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  1. Not interested in anything more than a 1 year deal. While a really good player, Clowney is not a game changer, has some injury/durability concerns and has always played with other blue chippers on his team. Rather give that kind of contract to Jamal Adams. He is a game changer, doesn't have injury or durability concerns and makes other players around him better.
  2. Good conversation on this thread about the value of LT & RT and how they relate to each other. After reading the above, I would concede that LT is still more valuable than RT purely for the reason that it seems rarer for any T to move from Right to Left than Left to Right. BUT... I completely agree that in this new NFL, RT has become a premium position and is well on its way to nearly equalizing pay to LTs. It is no longer the case that you "dont take RTs in the 1st round or in the top 10." You need two excellent tackles in this league to run a consistent top 10 offense. Premium Offensive postions in order: QB, LT, RT, Offensive weapon. I would rather have two excellent T with my QB than one excellent tackle and one excellent offensive weapon. Give a good Qb time and confidence and they will make 2nd and 3rd round WRs and RBs look great. Take away a good QBs time and confidence and I dont care if you Julio Jones out there - the offense will be inconsistent and mediocre with occasional big plays. LT and RT are critical to a high-functioning offense and I would be happy with either one for the Jets at 11. I want our best unit on our team to be our o-line. I want that as our identity.
  3. Would have to hear all trade offers first but if you are telling me there is no way to trade down for decent compensation then yes, I would draft Isaiah Simmons at 11. Over the remaining WRs - you can get WR in Rds 2 and 3 Over reaching for an OT - The next OT in my opinion is Josh Jones and JD better be damn sure he is 10 year starter at one of the tackle spots to take him over Simmons. Over all other Defensive players - dont care about positional need What I expect to be getting - an perennial pro-bowler and one of the fastest LBs in the game, period. Roquon Smith, Devin White, Issiah Simmons - the new bread of LB in the NFL. If JD doesnt think Simmons is that caliber of a player then pass. Needs to be a game changer - which I think he is. The only knock to me is that its at a tier 2 position, not a tier 1 (QB, Offensive Weapon, LT, Pass Rusher, CB). Not ideal but I know I would be getting a pro-bowler and maybe more so I would do it. This is not a 1 year rebuild.
  4. No thanks. OT at 11 or trade down a few picks and target WR Denzel Mims. Prefer Lamb over Jeudy. We need an outside WR, not another hybrid slot. Mims will be better than both.
  5. This is a great question. I would like to go into the season with a veteran tackle that could play either spot. I would be taking a tackle at 11 in the draft no matter what. I would like to pair whoever that is with a veteran swing tackle at around the 2yr/$10 million per year range. I would further improve the line via FA and draft but this would lock in my starting tackles. Protecting Darnold is the #1 priority.
  6. No, let him go. We can't pay every position. I did not/do not agree with the signing of Mosley to an enormous contract but with that money committed, you go young and cheap at the other ILB spot. Hewitt, Cashman and Burgess all have earned the opportunity to compete for that 2nd ILB spot. This team will not be fixed this one offseason but we need to lay the foundation for a winner. Draft premium positions and game-changers (QB, LT/RT, Offensive weapons, Pass Rusher, CBs) with premium picks and resign your homegrown players first as cap availability becomes available. Everything else is mid-round picks and mid-tier FA until we are on the doorstep of the championship. Then, maybe we sign a high-priced merc from another team to put us over the top.
  7. I'll pass. Intriguing trade to fill an immediate hole but this team needs to build through the draft, as all good teams do. We cannot give up 1st or 2nd day draft picks for veterans. Draft a guard in the first two days of the draft and have him for 4-6 years. I also agree that in general the Panthers must know something - whether it just be the above, that you cant pay everyone and you need to build through the draft, or that there is something to the concussion issues, or maybe Turner's agent has already broached the topic of a new contract in the highest paid guard echelon. Either way, not thanks. Lets make it to the Championship or the Divisional Round of the Playoffs and then we can talk about trading for a veteran that is the last piece - ala Cromartie.
