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  1. Seattle just blinked. Time to play hardball. Offer pick 4 in exchange for DK and pick 9.
  2. If we lose out on Deebo, Wilson would be a great consolation prize. I just have my doubts that he will be available at 10.
  3. Welp that tells me this will be decided when the Jets are on the clock. So aggravating. Nothing comes easy for us.
  4. So would I. It makes for more fun and drama when you have two 1st rounders on draft night.
  5. Eerily quiet today from Schefter and Rapoport. You would think something would of leaked out by now.
  6. Someone made a good point yesterday. What happens if a deal with Deebo takes place while the Jets are on the clock? The trade after all is contingent with an extension of his contract. There’s also a physical that needs to take place.
  7. I’m sure a deal is in place with pick 10, but the Niners are reluctant to pull the trigger to see if another team can top it. Eagles for one is a threat to do it. They can offer picks 15+51.
  8. The Dolphins? They already stole Hill from us, how ironic that they would do it again to us. Besides where the hell are they getting the cap space to afford two high priced wide receivers?
  9. I hope if a Deebo trade with the Jets happens it occurs before draft night that way JD has the time and can explore options with pick 4 like a possible trade down to regain more draft capital. I could be game with the Saints 16 &19 or the Eagles 15 & 18!
  10. That would be pretty ballsy of the Niners trading Deebo to one of their hated rivals. Not to mention the grief that would ensue with the Niners fan base. If I’m Lynch and decide to move on, I’m trading him out of the conference altogether.
  11. The problem with taking a WR with the 4th pick is that Thibs, Gardner, Johnson and Ekonwu will surely be gone by 10.
  12. And who might that be Wilson? As far as the other WR prospects they should all be available at 10.
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