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  1. If there was anything Gase has done right this season, it was getting this bum off the team the moment he gained control over the roster, what a wasted pick he was.
  2. Well, so much for being cheap. Nice to see CJ understands the importance of spending money to improve the team.
  3. Douglas and Kelly have worked together with Chicago in 2015 during Joe's only season with the Bears. Kelly would be a great addition to the Jets front office as would Savage. One of the best aspects to this hire is the great respect that Douglas seems to hold around the league, he has a lot of connections with highly regarded scouts and personnel within the league and should be able to build a competent group of talent evaluators, something that this team has desperately lacked.
  4. I'd go with George Sauer, had quite a short career but he's definitely one of the best weapons the Jets have ever had.
  5. Although still a damned good player, Peterson has been pretty overrated throughout his career. He's never been the best corner in the league at any point in time and I'd go as far as to say he's barely ever cracked the top 5 for a single season at CB. He's definitely started playing up to his reputation in the last few years, but earlier in his career his play never matched the massive hype he had coming into the league as a top HS recruit with an extremely impressive stint at LSU. Revis had a relatively short peak, but at his best was just about as dominant at CB as you can possibly be
  6. I think the Jets overpaid a bit here but the team can afford to overpay on the front end while they still have a ton of cap space to play around with, better than saving that money and not taking advantage of Sam's rookie contract.
  7. This guy contradicts himself every day it seems. Before FA started he said that the Jets would be foolish to not want to pair Le'Veon with Sam, then a couple days ago he has a segment with all the worst recent franchises in the NFL (Jets included) and how they were overspending on players which wasn't a good strategy for long term success while somehow praising the Packers large spending, seemingly for the sole reason that they haven't been a bottom feeder team recently, as if that has anything to do with how successful their signings will be. Now he loves the deal? The dude is all about
  8. Bell was smart to delete that tweet about 60 million not being enough to come to NY, twitter wouldn't be letting him live that one down right now.
  9. For sure, but he still could have dragged his feet and made us wait until tomorrow or later in hopes of getting another team to jump in. 12 noon tomorrow can't come soon enough, get this deal in ink ASAP.
  10. Didn't really want to pay a RB top money but he's getting a lot less than I thought and you might as well go all in while Darnold is on a rookie deal, not like there are much better allocations of our cap space. Finally a legit weapon on offense!! Mac's firm deadline seems to have worked out for us.
  11. Wanted him in the Jets FO ever since he was the head of scouting for Ted Thompson in Green Bay, definitely one of the best execs in the business.
  12. I know he was at odds with Big Ben, but I just can't imagine him loving Josh Allen overthrowing him the ball every other pass attempt.
  13. Trey Flowers is going to get a HUGE contract with most of the premier edge rushers already off the market before FA begins. Not sure he will get the 20m per season that the elite pass rushers are starting to command but he should come somewhat close to approaching that type of figure. It's a risk since he's not really dominant at getting to the QB, at least not yet, but he's pretty much elite at everything else you can ask of a 3-4 OLB and it's pretty rare for players of his caliber to hit FA at such a young age coming off their rookie contract.
  14. I agree he's no where near Baker's level of being able to read defenses and make a quick decision with pressure in his face. He can tend to lock onto his initial read at times, although that's a problem with a lot of young QBs, but I think he's good enough at scanning the pocket that his elite athleticism will allow him to hide some of his flaws that a lesser athlete wouldn't be able to mitigate since you have to constantly account for his ability to escape the pocket. The biggest problem with Kyler is if god forbid he suffers an injury to one of his legs, ala RG3 or Carson Wentz, I think
  15. I never referenced any specific height in my post and Kyler isn't sub 5'10 so who are you talking about exactly?
  16. Without getting into a CFB discussion, I'll admit the Big 12 is known for not playing defense but no conference outside the Big 10 and SEC put out consistently great units on that side of the ball. Iowa State, TCU, and K-State are pretty decent and believe it or not but Army has had a real solid defense the past couple of years. He struggled at times against Alabama but it certainly wasn't a bad game by him and still managed to put up 400 yards with 3 TDs with his best weapon in Brown at less than 100%. I don't think the difference between 5'10 and 6'0 for mobile QBs is anywhere near as e
  17. Not good for who? Tom Brady? Peyton Manning? Sure I'd agree there but the guy has arguably more mobility than Michael Vick who was 6'0 and is a much more complete passer, comparing him to other traditional drop back passers is silly. With the NFL adopting more spread offenses with the QB getting the ball from the shotgun 90+% of the time I would be willing to wager that we will see much more QBs of this prototype in the near future.
  18. Lol where are all the height skeptics now? He's a half an inch shorter than Russell Wilson, I don't think his size will be much of an issue. I wouldn't feel too good about my future in Arizona if I'm Rosen right about now.
  19. Yeah, nothing more scientific then judging height by a picture lol but since you bring it up lets look at a much more accurate angle that doesn't show him clearly behind both players. Not sure about you but certainly doesn't look like a half a foot of difference in height between Tua and Kyler to me. Here's Kyler and Doug Flutie who was listed as 5'10 during his playing days although I will admit he's probably closer to 5'9. Regardless, not sure why so many are trying to speculate his height as being shorter than listed when we will get the exact measurement a
  20. We will get the final answer at the combine but if he doesn't end up being a good QB it's not going to be due to his height. I would be more worried about his weight if anything, there aren't many sub 200 pound QBs in the league so he will need to add at least 10-15 pounds to his frame if he wants to stay on the field.
  21. Metcalf will be a third generation NFL player once he makes it into the league, his physique and athleticism should be pretty freaky. Will be interesting to see how he performs at the combine but he should post a 4.45-4.50 40 which is plenty good for a guy his size.
  22. Damn, Kareem Hunt/Nick Chubb/Duke Johnson is as good of a backfield as there is in the NFL. Browns might take home the division title for the first time since I've been alive.
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