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  1. long time suffering Jets f

    Press Conference

    That is one scary dude.
  2. long time suffering Jets f

    Pats are winning the super bowl

    I'm sure after watching the game film of the Pats/Chargers, KC will know that the way to beat Brady is to go after him. Everybody knows that if you rush and rattle him he gets flustered. The two Giant SB wins over the Patriots proves my point. When the Chiefs are on offense, deep pattern posts are the way to go. Those Patriots safeties are terrible. Mahomes must be licking his chops.
  3. long time suffering Jets f

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Nantz is the biggest Patriots homer there is.
  4. long time suffering Jets f

    NFL Weekend Playoff Game Thread

    Every time we think this is the end tom terrific comes up big. He's a freak who could play another 3 years if he wants to. I'm literally sick to my stomach that I might have to see this team in the Super bowl yet again.
  5. long time suffering Jets f

    Gase hire has grown on me

    I have to admit after initially being upset over the snub with McCarthy, I'm starting to warm up to Gase. I would like to see either Joseph or Williams for DC. With incoming free agency I would make a play for Demarcus Lawrence. I would make a call to the Steelers for Antonio Brown. Your ass is on the line Macc. Time to make some bold moves to get this team into playoff contention.
  6. long time suffering Jets f

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    You got that right. The way I look at it after my initial outburst after the Gase signing is that Jet fans are in a win-win situation. If he proves everyone wrong and turns the Jets into a contender, more power to him. If he runs the franchise into the ground, Macc will be shown the door and all Jet fans will celebrate in unison.
  7. long time suffering Jets f

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I don't like the hire. I was all in on McCarthy for the job. Gase who is an offensive minded coach which will help Darnold's development, also has an offensive attitude. He created disruptions down in Miami with players and ownership. Good luck acquiring free agents because of this. Why would the Jets brass hire a sideshow coach like that I'll never know.
  8. long time suffering Jets f

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

  9. long time suffering Jets f

    McCarthy Doesn't Withdraw, Jets Only Job He’s Intersested In

    I’ve been a Jets fan for 40 years and seen a lot of heartache. John Harbaugh would be my preferred choice, but may not be available. That leaves McCarthy as the best choice. I don’t want Rhule or Monken; no NFL experience. Forget about Gase he’s a head case and no free agents would want to sign here. If they don’t lock up McCarthy At the end of the day, I got a bad feeling the Jets will screw this up.
  10. long time suffering Jets f

    Just hire McCarthy already

    Mike Maccagnan is backed into a corner. If McCarthy doesn't sign now, Joe Benigno will have a stroke!
  11. long time suffering Jets f

    Gase, McCarthy, and Rhule Jets top 3 guys

    I think its a negotiating ploy on McCarthy's front. Why would you go for an interview if you have intentions to take time off? It doesn't make any sense. Bottomline, the Jets need stability. I don't wan't head coaches with no experience. If it takes a Gruden type contract to lure him in so be it. Don't screw this up sign the man!
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