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  1. So is McShay coming? Will he be wearing that shirt? So many questions
  2. I can honestly say I’ve been following joe Douglas’s career for about 3 weeks now, and i couldn’t be more excited.
  3. Love the idea, let them all get to know each other and let loose in an informal environment. Also, seems like a very anti-Gase or Williams move. Wouldn’t expect this from them. everyone crapping on this needs to relax. If Sean Mcvay took his team to top golf we would all call it genius or innovative
  4. This is crazy. I really don’t think Peyton has the experience to find the top notch defensive tackles in the 1st round. Also, what kind of connections does he have in the college rank? While other teams are scouting o-line at bama, is he willing to go scout running backs at Virginia state? Can he get into hospitals to scout linebackers from Minnesota or corners from Rutgers?
  5. He’s not even a real man, just Manish
  6. There’s a new sheriff in town! Everyone enjoy the show. I hope he goes on a trade rampage
  7. Just show him the contracts being handed out to even average tackles. If that doesn’t motivate him to work his ass off, nothing will
  8. I wonder who will be wearing it next year
  9. seems like overkill, no? We already have an older DT on the roster, his name is Nathan Shepherd
  10. Absolutely mesmerizing to watch a 24 year old man play above average, against D2 competition, roughly 3-4 years younger than him.
  11. MM is under no such impression. I have it on good authority that he’s already grinding away, watching nonstop film on 2020’s crop of defensive tackles
  12. Nathan Shepherd a gamble you say? Preposterous! Easily the greatest player to ever come out of fort hays state.
  13. Is it inexpensive to retire there? Just concerned for his mom

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