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  1. Trevor Lawrence is not Bo Callahan. He has tremendous birthday parties. The best birthday parties. Everyone wants to attend.
  2. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence: 33-of-48, 400 passing yards, 2 TD, 1 INT; 1 rushing TD If anyone else on Clemson did anything, this would be an excellent game against Ohio State defense.
  3. Yes. Sign the best WR you can to pair with him.
  4. Is not being renewed by the Eagles. He comes from the Kyle Shannahan coaching tree and runs the Shannahan offense. I think this is the best offensive scheme in the NFL for most QBs. Its based on a superior zone run game and is very QB friendly. Scangarello was the Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator in 2019. He was a last minute emergency hire here during the summer from SF. It is rumored that Kyle did not want to let Scangarello go (I believe he was the 49ers QB coach) but he did the favor for Elway and the Broncos. He did struggle a bit for the first part of the season as it wa
  5. Lawrence demonstrated almost all of those qualities in that game against Ohio State. Take a look again. He is under pressure most of the game, makes WOW throws that are perfectly placed and kept his team in the entire game despite other stars (Etienne) not having a good night. Nothing is guaranteed but I don't need to question the established fact among professionals that Lawrence is an entire tier ahead of Fields. Anyone who wants to argue otherwise is just wishing and hoping. Find one professional scout or GM or former GM or coach that says Fields is the better prospect.
  6. Good. Have fun in New England. Never liked the one-year wonder anyway.
  7. One of the big difference for me is that Trevor Lawrence can play in any system in the NFL. He makes the players around him better. Justin Fields needs to be in the correct system. Probably similar to a Shanahan system. He could be really good but it largely depends on his landing spot and the system he is asked to run. In the right system, Fields does make the players around him better. In the wrong system (west coast short accuracy game), this guy is a bust.
  8. So, by that rational, Vince Young was a good pick? Can only play whats in front of you.. This is not how you judge a QB prospect for the NFL. The question is how will Fields play when he is not surrounded by the best talent in the game. What skills has he shown that would translate to the NFL and inferior talent on his side of the ball and superior talent on the defense he is playing. Can he execute while under constant duress/pressure? Can he fit the ball into tight windows with blanket man coverage? Can he put the offense on his back when his run game is not t
  9. Re: - too much work for the HC - in many of these instance, there is a GM who does the daily grind and scouting but they advise the HC. Mike Mayock for Gruden & the Raiders. Tough to find exactly who has what control but from what I have read - HC w/ final authority over the roster: Reid, Belechick, Payton, Carrol, Payton, Rivera, Gruden, O'Brien (did), Quinn (did), Rhule, HC w/o final say - Harbaugh, Tomlin, McVay, Pederson, McCarthy, Lynn, Reich, Nagy, Fangio, Taylor, Marrone, Gase, Patricia, Stefanski, Judge, Arians, Kingsbury, Flores, LaFleur, Vrabel, Zimmer, Shanahan
  10. Hearing more and more - if you want a premiere head coach, they have to have final say over the roster. The GM works for the HC, more or less. We can get technical about the roster and the draft but fact of the matter is, if you want a premiere HC, Joe Douglas needs to allow that HC to have final say over the roster. Otherwise, we are taking a chance on 2nd tier candidate. The win/loss record goes on the HC resume, so the premiere candidates want to make their own decision. Should the Jets be offering final say over the roster to prospective candidates in order to lure a bigger fi
  11. RB is one of my lowest priorities on offense for this offseason. I prefer to focus on o-line (draft Sewell at 2 & perhaps a mid-tier FA interior o-lineman) & sign a legit #1 WR (Allan Robinson ideally but Godwin or Golladay would be fine). After that I would even be looking TE if I could get an upgrade via trade, FA or draft. Even with the Seattle 1st rounder, I'm looking for "offensive weapon" or interior o-line or CB before RB. If forced to choose, depending on the offense, I love Etienne. But I think we can go another year with RB by committee and focus on more i
  12. I don't need anything more than a competent backup in case Sam gets hurt in 2021. If we draft Sewell at 2 and can sign Allan Robinson (or Godwin or Golladay - a #1) then I want Sam to have every rep in training camp, every meaningful snap in preseason, everything. It is do or die, make or brake Sam Darnold's Jets career. No excuses. I have stated before, I would pick up Sam's 5th year option no matter what this offseason. I never want to be caught without a competent QB on the roster. If Sam lights it up in 2021, make him play out most or all of 2022 under the option. If he put
  13. No thanks on Jimmy G, I'll stick with Sam. Maybe Jimmy as a backup. I would take McDaniels but I doubt he is coming here because of Belechick. But if he is open to the job, definitely interview him.
