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  1. Why the hell do I root for this team? I knew going in the Jets were not going to win many games this year, but I hoped we would have a better showing than this sh*t show. I need my head examined.
  2. Zach reminds me of a Mahomes/ Rodgers hybrid; at least with the small sample that I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong It’s inevitable the kid will go through some rough times. All the great franchise QB’s do at first. We won’t know for sure if Wilson is on that top QB tier for a couple of years so I’m cautiously optimistic.
  3. It’s now or never with Herndon. If he sh*ts the bed this summer you can bet your ass JD will sign Ertz on a 1yr prove it deal then pick a top line TE in next years draft.
  4. Never a big fan of the trade down, especially as you get in the 2nd round. The further you trade back the more uncertainty the prospects become. Make the pick at #34. He will most likely be a bonafide starter on day 1.
  5. JD knocked it out of the park last night after getting AVT. It’s not the sexy pick but it was an imperative move and went a long way to fix the OL. Now finish the job JD and take Jenkins at #34!
  6. It’s potato and macaroni salad not a leafy green salad. I’m hosting draft night not a Tupperware party. C’mon man.
  7. I’m hosting draft night this year. My two brothers and my brother in law will be there. One brother is a Jets fan while the other is a Giants fan. My in law is a Niners fan. I’m serving finger deli sandwiches, salads and wings. Will probably order pizza as well.
  8. I got a hunch we’re trading up and taking Slater when he slides down.
  9. According to the draft value chart it would cost a 3rd rounder. Jets may have to throw in a 4th rounder for good measure.
  10. I don’t get it. I’m still holding out hope the Jets draft him. If he drops like what the NFL draft experts are saying somebody is going to get a steal.
  11. Thats what I want to see. If there are no trade ups/downs take the best available OL at 23. With the 34th pick you take Harris or Etienne. My personal preference is Harris if he’s still there.
  12. I disagree. I’ve been watching the NFL for over 40 years. Many times I have watched teams with talented rosters but a lousy QB. Let’s say for arguments sake the Jets kept Darnold and went on to build a talented roster and he still didn’t elevate his play. There’s no guarantee we would be able to find his replacement. Bottom line is if you think you found a FQB you take him.
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