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  1. I would not be trading Beachum. He has one year left, could play the right side for us and is insurance if Trent misses games I would offer a 4th and be willing to go up to a 3rd based on games started this year. This would be all of course assuming I already had an extension worked out with Trent. Trent for 4 years would be an amazing upgrade to our online, our running game and the development of Sam. I think if he is moved, the Jets would be foolish not to make a major play for him considering the current state of the LT position, the oline overall and Sam. I would still be investing a decent pick in tackle in the draft next year but we would free up our 1st rounder.
  2. What’s a fair price and should the Jets be on the phone? https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-the-redskins-would-be-wise-to-come-to-terms-with-lt-trent-williams
  3. You're not the brightest bulb are you? The lottery pick night is in addition to the draft. It's an additional night of revenue/fanfare/media craze.
  4. I would be in favor of draft lottery. From a pure business point of view (all the NFL cares about) this is another night to sell fans and media and bring the NFL to the forefront of the news coverage. $$$ - probably hold it 1 month before the draft in late March, a few weeks after FA begins. Maybe even move the draft back to first week of May. February: Super Bowl and Combine 1st week of March: FA 1st week of April: draft lottery 1st week of May: draft As far as corruption issues - while popular, it’s doubtful there is any real rigging of games. Doubt these billionaires are risking billions in annual revenue to rig a game Also - re patriots and cowboy favoritism theories - only the bottom performing teams participate in the lottery. I would even consider only the bottom third or just the top 10 or having tiers for the lottery (1-5, 6-12, 13-22, 23-31???) Point is, the lottery prevents teams like Miami from tanking which is in the long term interest of the fans and the sport
  5. After reading this, no thanks. I’ll stick with Lee as a valuable backup and speacial team we who hopefully signs somewhere next year as an over priced FA with potential and we get a comp pick.
  6. Umm... if Kyler goes 1 then it’s 100% Bosa or Allen are there. IoKane powder. I bet my life on it.
  7. Some of you guys are funny. Tampa and Arians are not trading Mike Evans, Period. Denver and Elway are not trading Von Miller, Period. AJ Green is an interesting trade prospect but I honestly don’t want players over 30 unless it’s a dire need (center this year maybe). Let our young guys (Quincy and Robbie and Crowder) step up. I agree I ideally want a #1 WR but maybe we have to wait a year for that guy. I want someone who is under 27, not going on 31-32. Rodney Hudson is also interesting. While I like him and his age, you going to have to pay that man his money - top paid center in the league. We can afford it but long term, once again the jets highest paid players will be a center, a mlb, and a safety soon. With no long term left tackle signed, no #1 WR, no #1 corner, and as of now no elite pass rusher (maybe we draft one). Not the team I want to build. AJ Bouye - I agree he would be a good target but also assume Jags are in their window and are not sellers.
  8. Had a thread about this the other day. If we get Lev Bell we should be all over OBJ. Give Sam the weapons to really develop and give our team an identity. We would be immediate playoff contenders for next 3 years. After that, cut Lev, cut OBJ if necessary and resign Sam
  9. Have Bro in Baltimore - Ravens like CJ but didn’t franchise him because he is a 2 down LB who is an extreme liability in coverage. He has to come off the field for 3rd downs and passing situations. Great LB at line of scrimmage but not a 3 down stud and therefore not worth top money in today’s NFL. Ravens are a smart franchise and we would be wise to follow their lead on CJ.
  10. Just want to point out that OBJ’s contract not looking so terrible after The Antonio Brown restructure with the Raiders. All of these guys are about to pass that...
  11. Nothing matters in the NFL beyond 3 years out. In 3 years you can cut Lev, cut OBJ resign Sam and hopefully have built a young nucleus over those 3 years to continue to build upon.
  12. AB is a nut job who is going over 30 and wants a new contract to be the highest paid WR in the NFL. OBJ is 26, happy with his contract and just wants to win. Yes, he has an ego, but he got youth and skills that can cash that check... for now.
  13. Why? Right now if I told you QW would mostly likely an above average but not Aaron Donald d-lineman or JA would be a 8-10 sack edge player at 3 would you take OBJ? The chances that these players end up being the best or even top 3 at their position is got to be less than 20%. Don’t get to high on the hype. Every year there is a dominant pass rusher or interior lineman.
  14. No one said anything about a powerhouse o-line. A powerhouse offense. And Paradis would be a good addition. We would have a functional o-line with great weapons.

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