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  1. I think we finally saw what Gase wants to do. a couple of back shoulder passes to Robby opened the door for the double move 92 yard td. sam did a great job moving up in the pocket with his eyes down the field. Hit enough 10-15 yard throws. That allows the wr screen plays to be successful
  2. I’d rather have them pick any song Le’veon has produced. Or nails on a chalkboard maybe
  3. “NESN article states facts about Jets”
  4. Just posted about this in the Polite thread. Allen is an absolute game wrecker. He does it all
  5. Meanwhile I’m watching josh Allen absolutely demolish miami’s Starters tonight. Run defense, coverage, pass rush. Would be nice to have a game wrecker, hurts when you pass on one
  6. That seems to be the plan. I just hope our new kicker will have enough time to learn the playbook
  7. Jay Cutler edit: i know it says great players, i think cutler had some of the best raw qb talent in his generation. Could’ve been great
  8. So is McShay coming? Will he be wearing that shirt? So many questions
  9. I can honestly say I’ve been following joe Douglas’s career for about 3 weeks now, and i couldn’t be more excited.
  10. Love the idea, let them all get to know each other and let loose in an informal environment. Also, seems like a very anti-Gase or Williams move. Wouldn’t expect this from them. everyone crapping on this needs to relax. If Sean Mcvay took his team to top golf we would all call it genius or innovative
  11. This is crazy. I really don’t think Peyton has the experience to find the top notch defensive tackles in the 1st round. Also, what kind of connections does he have in the college rank? While other teams are scouting o-line at bama, is he willing to go scout running backs at Virginia state? Can he get into hospitals to scout linebackers from Minnesota or corners from Rutgers?
  12. He’s not even a real man, just Manish
  13. There’s a new sheriff in town! Everyone enjoy the show. I hope he goes on a trade rampage
  14. Just show him the contracts being handed out to even average tackles. If that doesn’t motivate him to work his ass off, nothing will

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