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  1. I might be tom, but at least being a clown is something you actually have some experience with.......unlike football
  2. ESPN OBVIOUSLY DID THATS THE POINT AT LEAST i UNDERSTOOD IT FOR WHAT IT WAS, I WAS 1000% CORRECT, IN THAT INSTANCE BUT AT LEAST I KNEW IT WAS A LOGICAL INFERENCE OF RELEVANT FACTS THAT FORTUNATELY HAPPENED TO COME TRUE and not that I was a football savant like some of you idiots seem to think you are you and Tom Shane actually think you know something trust me you dont
  3. quinnen williams unlike you ill say it beforehand and not be like you the master of the second guess youll piss and moan about not trading down and if williams proves to be elite, youll pretend you wanted him all along its what you do. unlike you maccagnan doesnt have the luxury of 20/20 hindsight
  4. just because you get a subpar offer doesnt mean its of sufficient quality that you accept anything i guess you think he should have accepted 3 5th round picks for number 3 overall you have zero idea what he was offered or how the players in those spots were evaluated. none of us do Years ago I was one of several jets fans interviewed before the draft by ESPN, AND i WAS QUOTED AS SAYING IF I RAN THE JETS DRAFT I WOULD TRADE THE 3RD OVERALL PICK FOR THE NUMBER 4 OVERALL AND JOHNNY JOHNSON. 4 HOURS LATER THAT TRADE ACTUALLY HAPPENED. ESPN made a big deal of it, But as i said then it was a logical guess and no fan is qualified for more than that. truth is youre not in the room so what do you know
  5. you dumbass wouldnt recognize an elite player if he bit you on the ass criticize all you like its what your good at, but you have absolutely no skill at recognizing a quality football player youve proven that ad nauseum
  6. Didn't anybody here read that he was injured and that his measurables have significantly declined? If the guy is 70% of who he used to be how does that help us...? We're better off taking a healthy Edoga than trading for a guy who was elite but may no longer have the physical ability to be who he used to be. His own team declined his option.So only an idiot wouldn't take that as a warning that maybe he's no longer the same player
  7. Actually your just biased and stupid. It takes two to make a trade. And why ever trade an elite player for a lesser one unless you truly believe you're getting least equal value. Drafting is an inexact science. Darnold. L.Williams.Q.Williams. Adams. All fine picks . After the top picks no pick is a sure thing. Gittleman took a guy reputed to be the 7th or 8th ranked QB at 6. so be happy MacCagnan wasn't as stupid as you obviously are and trust me YOU make Gittleman look like a genius by comparison.
  8. Personally I think our center will likely come from another teams cuts. Reports were that both the GM and HC targeted McGovern and unfortunately Dallas saw him as a Swiss army knife.type player for their O-line. You have to accept with limited assets in the draft you can't get everything. After Quinnen, Edge was a priority so Polite was the pick. I'm sure they have their eyes on other rosters for somebody on someone else's bubble
  9. You're right it doesnt. But it does mean your opinion is worthless, because you have no courage of conviction. It's very telling that you don't know the difference between Weather and whether however. not knowing you from Adam I can tell that your entire toolbox consists of the second guess.
  10. The problem is there is no O-line player worth a pick in the top 6. We hopefully won't draft this high again. Ideally you maximize the returns while you can. Otherwise you never get high impact players. You have to take them when you can.
  11. Great post, and I agree wholeheartedly. If Arizona and SF takes Bosa and Allen then I will be disappointed and I do see a drop off talent wise. I'd hope that we could get an interested team to trade up. But realistically if that were to happen, those teams wouldn't trade to 3 as then they would be leaving room to be jumped by others. you're right too that there really aren't any sure thing Tackles in this draft or Id look in that direction, but sadly there's no Jonathan Ogdens out there. Quinnen Williams is a solid choice but not the physical freak Allen is. Worse comes to Worst we move down grab Juwaan Taylor, (an OT who has room to improve) and try to get a 2nd to replace the one we traded in the move down. Possibly with the Jaguars who might be convinced to trade up for K. Murray.
  12. dont waste your time Jetsons mind is made up, he doesnt care what the facts say. We know hes clueless, no need to waste time on someone whose mind is closed.if he cant understand that elite defenders make up elite defenses, thats his problem The problem isnt williams, the problem is with the idiot who thinks Allen cant be an elite Playmaker in the 4-3
  13. dodo, Williams played Linebacker at Kentucky
  14. Gregg Williams couldnt have built around Lawrence Taylor then. or at least according to carlito. he doesnt need to play DE either he can be an elite OLB because Allen can cover too. people should watch some damn tape instead of talking out their bungh*les nice understanding Jetfan80. If Wlliams cant use Allen then I dont want Williams, its that simple. Fortunately Williams is smart enough to know Allen can be a hybrid OLB/DE and will be fine in his system, because thats exactly how Allen was used in kentucky. Williams will move Allen around depending on down and distance....that flexibility makes Williams system better
  15. Why do you think that, because of Gregg Williams System? he's smart enough to know that Josh Allen can only make his scheme better. An elite playmaker makes ANY system better

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