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  1. Assuming the Jets offense can stay healthy they should be better? My guess is nothing dramatic, but probably 20 to 25
  2. I am dead set against any discussions of trading Adams. I think JD should set the right precedent moving forward and sign Jamal to a monster contract. This will show every younger player coming through the door that great play will be rewarded as it should be.
  3. Well, the obvious question is..... WHEN will Sammy have his breakout year? When will he start putting up those numbers that dwarf what he's done thus far? The truth is, if we're waiting and a little disappointed that he hasn't broken through yet? The problem was MIKE MACAGNAN. It was NOT Sammy. Sammy did the very best with what he was given to work with. Mike Macagnan f*cked Sammy over by not giving him a suitable OL to work behind. So put the idea of being disappointed with Sammys numbers in his first two years behind you. Now, that the new GM is committed to surrounding Sammy with the weapons he needs, Sammys leap should be imminent. My hope is Mac's treatment of Sammy, or overall neglect depending on your viewpoint, has not permanently damaged Sammy as a football product. It's obvious Sammys growth was hindered by Mike Macagnan but we'll see how much.
  4. If there's any truth to these trade negotiations one thing is abundantly clear.... This trade will ultimately decide Douglas' fate in NY. If the Jets trade their best player, and Joe Douglas goes out and squanders the picks? He's as good as gone. Even if he gets two 1st rounders for Adams, odds are he'll never get in return what Jamal is worth to the team. He has a VERY slim margin for success.
  5. Of the Jets were a CAR, what would they be? A short bus and we're all passengers
  6. I see a decent receiver, don't get me wrong, but I do NOT see any of that other crap. When I see his highlight reel do I see Randy Moss? Do I see Megatron? Do I see Steve Smith? Do I see Mike Evans? The answer to all of that is NO. I just see a decent receiver that it appears Joe Douglas got good value when selecting him. Everyone is trying to make this pick into some nonsense like the Jets stole the newest diva WR sweetheart in the 2nd round. I think that's somewhere beyond DUMB.
  7. Until he proves he can play, as of right it's merely a solid 2nd round draft choice.
  8. I guess I don't understand your point? You say you can't blame the player for being drafted too early, but a bust is a bust just the same. Bottom line is the team has all their hopes and dreams for a good draft in player X. If player X doesn't perform well, then the team is still screwed. I agree you can't blame the player for where they are drafted. But that comes out in the wash. If player X takes a little longer to develop? WEll, maybe they were taken too early, but the fact still remains that player X eventually came into his own. A bust is a player who never performs and at best eventually becomes another teams bench player. You count on rounds 1-3 becoming STARTING players.
  9. I'm sure the word has different definitions for everyone. The only way I can actually define them is to give you examples and, go figure, the Jets have a sh*t ton of them. However, I'll only point to the more recent ones: Vernon Gholston Vladimir Ducasse Quinton Coples Dee Milliner Stephen Hill Calvin Pryor Jace Amaro Devin Smith Darron Lee Christian Hackenberg And honestly I'm just being generous here. Note that I only mentioned 1st and 2nd round draft choices. I would personally define any player in rounds 1-3 could be labeled as a bust. But in this case I'm purposely omitting those names. That list spans 3 General Managers and runs from 2008 through 2016. A nine year period? It makes a few things very evident: 1) The drafting is so bad, that it appears that those GM's were actually TRYING to pick the very worst players? Obviously, that wasn't the case but I doubt many teams could possibly be as futile as the Jets at drafting. The Jets during that period were the only sure bet to completely F*ck up their draft. 2) The HC during this period is a NON-FACTOR. Regardless of your feelings about Rex and Toilet, NO HC could possibly succeed in those conditions. I submit that ANY HC must have talent to win. At least SOME talent and the Jets had ZERO coming in from the draft. So firing the HC should never have happened until the true root of the Jets problems, the General Manager, was fixed.
  10. I just don't understand the emphasis Mac always placed the DL to the detriment/neglect of the OL. The fact is, even when it comes to DL Mac sucked at drafting them. Nate Shepard has become a decent player, but he's not like GREAT, and that's what Mac was trying to lead us to believe.
  11. As it stands right now your first from L to R: Becton, Lewis, McGovern, Van Roten, and Fant
  12. Well, that's the price at the very least..... Take it or leave it....
  13. I mean ADAM GASE. In fact, this season is much more about a referendum on Adam Gase than it is anyone else. Gregg Williams doesn't have anything to prove. He's already proven he's a great defensive coordinator. Not to mention on the Jets the defense is the best unit on the team. The Jets offense sucks and it's Gase's job to get the offense going.
  14. Really f*cling stupid isn't it? I'm convinced the fanbase is as much of the problem as the front office the past 50 years. A bunch of DUMB people.

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