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  1. I think you’re right. This follows the player empowerment movement that’s constant in the nba. Need a big star to get it rolling in the nfl. I’m all for it because as a knicks fan, I’ve only been on the losing end lol
  2. For about 8 million less we can get a Jimmy G type talent and spend the remainder a serviceable corner. I’ll take the superstar qb
  3. I feel like this eliminates Brady as a serious contender. Pretty short resumé
  4. Agree about jeff Wilson and one of their backup qbs. Very excited to see year 3 QW back in his natural position as 4-3 DT
  5. If i have them all rated about the same, i take what’s in front of me. Don’t want to risk being the last one looking for a dance partner
  6. Oddly enough i think it’s encouraging that CJ wasn’t involved last night. Let JD run the show, have the owner come in the morning to write the check. Not sure if that’s how it was done last go around
  7. Agreed, I’ve been waiting on the tweet about completing his 2nd interview. If he’s still there I’m assuming they’re working out contract
  8. If he’s rolling out an offense that can give us a lead or keep us in games, people will listen
  9. Brady is the only day 3 pick you mentioned..
  10. I’d rather use a #2 pick we earned by being terrible rather than use a ton of draft capital to trade up and take a chance
  11. I want us to draft where we are slotted, not have to trade up
  12. Sure, make the one in a million Brady argument, let’s only draft qbs on day 3 The qbs listed, maybe other than Russ, are from another era. The draft has changed. No one lets the 2nd best qb in a draft fall to the 20s (Rodgers). Keep in mind there didn’t used to be a rookie wage scale and it made sense to wait for a qb unless you wanted to invest 70mil guaranteed.
  13. ...if you believe we should run it back with Darnold. Dynamic talent all over the offense (Montgomery, Robinson, Mooney, kmet) and a very strong defense. But their qb isn’t good enough to win meaningful games and now they’re screwed. good luck getting a qb as the last piece of the puzzle when you’re drafting early 20s

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