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  1. Well, the word is that my Phins are looking at Flores lol. No ex-Belichick coach has ever been successful putside of their daddy’s system. Look at Josh McDanials; he ran back to daddy after his failure in Denver and now refuses to interview for a HC position lol. The AFC East will continue to be dominated by the Pats until Belichick retires; which needs to be soon!
  2. Unfortunately this is so true! I hate the Pats! It’s time to end the Brady/Belichick nightmare. I’m just waiting on Miami to hire Rex lol
  3. Gasy had full control over who the coaches were in Miami and the final say on players. Just think about that. Good luck, but he is a weak coach. He should have gone to coach powderpuff
  4. Gasy only hires yes men and his friends. He was setting on the bench during the Phins vs Vikings and he was doing nothing. There is a video clip of him pretending to write lol. This guy has never had a top 20 offense. You can’t count the time in Denver, that was all Manning. Gasy was Manning’s coffee boy in Denver.
  5. Give it a few years. Gasy will cut your players like he did in Miami. Y’all are getting a bad deal. Gasy is a horrible coach, we have been hoping he would get fired for over a year. Miami was never prepared and his play calling is the most predictable in the NFL. I actually feel sorry for y’all.
  6. Well, I’m a Dolphins fan and wanted to say sorry guys. Gasy is a total POS and no guru at all! I was hoping that he would go coach HS football. Or even better, powderpuff. Y’ Would have been much better off with Mike M. Gasy is a horrible coach. Gore, Wake and other Dolphin players went directly to the owner and voiced their concerns about Gasy. That’s one of the reasons he was fired. I just cannot believe that another AFC East team hired him.
  7. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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