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  1. I'm on record as saying the Perine pick was trash almost from day one...JD should admit he blew it with this one and move on...it's also an indictment of the organization as a whole that Walter was buried this long..the guy has a great burst that Perine never had.
  2. He needs to be forgotten about...can't play at this level...another JD special and another waste of a decent draft pick along with Perine.
  3. Scratch I believe...has been for several weeks..a JD special..complete bust of a decent round pick
  4. Will be interesting to see when Houston goes to stacking the box...that RB Walter looks like a keeper..good burst...everything the bust Perine isn't..
  5. Saleh would have earned my respect if he does...politics are in the mix though....would be a ballsy call.
  6. Most disturbing thing I see is that the offense doesn't look like it wants to play for ZW....bad body language, lack of hustle, it's all there...I think we may see Flacco before this game is over....ZW should still be in college playing ball...JD must be envisioning his departure right now.
  7. I'm on record from draft day...was a complete reach at that point in the draft..another JD head scratcher
  8. Most athletes are cheap when it comes to paying for certain things...this is one of them..it's been said by other retired athletes, not just me.
  9. Flacco screwed himself by taking 4 days to report to camp for so called "personal reasons."...what the hell?..he created a huge opening for Mike White indeed...as far as Wilson, the only one who has a major investment in him is JD...the fans don't, Woody doesn't, Saleh doesn't...it will be interesting to see if those politics tip JD's hand in 2 weeks.
  10. If we are talking logic then Wilson should not have been the starter all along...that was a political decision.
  11. The thumb will be heavily on the scale for Wilson..a small opening will be all he needs to get back in there...you think JD wants to set him back a year when he has basically 3 years of opportunity before the big contract decision needs to be made?..I like White though and everything I saw yesterday..he made everybody better and should be the starter going forward but I think he will be on a super short leash...politics basically..
  12. It comes down to the poor assessment skills of JD...to not know what you have in White is why I don't trust him to make good draft picks..past, present and future.
  13. Looks like LaFool got read the riot act..adjust the offense to suit the personnel..not the other way around.
  14. We've seen it and it is not good...no explosiveness..runs right into the pile...lacks peripheral vision..poor adjustments..cannot break tackles..this was a bust of a pick.
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