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  1. Bryce Huff made the team? I was excited about him as UDFA, but didn’t hear anything during camp. Must’ve shown something that our ace beat reporters didn’t see
  2. He literally replaced the entire offensive line and rebuilt the secondary in one offseason while creating massive cap flexibility.... Were we expecting a SB roster in one offseason? I feel like he’s waiting on camp casualties to add the final pieces for this season at wr/rb/edge
  3. You must have missed the news, we got DJ Montgomery
  4. He reminds me a lot of Samuel L Jackson in Remember The Titans
  5. Yep, and he’ll probably get a job with a major network for CFB or NFL. I doubt he’ll actually see any real snaps, maybe a victory formation, then hang it up
  6. I think JD got the wr he wanted. With the amount of wr drafted this year, plus the cap being a question mark, i think it’s realistic to expect that multiple starting-caliber wr will get cut in camp. we’re positioned well to wait for some cuts
  7. I think his job now nets him lucrative pay and a much less stressful life. Don’t know if that’s why he hasn’t ventured back into coaching/front office, but seems plausible
  8. I think he’s at a point in his career due to age and injuries, that he’s willing to accept a mentor role. He’s made about $150m and won a super bowl, hell of a career. Come make some extra pocket change and impart some wisdom on the youngsters.
  9. Not much of a frothy guy, i prefer logical discussion
  10. They also got rid of (white, Jewish 1st round pick) Josh Rosen, and hired an air raid coach to pair with an air raid (and black) QB... what’s your point?
  11. Maybe we should also incentivize signing white players then? Just so that everything is fair? i think this is dumb. It’s 2020, hire the best person regardless of skin color.
  12. I think if a decent vet becomes a cap casualty we’ll consider it. Also think Cager and Campbell will have every opportunity to make the team. i know this isn’t exactly on thread topic but I truly believe the upgrades across the o line that give Sam time, make the current wr group so much better. A run game will make the wr group better. Add in a healthy Herndon combined with Griffin, we’ll be ok. A lot of size, speed, and youth.
  13. I actually see Huff being the closest comparison to a Dee Ford

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