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  1. It's not about the record...it could be 0-17 for that matter..it's about seeing a lack of fundamentals, execution, basics...stuff that a decent high school player knows and accomplishes...when I see a total breakdown of these skills at the NFL level it is infuriating and it should be addressed at the field level...not in midweek meetings...players who commit taunting penalties should be pulled from the field and met at the sideline by a visibly upset coach and made an example of for the team to see...same with a receiver who drops a eminently catchable ball, same with a player who jumps offsid
  2. Saying you prefer a receiver because he runs crisp routes is overrated...these guys playing over Mims do not get open...no separation...what's the point?
  3. I don't see Saleh changing anything...he seems to be more concerned about imposing his will and philosophy than anything else...it's damn the torpedoes in his mind...JD has become weak and intimidated by Saleh...he's letting the HC publicly emasculate him over the Mims pick...
  4. Indeed...they blasted me when I questioned the drafting of Davis, Morgan, Perine, Zuniga...where are they now?
  5. The team is splitting apart as we speak...teammate vs teammate...in public...soon JD vs Saleh in regards to Mims...wait for it....one of them will be gone after this season.
  6. The lies, the obfuscation, the outright deriliction of duty continues....Kay, LaGreca, Rosenberg not buying the insipid excuses anymore...Saleh stating that even with concussed Elijah Moore, Mims is continuing to 'show progess and is working hard' to try to get on the field...this is insane what is going on and clearly we are being lied to.
  7. Better yet JD just resign...your handpicked coach has outed you as someone who hasn't a clue how to draft..your 2020 draft sucks as I posted back then when it happened and many blasted me..the 2021 draft is not much better..you are over your head and this coach will get you fired..you won't make the 6 years on your contract...make bank on that..
  8. 2nd quarter TD vs Denver..I've never understood this technique..it either winds up being a pass interference or a TD on a back shoulder throw...why does the NFL continue to coach this ghastly type of defense?...why are cornerbacks unable to play a side technique that allows a visual to the QB and also on the receiver?
  9. Practices are overrated..put the playmakers on the field...no one has ever won a game in practice... MIMS!
  10. Option 2...and that is going to happen...next week most likely with one difference...it will be Woody calling JD first.
  11. A good coach knows how to motivate talented players and not give up on them..I like Saleh at this point but he has shown his Achilles heal rather early...he is playing a dangerous game in publicly embarrassing JD with his 2nd round pick of Mims and burying the guy..Woody can't be pleased either.
  12. If team Saleh throws up just 3 points and Mims is a healthy scratch, it's going to be brutal in the media and the fanbase...Woody will want answers as well.
  13. Jeez...is that what folks are basing what his NFL skills are?..he towers over the other guys and the pattern is 4 yards and out...not exactly something you can bust it out on...practice is overrated.
  14. What exactly is the problem on this video?..it's a simple throw to a square out pattern.
  15. Agree completely...this is definitely a war of wills rather than a talent choice...whatever the beef is they are not saying and the explanations are not adding up...it will come out eventually, most likely when they trade him.
  16. Playmakers should play..and practice is overrated...find a way.
  17. By Saleh not finding a way to play Mims, he is basically indicting JD's drafting of Mims in the 2nd round as a poor pick...JD can't be happy with this intransigence by Saleh and the rather curious and unconvincing explanations given by Saleh as to why Mims is a healthy scratch and the rather bleak prospect of Mims finding the field anytime soon given the imminent return of Crowder ...looks like there will be trouble ahead with their working relationship.
  18. I'm on record here last year stating that Davis, Perine and Zuniga were bad picks..and that Morgan would be cut this year...got excoriated for it...those throwing stones now look silly...Woody should be demanding of Saleh that he find a way to get Mims on the field...plain and simple..consequences to occur if it doesn't happen.
  19. From the article..."Starting cornerback Bryce Hall was the only 2020 draft pick to compete Sunday. Four members of the class are on injured reserve: Mekhi Becton, Ashtyn Davis, Cameron Clark and Braden Mann. La’Mical Perine joined Mims as a healthy scratch." Add James Morgan who was cut as I had predicted months ago would happen and it's on JD...the coaching staff should be told by Woody to activate Mims forthwith and make sure he plays significant time.
  20. Very true...all this fanbase wants at this stage is to see basic fundamentals executed...NY sports fans know more than they are given credit for..in all sports..it's not so much about losing but rather, seeing a certain level of competence from someone that was drafted so high...is that too much to ask at this point?
  21. Not all interceptions are equal..conversely, there were wide open receivers all day long that Wilson either didn't see or more likely, was laser focused on the ones that were not the best choices...the pattern here is not good and IMO he is not ready to be a starter.
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