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  1. I wish some one would interview JD and ask him about this Watson situation going on.
  2. I just have this fear that JD will pass on Watson, not take a QB in the draft and build up the roster instead. The Jets roll out Darnold next year and he continues to stink up the place. Fast forward 3 years from now we finally have a strong roster in place but we’re still looking for our franchise QB. (Where the Rams are right now). Bottom line is unlike 20 years ago its a QB driven league. If you have the chance to get a franchise QB and a young one at that you go get him.
  3. If we don’t get Watson so be it. I’m all in taking Fields with the 2nd pick and then build around him from there. I just don’t know if Fields fits the new offensive scheme. Whatever happens we cannot trot out Darnold another year.
  4. What a disaster for Houston sports fans. First James Harden now Deshaun Watson. If the Texans does indeed pulls the trigger, the Houston sports landscape will be left in ruins.
  5. I’d be willing to sweeten the deal and give them a 2023 1st rounder as well. Ive been a loyal Jets fan for 43 years. I’ve seen a lot of losing along the way. I’m tired of my team being irrelevant and being a punchline of jokes. It’s time for a change. We’re off to a good start which I believe our new head coach Saleh will be a culture changer. Let’s go get our franchise QB. Make it happen JD!
  6. I would give up 3 firsts in a heartbeat, but I would try like hell to hold onto that 2nd pick. In the end if it comes down to being a potential dealbreaker I would have to give in. Watson is that good.
  7. That’s going to be end result. There’s going to be a bunch of NFL teams bidding for his services. If the Jets end up with Watson giving up less then that I’d be shocked.
  8. I’m thinking it’s a 50/50 chance that Deshaun ends up in NY. If he doesn’t I pray to god he stays the hell out of our division.
  9. WFAN’s Craig Carton just said there’s news breaking that the Houston Texans have begun to have internal discussions with NFL teams for trade packages “that makes sense”. It’s happening folks.
  10. I just wonder if this goes down what’s the timeline of this happening? I would assume before the draft.
  11. Why would the Texans want noodle arm Tua when Miami is thinking of unloading him after one season?
  12. Great point. If you go by that adage, the Jets would win any bidding war with all the draft capital they possess. The only question is JD willing to give it up for the chance to get a franchise QB. .

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