that Jets fans are desperate for a guy to change the fortunes of the franchise, I would just caution anyone who expects that savior to be Mike McCarthy. He's a decent enough coach and he may end up doing a good job developing Darnold, but he has some major flaws that have been disguised behind a HOF QB and a talented roster.
  7. I know you admit you don’t watch college ball, but why not just leave it at that, why create some fabricated narrative of his college tenure to make him seem a lot worse than he really is? Let me start by saying I’m not completely sold on Kingsbury as head coach of this team right now, but his offensive acumen shouldn’t really be coming into question, especially not for some of the reasons you’re citing. For starters, Mahomes certainly was considered a prospect that needed some further seasoning after he was drafted, with many advising he needed some development time, but to exaggerate that to claim that he needed to “relearn the position” is ridiculous and unsupported. Why you chose to omit anything relating to the topic of Alex Smith is rather questionable, don’t you think he might have been a major factor with this wait period that you’re using as an indictment on Kliff’s coaching abilities? You do realize that this isn’t just Mahomes playing in your ordinary Andy Reid offense? The Chiefs playbook had to be almost completely overhauled when the team switched from Smith to Mahomes and included in the new playbook were some plays from…you guessed it Texas Tech and that horrible offense that didn’t adequately prepare Mahomes for the NFL game. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2018/07/19/poll-will-changes-to-the-playbook-help-or-hurt-the-chiefs-offense-in-2018/ https://thedraftnetwork.com/2018/09/18/patrick-mahomes-and-andy-reid-should-be-illegal/ Andy Reid certainly has done a phenomenal job with Mahomes, credit to him for seeing such an obvious talent and being able to get the most of out of him but this was no miracle coaching job. Andy Reid is successful with Mahomes because he is no dummy, he’s been on record as saying that the college offense is at least 5 years ahead of the pros so why wouldn’t he take a guy who had tons of success running that same offense and borrow heavily from it? Watch any game from the Chiefs this year and you can instantly tell they have a strong influence of Mike Leach’s air raid offense, the same one installed at Tech by Kingsbury. As for Baker, I can’t really argue if you don’t want to give Kliff credit for Baker’s success post Texas Tech, he was only there for a short period of time so that makes sense. I will however give Kliff the credit for discovering Baker in the first place. Baker couldn’t get a scholarship to play at any other major program and was able to be the first true freshman walk on to start a season at QB so he definitely played the best guy regardless of circumstance prior to him getting injured. Brining up David Webb is beyond ridiculous that it’s almost hard to tell if you’re still being serious here. So because he didn’t turn Davis Webb the great 87th overall pick into a pro bowler his first 2 years in the league the guy doesn’t know offense or how to develop QBs now? Seems like a completely rational argument. Why not change the narrative to give credit to the fact that Kingsbury is able to turn QBs like Webb into good enough players to get drafted in the 3rd round to begin with, when we have no indication that Webb, a low 3 star recruit in HS (0.867 rating on 247 which usually projects to be about a future 7th rounder AT BEST), had any business EVER getting drafted that high to begin with. Add in the fact that he was QB coach at Houston for Case Keenum while he was becoming the NCAA all time passing leader and also worked with Manziel his freshman year at A&M and it’s hard to deny that this guy has a knack for being around talented QBs. His lack of success at Texas Tech isn't anything to just sweep under the rug, the record is what it is, but it’s hardly the single piece of damning evidence to prove that he can’t be an NFL head coach. I understand why he took the Tech job, it being his alma mater and all but anyone who pays attention to the college football landscape knows how crazy difficult it is to win consistently at Texas Tech. In the entire history of that program only one man, arguably the greatest offensive mind in all of football over the last decade, has ever been able to bring sustained success to that program. Not easy to win when you’re arguably the 5th or 6th most relevant school in your own state in any given season. His knowledge of defense is a concern but a good DC hire would negate that. My biggest concern with Kliff is almost just that, can he put an adequate staff together that can help hide some of his other shortcoming as a head coach so that he can just focus primarily on developing Darnold and building a great offense. If Arizona ends up with him, I'm completely fine with that, but there is good reason why this guy has gotten a lot of publicity as an offensive innovator, besides just his similar cheek bone structure to Sean McVay.
  8. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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