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  1. Sad thing about that season is for a while people thought Pennington was the real deal. However, that was the year his weaknesses were exposed. After he never played QB as well. The Raiders laid the groundwork for making Pennington very average. Then, injuries mostly killed him.
  2. The Jets have about as much of a chance going to the playoffs as I have a chance to be President of the United States. Not happening. This thread is delusional and absurd.
  3. Unfortunately there's nothing he can do. It must be as frustrating for him as it is for us fans?
  4. Overrated? He's better than Bowles, that's for sure. And by the looks of things he's better than Adam Gase.
  5. Fire all of them and hire 5 guys off the street. That might be a better 5.
  6. He'll say it's Mac's fault and he'll have a point...
  7. And that's when you realize you're with SOJF SOLD OUT JETS FANS
  8. The Dallas OL is going to eat the Jets front seven alive. Elliot gets the ball 25 times and the Jets lost by at least two scores. This won't even be a game for the Cowboys.
  9. Every fan should be very worried that we lose our last hope in Darnold this weekend. Putting him out on the field in back of this OL? It's like making him pass for 400 yards while dodging Belt Parkway traffic. Not smart. Just saying...
  10. He's about the talent of a third stringer? I'm not sure what anyone was expecting? Is he awful? YES. Undoubtedly. However, he's also forced to with the least talented roster in football today. I mean when does MacCagnan 's dirty misdeeds over the last 4 years come into this conversation? He assembled this roster. So you can say what you'd like about Luke Falk his job is impossible. There's no way, under these circumstances, that he can win.
  11. Mike Westhoff most definitely... To me Woody is an idiot because he hasn't hired Westhoff to be HC? I think Westy is a truly GREAT coach that would resurrect this franchise from the ashes. This is a guy that truly gets the best out of all his players. If you can play? Westy knows how to bring that out on the football field.
  12. This is proof positive the Jets are STARTING another rebuild from the ground up. This team was already talentless. Just imagine how BAD this team is going to be after JD cuts a couple big name players loose? This is the very worst of the worst. It's rock bottom, like 1-15 in 1996.
  13. Believe it or not, I disagree with this. At least when it comes to Tanny I disagree. Tammy was an excellent drafter in his first couple seasons. 2006 was a truly great draft. 2007 was really little in numbers but high on quality. After that it was consistently awful drafting. Stephen Hill, Quinton Coples, Vladimir Ducasse, Kyle Wilson, Tim Tebow, Vern Gholston. It's these draftings that got him canned. He was let go for good cause. However, with Rex it wasn't so clear. You could make a persuasive argument that Tanny and Idzik got Rex fired because if their own incompetence.

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