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  1. The rumor i just made up is: this is all part of a deal for Peyton to be the new face of Johnson & Johnson so there’s that
  2. J_Smith

    Monken crushed the interview

    But on a serious note, Gase doesn’t need a big-time OC because he’s calling the plays and it’s his offense . Rhule doesn’t call any plays so he would need a very strong OC like monken
  3. J_Smith

    Monken crushed the interview

    Could’ve had Ryan gosling, but went with Patton oswalt
  4. I too, watch a lot of NFL. Slide in my DM Mac, I’m ready to go. Also, I’ll only be considering the Jets
  5. J_Smith

    Just hire McCarthy already

    Brilliant play from McCarthy’s camp. Now we have to write the big check because we’re all expecting McCarthy now. Can’t have that leak and announce Adam Gase tomorrow
  6. J_Smith

    Just hire McCarthy already

    Sent the schefter tweet to a buddy of mine (non jets fan), his only response was “he wants Darnold.” I agree, McCarthy knows what good quarterbacks look like. He’s not going to hitch his wagon to a qb that’s questionable. He thinks Darnold is the best and only opportunity worth taking. Let’s get it done
  7. J_Smith

    Just hire McCarthy already

    Hire McCarthy, draft at least one offensive lineman in the first 3 rounds for the foreseeable future, find plug and play veteran skill players, and we’ll have a consistent winner
  8. The longer this takes, the more i think it’s McCarthy or Rhule. McCarthy because I’m sure it’s a strenuous negotiation. Or Rhule because of the logistics with his buyout and Baylor. If it were Gase it would probably be announced quickly, he doesn’t seem to have any leverage in a negotiation. or I’m completely wrong, who knows? All i know is, the anticipation and amount of time I’ve spent on Twitter recently are unhealthy
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