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  1. That doesn't mean you don't make a change anyway. I've seen D3 football teams with more imaginative offenses.
  2. I give Woody props. He put an end to this incestuous relationship and I think Saleh being out the door imminently is in play. Let's see if Woody makes a statement this week.
  3. If Woody did this then I say bravo and if Saleh has a problem then let him resign. This whole narrative that no one wants to come here is overblown. These jobs are hard to come by and can lead to HC positions. There will be plenty of takers.
  4. Saleh up to his usual deceptive answers in today's presser. When asked why Streveler isn't playing, he made a non sensical answer about Flacco being better suited to that role because "he can process decisions faster". This was the answer given even when the reporter stated that Flacco "has been a statue" in previous play. The smirk got wiped off Saleh's face with that one. Clearly this is Flacco's last game here and they want to give him the start because of that.
  5. They said the same about Joe Girardi when the Yankees didn't renew him. Took him a while to get another job with the Phillies, failed there and is out of MLB I believe.
  6. Watching the MLF presser today, I believe he was informed officially that he will be let go. Body language, lack of Jets apparel and demeanor are all dead giveaways.
  7. We'll see plays that LaFleur hasn't called all season. Too little, too late.
  8. This will be a poker game. Woody opens will LaFleur's scalp and if there is resistance, he raises it to Saleh's and calls with JD's.
  9. This cabal will be hard pressed to answer whatever Woody questions and his advisers pose. It sounds like a circular firing squad. The only mystery is at what section does Woody cut the snake.
  10. It's an opinion like everything else here. That said, I follow the dots that I see are being laid out and connect them to a logical conclusion. That leads me to conclude that there will changes made as per Woody's right as an owner and that the folks who think that the status quo will remain so and everyone will be given another year to figure it out are incorrect. Whether Saleh will accept that if it involves MLF is the wild card here. Many are fond of saying he is a deeply principled man...well, we shall see soon enough. I think Twitter will be active Sunday night and Monday morning as Woody will quietly be seeding the reportage at that time. I do believe if he felt that the ship were on the right course, he would have made that known this week. He hasn't and that is another dot to connect.
  11. I don't think Woody shares his viewpoint. Watch for leakage Sunday night regarding the direction and employment status of some in the organization. I believe phone calls have already been made in that regard to possible successors. Saleh might already know that and is drawing a line. As I stated in a thread, Woody's silence this week is telling.
  12. I despise the 2 week layoff leading into the Super Bowl almost as much as those insipid radio row broadcasts.
  13. As far as ties, I agree, they are unacceptable. Go to a field goal shootout. Problem solved.
  14. Agree but I don't think it will happen. Saleh said he was all in on playing the vets who have "earned" the right to be playing in the last game. Poor thinking IMO and smacks of politics over development.
  15. There's some politics going on here I suspect. Saleh was asked why he's not playing and he said the kid missed OTA's yada yada. None of that explains why he's not being used on TE specific targeted plays. You don't need OTA's at this point for that. He's being given some negative therapy and it's obvious.
  16. And you're acting like you don't know that this is an opinion forum.
  17. Beat reporters are not going to break the code that exists between the team and the media they work for. If they do, they will be confronted afterwards by Jets PR people and threatened with removal of their credentials and future access to the team facilities. Additionally, many of the larger outfits fly on the team plane and are quite chummy with the team and would feel intimidated and ostracized by those same folks if they jeopardize those relationships with a how dare you question.
  18. I assume you have a copy of the contract that says that.
  19. I think it's this simple. Woody wants a scalp or two and has specific names. Resistance to that by whomever will result in being added to that list. We're about to see a power play. Compliance is not optional.
  20. And he'd be out of the league for the rest of his contract as well if Woody wants to play hardball. Win/lose.
  21. In that case, Saleh will find himself and MLF being given their exit visas. Coaches don't win battles with owners. I sense Saleh will fall on his sword. Black Monday will be interesting.
  22. There's going to be a showdown, that's for sure. Saleh said in the presser today that he is "fully committed" to LaFleur. I knew this was going to get ugly. He's basically putting Woody on notice. Expect leakage from Florham Park every day leading up to Black Monday.
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