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  1. I have a brother in law who’s a big Niners fan. He’s nervous that SF might draft Jones. It would be a terrible reach. While he prefers Wilson, he would be happy with Fields instead.
  2. Wilson may very well end up being the better QB. What concerns me is will he be able to hold up in the NFL with his lean frame. Yes I prefer Fields, but I’ll be OK if we take Wilson but we better go OL at #23 if that’s the case.
  3. Here’s a scenario to start draft night off with a bang. Swap 1st round picks with the Niners for pick #43. Take Fields with pick 3. Trade back up into the top 20 with picks #34 & #43. We have our FQB with four 1st rounders the next two years.
  4. If he doesn’t trade up, JD must take a OL with pick 23. Build the line and protect your young QB.
  5. I’d be surprised if Slater falls to 23. If he slips far enough however, I can certainly see us trading up to draft him.
  6. I wanted Sam out of here since the off season and I like what JD got back in the trade, but it’s bittersweet. Three years ago when we drafted Darnold I had visions he would be our franchise QB for 15 years with a couple of championships thrown in for good measure. It was not meant to be. Part of the problem was changing the offensive scheme every few years and the numerous injuries, but we have to face the fact is that we ruined him with a lack of talent around him. Heck Patrick Mahomes would of flopped here to if put into the same circumstances. What a shame. I wish him well in Carolina. Movi
  7. The Patriots would make that trade just for spite. That organization is so smug they wouldn’t give two shi*s what everyone else thinks.
  8. You’re probably right but you and I know who will...
  9. Yep you got me. I was pissed off for a minute there.
  10. If JD gets wowed by Fields today I would tell Lynch if he wants to move up to 2 offer Bosa and a 2nd rounder. He might just bite.
  11. I would say it’s likely that the Jets will draft Wilson, but by no means definitive. With each passing day that Darnold is still on the roster you can’t help to think that it might be some lavish smokescreen to entice Carolina in giving up the farm to us. While I’m in the trade Sam camp, a massive haul is enticing and would accelerate the Jets rebuilding process.
  12. Agreed. JD must wait until the first pick is selected.
  13. My first preference after we lost out on TL is Fields, but I have to admit Wilson is starting to grow on me. Maybe I’m just buying into all of the hype I don’t know, but this kid has got some moxie along with a strong and accurate arm. Whichever QB the Jets take Wilson/Fields I’ll rally around, but if they stick with Sam I’ll be pissed off.
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