  8. I do think CB is one of the premiere positions in the NFL that requires a high draft pick or a big FA contract. That is why I have consistently said I would be interested in Okuduh if he fell to 11 (not looking like any chance of that now). That being said, we have too many holes on this team that are going to require multiple off-seasons to fill. I do not think that Byron Jones is worth the $$ he is going to get on the FA market. He is a good corner who will be paid like a great corner. That is how franchises get stuck at 8-8, paying good players great money so they cant afford to get over the hump later. I accept that for a 2nd season in a row, our CB situation will be one of the worst in the NFL. That is fine with me if we fix our O-line. Add a versatile DB sometime on the mid-rounds and a mid-tier FA this offseason. Build from the inside out with a priority on offense. O-line this year with premium resources. Next year we can focus on WR/CB with premium resources. A good GM should be able to begin to fill some of next years holes with value picks in the mid-rounds this year (DB, offensive weapon.) I only want to watch Jets games this year if Darnold gets a fair shot behind a decent o-line.
  9. Flexibility in targeting means if you like a specific player you can go get them using extra draft capital. Example - targeting a specific WR or C/G at the top of the 2nd. Having extra picks would allow us to move up a few spots to get that player rather than cross our fingers and hope he drops or settle for someone we believe is a tier down. As far as the 3rd round pick - I feel these are valuable picks that can turn into starters, contributors and special teamers. Same goes for the 4th and as I explained in my post - the more picks you make the more likely your going to hit - so I would like to have both my 3rd and 4th rounder. Lastly, any plan based on trading up or trading down is a plan B or C at best. You cant really go into the draft (at least not as fan doing projections) expecting to trade. But good luck crossing your fingers that the best OT in the draft will fall and that a willing trade partner will be found and that you wont get raped in that trade. I hope it all works out!
  10. We are in the process now of gathering/getting the information that will allow us to better answer this question. I do not know what the drop off is between OT 1 and OT 4. With that said, I subscribe to the overall philosophy that the draft is largely a crap shoot so I like to have more picks. I like the way the Patriots, Green Bay, Ravens and the Browns (although not as extreme) generally like to have more than 7 picks per draft. This allows you to be flexible in targeting as well as increases the chances you will get at least 2-3 contributors a year. So, no, I dont want to trade up at all. Especially if the difference between the first few OT is largely splitting hairs. We have the game tape and now we are gathering the second most important information - the interview.
  11. Looking forward to how this plays out over the next few days and then the next 2 months. I agree, 1st pick is most likely either a OL or a WR. On the outside chance CB Jeff Okudah is available at 11 I would have to take a long hard look as premiere CB are only available high in the draft or in FA ($$$). I am starting to lean more towards CeeDee as my top WR - just the best overall outside WR product. Jeudy is a beast as well and would not complain but having Crowder means Jeudy would be playing more outside and I think in that case I go Lamb. As a longer shot, if some team is smitten with Jeudy or Lamb and wants to jump ahead of the Raiders at 12 then I would happily entertain a small trade down - not below Denver at 15 - and look to target Ruggs. I dont want Ruggs at 11 but if you pick up some extra picks in a trade down and take him, Im good with that. As far as Oline - I agree this is the #1 priority this offseason but I need to see how FA plays out first. If we are able to sign something along the lines of 1 premiere FA (Costanzo, Thuney, Sherff, etc) and 1 mid level (Glasgow?) then I am much more comfortable going WR in the 1st round. Plus, our o-line is so bad that I like the idea of adding veterans rather than rookies. I would still draft a o-lineman somewhere in the 2-3 rounds after signing 2 FA's. Regarding the o-linemen in the draft Ill have to see a bit more before ranking them but many seem to agree on the top 3 tackles and perhaps the 4th tackle in the draft. The question will be what did we do in FA's, which OT falls to 11, how does that OT compare to the available WRs and lastly, are there any trade down possibilities that do not move us further than 15ish.
  12. I whole-heartedly disagree with the the proposed scenario of "blowing it up" in the Miami Dolphins sense. This team actually has some good talent and depth for the first time in years. We are 5-2 in the last 7 games and have a defense in the top 10 - all with a bunch of no names at CB, LB, T, G, C, TE and some decent players at RB, WR, DL - and an All-Pro at SS. We can discuss specific offseason plans for the next few months but overall, add in a few stars at premium positions (LT, Pass Rusher, CB, maybe WR) and add a few more consistent NFL starters (RT,G,C,WR) and this team can compete deep into the playoffs. As long as we have Sam Darnold and he continues to improve at a normal rate we should be competitive for the next decade. Now that we have a franchise QB, we should never be tanking for higher picks/blowing it all up. On a mediocre team and Sam only in his 2nd year we are on the verge of 8-8. One good offseason next year and we can make the playoffs. Two good offseasons in a row and we should be competing with the upper echelon of the AFC.

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