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  1. Reprisalizer

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    Don't agree with this sentiment this year. We have $100 million to spend, have an obligation to spend most of it due to the cap floor, and there are not a lot of quality free agents. We can see who shakes looses after the season, who is franchised, etc., but FOR THIS YEAR, I would look for quality over quantity in general. We have some good young players we need to develop and will get more in the draft. We need a Superstar or two to take some of the heavy lifting off of our young developing players. Lev Bell for the next 3 years taking pressure off of Darnold is worth the enormous contract. Front load and be ready to cut him in 3-4 years when Sam needs his 2nd contract. Yes, you can get RB's cheaper in draft/FA but we don't need another JAG - we need a star and he is the only offensive weapon available THIS YEAR. Another year, another story. Same goes for defense - I don't need 5 JAGS - I need a superstar pass rusher (Clowney, Demarcus, Ford) and perhaps pair him with another Superstar pass rusher at 3 in the draft. Everything else on defense THIS YEAR can be solved through the draft or minor FA signings. I don't need the best LB core in the NFL, I don't need the best secondary - I need to develop Sam Darnold and score points (Lev Bell) and wreak havoc on the opposing teams QB (Pass rusher.)
  2. Reprisalizer

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    I heard the entire interview - not always a fan of Manish but Joe and Evan are pathetic, self-loathing, poorly educated, fake news/make it up as they go shock jocks. They shout and yell, have almost no credible arguments and only speak about the worst case scenario. New Yorkers should be ashamed to be represented by these guys. There low-brow, beat you over the head nonsense with their 4-year old demeanor and exaggerated New York accents (do yourself a favor and never speak like one of these guys in a job interview that pays more than minimum wage) is a detriment to the entire NY sports world.
  3. Reprisalizer

    Gary Kubiak is available! Sign this beast!

    Honestly, can’t say that I or anyone knows that for sure. Kubiak did develop Case down with the Texans and Elway did not want to give up draft pricks to trade up for a QB. Rumor was/is that if Baker or Darnold made it to 5 Denver would take them but not trade up. They ended up with Chubb. Also, part of them problem here in Denver last year was OC Mike McCoy - he was fired mid-season for his atrocious predictable play calling. That’s why many thought that Elway was clearing the way for Kubiak to come back this year as OC. No doubt, Case underperformed and Elway should have traded up for a QB but not sure you can pin that on Kubiak at all.
  4. Reprisalizer

    Gary Kubiak is available! Sign this beast!

    Agree 100% - jets should be talking to Gary Kubiak about some role in the organization - OC, or just advisor - as he was out here in Denver. Check out Denver’s draft class this past year (Sutton, Philip Lindsay, deshaun Hamilton, Royce) - A lot of the credit here in Denver goes to Kubiak for advising Elway on this draft and considering how poor Elway’s other drafts were, it shows. Just getting Kubiak as a consultant before the draft would be a major benefit. Also - saw that Munchak’s contract in Pitt is up and Denver is trying to lure him - Jets and Gase should be all over this as well!
  5. Jets should be talking to Eric Mangini about coming back as either HC or a consultant. This organization has never been better both on the field and during the off-season than under Mangini. Rex Ryan should thank Mangini for those AFC championship appearances.
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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