  14. If we are not taking Lawrence at 1 and are picking at #2 then I take Penei Sewell. If we are offered a ransom for the pick, then of course but assuming we stay, take the premium position and lock up bookend tackles for the team for a decade. Keep Darnold - pick up his 5th year option as well. QBs are the most important asset in the game. Pay him for 2 more years (pick up the 5th year option) because we unfortunately still don't know exactly what we have. Protect him behind two excellent tackles. The rest of the offense and the defense we fill out with draft picks and bargin FAs.
  15. One of 3rd rounders and I am in.
  16. Not interested in anything more than a 1 year deal. While a really good player, Clowney is not a game changer, has some injury/durability concerns and has always played with other blue chippers on his team. Rather give that kind of contract to Jamal Adams. He is a game changer, doesn't have injury or durability concerns and makes other players around him better.
  17. Good conversation on this thread about the value of LT & RT and how they relate to each other. After reading the above, I would concede that LT is still more valuable than RT purely for the reason that it seems rarer for any T to move from Right to Left than Left to Right. BUT... I completely agree that in this new NFL, RT has become a premium position and is well on its way to nearly equalizing pay to LTs. It is no longer the case that you "dont take RTs in the 1st round or in the top 10." You need two excellent tackles in this league to run a consistent top 10 offense. Pre
  18. Would have to hear all trade offers first but if you are telling me there is no way to trade down for decent compensation then yes, I would draft Isaiah Simmons at 11. Over the remaining WRs - you can get WR in Rds 2 and 3 Over reaching for an OT - The next OT in my opinion is Josh Jones and JD better be damn sure he is 10 year starter at one of the tackle spots to take him over Simmons. Over all other Defensive players - dont care about positional need What I expect to be getting - an perennial pro-bowler and one of the fastest LBs in the game, period. Roquon Smith, D
  19. No thanks. OT at 11 or trade down a few picks and target WR Denzel Mims. Prefer Lamb over Jeudy. We need an outside WR, not another hybrid slot. Mims will be better than both.
  20. This is a great question. I would like to go into the season with a veteran tackle that could play either spot. I would be taking a tackle at 11 in the draft no matter what. I would like to pair whoever that is with a veteran swing tackle at around the 2yr/$10 million per year range. I would further improve the line via FA and draft but this would lock in my starting tackles. Protecting Darnold is the #1 priority.
  21. No, let him go. We can't pay every position. I did not/do not agree with the signing of Mosley to an enormous contract but with that money committed, you go young and cheap at the other ILB spot. Hewitt, Cashman and Burgess all have earned the opportunity to compete for that 2nd ILB spot. This team will not be fixed this one offseason but we need to lay the foundation for a winner. Draft premium positions and game-changers (QB, LT/RT, Offensive weapons, Pass Rusher, CBs) with premium picks and resign your homegrown players first as cap availability becomes available. Everything else
  22. I'll pass. Intriguing trade to fill an immediate hole but this team needs to build through the draft, as all good teams do. We cannot give up 1st or 2nd day draft picks for veterans. Draft a guard in the first two days of the draft and have him for 4-6 years. I also agree that in general the Panthers must know something - whether it just be the above, that you cant pay everyone and you need to build through the draft, or that there is something to the concussion issues, or maybe Turner's agent has already broached the topic of a new contract in the highest paid guard echelon. Eit
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