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  1. And it's going to ruin JD's night...the pressure will be enormous on him...he's just dying to trade down.
  2. Probably the same guys who would say if you fired Joe Girardi he would have numerous suitors right away.
  3. Nonsense...why not call Tom Flores and Parcells then..they're still around.
  4. Can we finally draft some impact playmakers with these high picks instead of quantity?...the amount of guys on here that are obsessed with trading down and accumulating picks is ridiculous...JD has showed me next to nothing that he can be trusted to do much with more picks.
  5. Him getting fired is more proof that putting in Sudfield was a rogue move...and the reasons behind it not truthful...I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.
  6. Determined how and by who?...Hurts out of that loop too..you need tape on Sudfeld to make a decision on Wentz?..not buying it.
  7. I hope Pederson is fired and Woody puts the brakes on any sort of employment with the Jets...actually I hope no one hires him..he might be silently blackballed like Kaepernick..payback for what he orchestrated last week...bad look for the NFL.
  8. You infer what I did not imply...no matter..however, it's not something that I dreamed up...there have been many articles written about the machinations of the combine if you care to read... https://atlantablackstar.com/2014/12/09/5-ways-the-nfl-combine-reminds-us-of-slavery/ https://www.bet.com/news/sports/2019/03/06/another-year--another-set-of-ridiculously-offensive-questions-be.html
  9. I don't like the combine for the reasons stated, not by what it may or may not resemble to some...it is you who mentioned race..
  10. JD blew the Perine pick..left talent on the board..predict Perine will be cut before the season starts...fails the eye test and does not run with agility or power...runs right into defenders...no quick move..Johnson clearly a better back.
  11. I'm hearing he lit up the room like Art Howe.
  12. Here's some inside info...it will be whoever Peyton tells the Brothers Johnson to hire...make bank on it.
  13. Using the eye test, Johnson and Adams have already shown they are better than Perine...a poor draft pick by JD..wouldn't be surprised if Perine is cut or traded.
  14. 70 TD's vs Bama won't be enough for some here.
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