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  1. Trevor Lawrence is not Bo Callahan. He has tremendous birthday parties. The best birthday parties. Everyone wants to attend.
  2. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence: 33-of-48, 400 passing yards, 2 TD, 1 INT; 1 rushing TD If anyone else on Clemson did anything, this would be an excellent game against Ohio State defense.
  3. Is not being renewed by the Eagles. He comes from the Kyle Shannahan coaching tree and runs the Shannahan offense. I think this is the best offensive scheme in the NFL for most QBs. Its based on a superior zone run game and is very QB friendly. Scangarello was the Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator in 2019. He was a last minute emergency hire here during the summer from SF. It is rumored that Kyle did not want to let Scangarello go (I believe he was the 49ers QB coach) but he did the favor for Elway and the Broncos. He did struggle a bit for the first part of the season as it was his first time calling plays and the entire offense was new to the team. Denver also switched QBs a few times. Bottom line is, by the time Drew Lock (as a rookie) came in, Scangarello went 4-1 with him as a starter and the Denver offense looked its best in a few years. Unfortunately, Vic Fangio needed a fall guy at the end of the season and since Scangarello wasn't "his" hire, Scangarello was let go. Now, after the Denver/Drew Lock struggles of 2020 under new offensive coordinator Pat Schurmer, most radio hosts and media covering the team wish they had retained Scangarello. Depending on who the Jets hire as a HC, if it is not an offensive minded coach, Scangarello would be an excellent interview for the Offensive coordinator job. He is young, has worked well with a rookie QB, runs an excellent scheme, and took some of the first time play calling lumps already for Denver. Doesn't have to be the hire. Just saying we should take a good hard look.
  4. Lawrence demonstrated almost all of those qualities in that game against Ohio State. Take a look again. He is under pressure most of the game, makes WOW throws that are perfectly placed and kept his team in the entire game despite other stars (Etienne) not having a good night. Nothing is guaranteed but I don't need to question the established fact among professionals that Lawrence is an entire tier ahead of Fields. Anyone who wants to argue otherwise is just wishing and hoping. Find one professional scout or GM or former GM or coach that says Fields is the better prospect.
  5. Good. Have fun in New England. Never liked the one-year wonder anyway.
  6. One of the big difference for me is that Trevor Lawrence can play in any system in the NFL. He makes the players around him better. Justin Fields needs to be in the correct system. Probably similar to a Shanahan system. He could be really good but it largely depends on his landing spot and the system he is asked to run. In the right system, Fields does make the players around him better. In the wrong system (west coast short accuracy game), this guy is a bust.
  7. So, by that rational, Vince Young was a good pick? Can only play whats in front of you.. This is not how you judge a QB prospect for the NFL. The question is how will Fields play when he is not surrounded by the best talent in the game. What skills has he shown that would translate to the NFL and inferior talent on his side of the ball and superior talent on the defense he is playing. Can he execute while under constant duress/pressure? Can he fit the ball into tight windows with blanket man coverage? Can he put the offense on his back when his run game is not there for the day? Can he lead a comeback? Show me examples of these skills in Justin Fields' career and we can really evaluate him.
  8. Re: - too much work for the HC - in many of these instance, there is a GM who does the daily grind and scouting but they advise the HC. Mike Mayock for Gruden & the Raiders. Tough to find exactly who has what control but from what I have read - HC w/ final authority over the roster: Reid, Belechick, Payton, Carrol, Payton, Rivera, Gruden, O'Brien (did), Quinn (did), Rhule, HC w/o final say - Harbaugh, Tomlin, McVay, Pederson, McCarthy, Lynn, Reich, Nagy, Fangio, Taylor, Marrone, Gase, Patricia, Stefanski, Judge, Arians, Kingsbury, Flores, LaFleur, Vrabel, Zimmer, Shanahan, McDermott I used this article among others to try to piece this together: https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/2020-nfl-gm-rankings-bill-belichick-patriots It is pretty clear that "premier" HC (big names) have final say. Doesn't mean there are not good HC's who do not have final say - but most of those guys were "chances" taken by the franchise that hired them as 1st timers. Candidates this year who may/can demand final say as a condition of their employment: John Harbaugh, Pat Fitzgerald, maybe Brian Daboll, Matt Cambell & Eric Bienemy (over the final roster at least), Lincoln Riley. Candidates this year who cannot command any final say authority: Joe Brady, Arthur Smith, Dave Toub, Matt Eberflus or Chuck Pagano (NOOOOOO!).
  9. Hearing more and more - if you want a premiere head coach, they have to have final say over the roster. The GM works for the HC, more or less. We can get technical about the roster and the draft but fact of the matter is, if you want a premiere HC, Joe Douglas needs to allow that HC to have final say over the roster. Otherwise, we are taking a chance on 2nd tier candidate. The win/loss record goes on the HC resume, so the premiere candidates want to make their own decision. Should the Jets be offering final say over the roster to prospective candidates in order to lure a bigger fish? Or should Joe Douglas retain that control and look for the next up & comer?
  10. RB is one of my lowest priorities on offense for this offseason. I prefer to focus on o-line (draft Sewell at 2 & perhaps a mid-tier FA interior o-lineman) & sign a legit #1 WR (Allan Robinson ideally but Godwin or Golladay would be fine). After that I would even be looking TE if I could get an upgrade via trade, FA or draft. Even with the Seattle 1st rounder, I'm looking for "offensive weapon" or interior o-line or CB before RB. If forced to choose, depending on the offense, I love Etienne. But I think we can go another year with RB by committee and focus on more important positions.
  11. I don't need anything more than a competent backup in case Sam gets hurt in 2021. If we draft Sewell at 2 and can sign Allan Robinson (or Godwin or Golladay - a #1) then I want Sam to have every rep in training camp, every meaningful snap in preseason, everything. It is do or die, make or brake Sam Darnold's Jets career. No excuses. I have stated before, I would pick up Sam's 5th year option no matter what this offseason. I never want to be caught without a competent QB on the roster. If Sam lights it up in 2021, make him play out most or all of 2022 under the option. If he puts together 24+ games worthy of a $100m+ contract then give it to him then with a big smile. If he is not good enough in 2021 then we know we have to draft a QB in 2022 and Sam will spend 2022 has the Vet backup to our new rookie under his 5th year option.
  12. No thanks on Jimmy G, I'll stick with Sam. Maybe Jimmy as a backup. I would take McDaniels but I doubt he is coming here because of Belechick. But if he is open to the job, definitely interview him.

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