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  1. J_Smith

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Blocking TE/ST?
  2. J_Smith

    Easton to Saints

    I think we’ve taken some monumental steps to improve the team so far. There will still be more cuts from other teams with cap issues. I also believe we’re waiting on some players to drop their prices. Plus we have the draft. I’m not going to be too worried unless we roll into camp without at least upgrading one more o line spot and the defense. figured I’d get my optimism quota out of the way early this week
  3. J_Smith

    Bell Reality Check

    The Bangkok Post, for all of your Pittsburgh football needs
  4. J_Smith

    A J Green

    I can’t tell if this is a solid effort of trolling or not
  5. Agreed. Or i would be happy with trading down and grabbing a top TE and center. I know a lot of people want to look at the wr prospects, but none of them give me that WR1 vibe. Next year’s skill position class, especially WR, is the one to target. Jeudy, Collin Johnson, tee Higgins, those are wr1 potential guys
  6. J_Smith

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    If you look at career stats, Tannehill and mariota are the same QB. I think fans will be calling for Tannehill if they get off to a slow start
  7. J_Smith

    Golden Tate to Giants

    It’s like every day they change their mind. Rebuild? One last push for Eli? mara and gettleman are definitely not on the same page
  8. J_Smith

    A.J. Green

    We need to start signing some more fill in players. Hopefully then, we can stop coming up with dream trades that will never happen
  9. J_Smith

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    If frank gore can last into his 30s playing the “run into a brick wall” style, lev can make it too. His running style helps him avoid taking big punishment.
  10. J_Smith

    The Giants rebuild

    I think it has been made pretty clear there was a mandate from the Mara family to build around Eli for one more run. Drafting a qb at #2 over an incredibly talented rb goes against that mandate
  11. J_Smith

    It's Been a Good Day But...

    I think a lot of teams are waiting on asking prices to go down. Also I’m curious to see who else gets cut or put on the block
  12. Depends when his mixtape drops
  13. J_Smith

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    While i don’t think we really need berry, i hope to god Bell is going to be an active recruiter for the jets in the offseasons. Big names attract other big names
  14. Even if it’s purely a depth signing, do it. Probably will come pretty cheap at 33 and off an injury

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