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  1. He mentions during the full episode that he’s including projections on their improvement. This one was a good listen, Hurts, Lawrence, fields, Wilson, DJ
  2. They juiced the over immediately following the draft. Indicates Vegas believes we go 6+. I expect the number will jump to 6.5 if we make it out of training camp without major injuries
  3. 5. Saleh’s brother worked at the WTC and barely made it out. I doubt we get the first SNF game, but the storylines do add up
  4. I actually like him. He went from jets hater to jets fan. It’s been cool watching the front office/team win him over.
  5. I really do think Knapp was going to have a major role, so they didn’t prioritize veteran qb
  6. Zach called him dad in a tweet when he re-signed, they must have somewhat of a relationship. But sure, I haven’t physically seen him mentor zach…
  7. He’s the 3rd string qb, a veteran willing to teach, a super bowl winner, and dirt cheap…
  8. Seeing your peers that play the same position, now commanding $100m deals, should be quite the reality check
  9. This was very thoughtful and inspiring. I eagerly await Rich’s response
  10. Agreed. Coaching staff needs to take a leap the same way ZW does. I do have hope, because we’ve watched JD get better on the job over the last 3 years. Completely lost in first draft. Calculated and had a clear gameplan in 2nd draft. In draft 3 he maneuvered like a top 5 gm to get instant impact players
  11. I love that Ruckert gets to develop behind CJ and Tyler. Takes a lot of pressure off of him
  12. obviously nowhere near Buffalo I think we have a roster that’s as competitive as New England but shy of Miami’s. I hate how cliche it is, but it really does come down to which of the 3 qbs develops the most
  13. I think just like JD looked lost in his first draft, Saleh looked lost in his first season. Hopefully Bob learns from his mistakes like JD did
  14. I love that we made our 2 picks, then had the presser and bounced. JD had a plan, wanted specific impact players, got them and left. That’s much more fun to watch then a bunch of trade backs for late round fliers. They took care of business this weekend
  15. I actually prefer we stay put or trade up. Same style as last year, try to exit the draft with 4 day 1 starters. If we hit on a late rounder, that’s a bonus
  16. I believe we have the right to waive the physical
  17. Haven’t seen any news on this. But i guess since Carr just signed another extension, and they traded for his best friend, he would be secure enough to not feel pressure from backup?
  18. He has been teammates with Deebo and DK right? All of this is killing me
  19. Wouldn’t we end up with the rights to whoever they chose at 10? And if that’s the case, I’m pretty ok with trusting their scouting department lol
  20. Agreed, accurately laid out a timeline a week before news broke
  21. Maybe this whole thing wasn’t about getting Deebo Samuel, it was about the friends we made along the way
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