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  1. That's the problem...he's a track star, not a football player...think Johnny Lam Jones.
  2. There are very few locks on this team..especially with a new coach..Davis is more a track star than football player...he better learn to be a more physical tackler or he won't be here.
  3. not buying those excuses...graded out poorly and injury prone.
  4. Ashtyn Davis is not a lock and Perine is definitely on a bubble.
  5. Yes, that's where he will be ...make bank on it and will burn us...like Danny Whitehead.
  6. I remember seeing Pete play in the swirling dust bowl of the Shea stadium winds in the 60's..Namath to Lammons, Maynard, Sauer, Eddie Bell..always a solid player in the days when tight ends were more blockers than receivers although Joe saw things differently and would target Pete often..thank you Pete for the memories...God Bless.
  7. I've been a critic here of JD's draft last year...particularly of the Morgan, Perine and Davis picks...I hope all 3 are off the roster soon..some of the picks look like they are designed to correct the bad picks they were last year and to ease them off the roster with the new picks....we'll see in the summer cuts..I like what he's done this year with a concentration of early offense picks...however, I do feel that some of this year's defense picks are repeating the cycle of converting them from their natural positions. That doesn't work in the long run and bears watching...
  8. No, because he is not explosive thru the hole, no burst, poor lateral vision...did you watch him play last season?
  9. We need improvement in the running back department...Perine is just awful.
  10. No, along with Ashtyn Davis exit visas are imminent but Berrios signs with New England and contributes there.
  11. We better get some playmakers..who is Wilson going to throw to that's any good?
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