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  1. This whole thing is so bizarre. How the heck do 4 accusers make a sworn statement to the police, then recants the story after meeting up with the defense attorney. C'mon you think I was born yesterday? This has shut up and get paid off written all over it.
  2. Looking back at the Jets draft, I would have traded both 3rd rounders up to the end of the 1st round/ start of the 2nd and drafted Pittman, followed by drafting Mims at pick 48.
  3. Jets need to sign him before the Patriots do. He would be a solid backup for us no doubt.
  4. Jets are in a no win situation. Adams thinks he's worth in the vicinity of 18-20 million per year. For arguments sake let's say JD locks him up at 6yrs/ 110M. JD would be crushed by everyone for overpaying for a safety. On the other hand if JD tries to lower Jamal's demands his twitter account will explode. I can then envision a situation where he holds out and eventually demands a trade if contract talks stall. If we trade him, everyone but their mother will be bitching about getting rid of a hall of fame talent. Bottomline, I just don't see a good ending here. Choose your poison wisely JD.

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