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  1. Will be interesting to see if Douglas is aggressive from the start with Darius Slay and Trent Williams out there for potential trades. Either one would nicely fill a position of need.
  2. Turning into a great night for Jets fans. First we resign Powell, then we hire Douglas for GM. I'm stoked. Now let's hire Champ Kelly for assistant. That would be a great trifecta!
  3. Enough is enough. Get off your high horse Johnson and pay the man. Then hire Kelly as an assistant. I've been a faithful Jets fan for over 40 years. I'm sick and tired of all the mocking from Patriots and Giants fans over the years. It's time to turn around this losing franchise once and for all.
  4. Most of us wanted McCarthy. If getting massages during team meetings was his biggest offense, We would have dealt with it for as long there's no back stabbing and pissing off players and management like Gase is known to do.
  5. I've got a feeling that Johnson and Gase are at an impasse. I can see Gase trying to persuade Johnson with Douglas, while Johnson is leaning towards one of the other candidates. It should be Johnson's decision and his alone.
  6. Before the end of next week? Why do I have this dooming feeling if it goes beyond this week Douglas won't be the guy?
  7. With the GM interviews wrapped up, it's become eerily quiet in Jet land. You would think this comes to a conclusion by the end of the week. I'm pushing for Douglas as GM with Kelly as an assistant.
  8. Let's be honest guys. Up until last week, a lot of us have never heard of Joe Douglas including myself. That being said, I'm on board the JD train with all the positive feedback I'm reading. 🚆
  9. I agree. Clean house, hire a new GM, let the GM hire a new coach. All the Jets did was create chaos with doing this ass backwards. We're not dealing with rocket science here.
  10. What the hell is going on here? You have your GM hire Gase then let him win a power struggle within the organization. I knew Gase was a trouble maker. Jets should of hired McCarthy. What a joke of a team.
  11. On draft night I was ticked that we didn't draft Josh Allen. I felt it was more of a position of need. We ultimately got our edge rusher with Polite, but I feel Allen is the more polished prospect. Don't get me wrong... I believe Q Williams has "game wrecker" potential. If utilized correctly, this kid will be in multiple pro bowls when all is said and done.

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