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  1. We got the worst assistant coaches of fraud Shanahan. Still don’t understand why he’s considered to be so great. Take out the miracle season and he’s 6-10, 4-12, 6-10, now 2-4.
  2. Instead of having direct tv, you can separately purchase Sunday ticket depending on your address. That’s what I do
  3. I thought Love looked pretty good outside of the int
  4. To me he’s Colin kapernick. Big, fast, only throws 100 mph. They can win with that though
  5. I’ve loved the offensive play calling so far. Such a better scheme than what we’ve had
  6. I can’t believe we are getting beat up by a super bowl favorite. Unacceptable
  7. Exactly, people need to stop freaking out that our youngsters are getting blasted by a super bowl favorite
  8. This is a good reality check after flying high vs NYG. This team went back to back nfc championship games and is littered with talent. They should smoke us
  9. Sounds like he’s just building that database of what works in the NFL and what doesn’t. Excited to see how he looks vs NYG
  10. Great answer and mindset. Really hope he works out
  11. https://twitter.com/JFowlerESPN/status/1424510338918084615?s=20 Should Jets be interested if price tag is a 2nd rounder?
  12. FWIW trey lance looked like crap in the 49ers scrimmage at Levy. Believe it or not, all rookie qbs struggle in their first couple weeks
  13. This is the best I’ve felt after an offseason in quite some time. Finally looked like coaches and FO were in sync and actually had a plan
  14. I’m with you. Finally purchased Sunday Ticket (I live in FL) because the team feels exciting to watch
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