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  1. This. I'll gladly take the blowout and still have a smile on my face at work tomorrow with Brady ending up on IR with a blown out knee.
  2. Just think Joe Beningo was optimistic for a Jets win. He should be a delight tomorrow morning.
  3. I'm having a helluva last 48 hours. First the Yankees get eliminated, and now this crap? Who the hell did I piss off?
  4. No problem. The Giants and danny dimes will save the day when they knock off the cheaters when they play them. 🤯
  5. Buffalo holds again. They got one last shot.
  6. The refs over the years have always favored the Patriots. Its got to the point where you can only laugh.
  7. Josh Allen with another INT. That's his 3rd of the day.
  8. It sucks that the Jets are pretty much irrelevant and the calendar hasn't turned over to October yet.

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