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  1. I’ve heard teams target players from Ole Miss, LSU, etc because they land top high school talent but don’t max them out. Still a lot of meat on the bone in regards to development.
  2. That would be such a great matchup. Not just the QBs, but then you get Urban vs Saleh in their debuts. Would love that
  3. I think it’s important to remember, the more we fight about it, the better the chance we have of him picking the number we want
  4. It’s going to come down to the pass rush. If QW and Rankins can stay healthy and get a good push on the interior, Lawson and JFM should be able to clean up and have nice sack numbers.
  5. At the same time though, if the union is going to direct players not to work out at team facilities, they have to be prepared for these scenarios. Not saying it’s right or wrong, i understand the covid concern. But now we have readily available vaccines, and have over a year’s worth of data on the virus. If I were in their shoes, I’d be more comfortable working out at a team facility because of the access to top medical staffs. I work for a medical clinic, and I feel incredibly comfortable at work everyday because Dr’s are running the show and making sure all preventive measures a
  6. Off the top of my head, Sam Mustipher?
  7. Sold, definitely watching
  8. I don’t know how many wins to expect, but watching the draft and seeing a clear vision for how we’re trying to build the roster was exciting. Seems like there’s finally synergy between coaching staff and front office. much different than last year’s draft. After round 2, our picks seemed disjointed
  9. It was fun to watch a draft and realize there was a clear plan for each half. much better than Joe’s first draft, seemed evident he was a lot more comfortable this weekend compared to last year
  10. So everyone saying we need DB’s, but now we’re upset we drafted one?
  11. Cleveland having a strong draft grabbing newsome and JOK
  12. I’ll take the receiver that dominated the SEC and his workouts
  13. Use a 4th and a pick next year to move into round 3... edit*** we came in with 22 picks between this year and next year. I highly doubt the plan is to take 22 players.... package picks and move up to get the guys we identify as difference makers
  14. I really hate the idea of trading down. Loved moving up for the top guard. Take BPA at 34 and leave the draft with 3 instant starters with first round grades. Rounds 4-6 are good for depth and fliers. If we leave the off-season with Lawson, Davis, Wilson, AVT, and (JOK, Moore, Humphrey, Jenkins), plus the later round guys? Huge success. Upgraded 20% of our starting positions and have massive draft capital next year too
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