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  1. Perine and Zuniga should never have been drafted. The 2020 draft failure is slowly purging itself. The coaching staff must get over whatever they have been hating on Mims about and find a way to get him involved. ZW has to stop this nasty habit of targeting Berrios most of the time as well.
  2. So now Saleh has to show results as a coach. I'm not convinced he's all they say he is. JD had a very good draft, and I will give credit where it is due. The TE selection was strange indeed given the FA signings and the middle rounds always seem to be JD's bizarro spot.
  3. You're assuming it's a month based contract instead of a season based contract. He's in his 4th season. That said, I like our first 2 picks and credit is due, although they were no brainers. The rest of the draft is where JD needs to exceed expectations. No reach picks, no Ashtyn Davis or Zuniga types..
  4. Now if the coaches can get over their unprofessional personal hate and drama with Mims we will have a decent receiver corps
  5. That's debatable. I'm of the opinion that the contract runs from the June 2019 date of hire thru the end of the 2024 season...that's 6 seasons which would place him past the 50 percent duration. The 2019 season is still on him.
  6. I like the player but he most likely just talked his way off the Jets board. Woody won't sign off on this kind of personality on the team.
  7. Initially, I liked the JD hire and was optimistic that things would improve steadily. That is, until the 2020 draft which was a disaster on so many levels. I said so the day after it concluded. There has never been an explanation from JD as to what the thought process was on making so many ghastly picks. Morgan, Davis, Zuniga, Perine, Becton etc. That is where he lost my faith. Many on this board could have done a better job. He did better last year but must exceed that by far this year. I do believe he lacks the job security that many believe he has because of the contract length, which he is more than halfway through. Woody is not getting any younger. There needs to be a substantial number of wins in the division this year and at least 4 impact starters from this draft.
  8. With a draft like yours, who is going to score points? It will be another year of not beating anyone in the division and JD given his exit visa. Jets needs scorers. Lots of them. Now.
  9. If true, maybe Woody feels JD needs some oversight after that disastrous 2020 draft when he probably gave him free reign. I'd do the same and it's his right to do so.
  10. Saw tape of the practices going on this week..looked like the senior citizen bowl..this event is a waste of time...JD better not be making draft evaluations off this nonsense.
  11. He's worth is more than 4 different position guys you could sign at that price...JD and Woody don't get that though..too rich for their blood...simple facts of life.
  12. Too many drops in big situations. ZW throwing every ball with maximum zip when not necessary and not hitting guys in stride doesn't help our receivers either.
  13. You're not paying attention...it was said on the SNY postgame show.
  14. I get the sense ZW has some work to do regarding his standing in the eyes of some of his teammates...there have been reports of that...some of that may be because of the rookie status this year and may dissipate going forward...if it's otherwise then that's a problem.
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