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  1. This is hysterical. This idiot that couldn't play linebacker to save his life has now gotten Chiefs fans to fall hook, line, and sinker for his BS. I guess the Chiefs organization and fans will need to learn the hard way that Darron Lee is a lazy little twerp that they should never have traded for.
  2. The Kansas City Chiefs added linebacker Darron Lee via trade with the New York Jets just days before they were set to start organized team activities. Lee has hit the ground running since his arrival with the Chiefs. The local media got to hear from Lee for the first time following today’s OTA session. Andy Reid also had a chance to speak about Lee for the first time. He revealed what he views as Lee’s strengths as a player. “Yeah, Darron was one of the top guys coming out and I know Brett (Veach) really liked him when he came out of Ohio State,” Reid said of Lee. “He brings great coverage ability, speed, he’s fast. He’s not the biggest guy, but he plays all over the field, so he gives you some flexibility there at the linebacker position. And again, that great coverage ability.” Lee recalled a meeting with the Chiefs when he was still at Ohio State, ahead of the 2016 NFL draft. Those pre-draft conversations he had with the Chiefs left a big impression on Lee. “I remember when I met them at the Combine,” Lee said of the Chiefs. “It was a great atmosphere. I’ve grown up watching Andy Reid when he was at Philly and just being a fan and everything he had going on there. I just remember that conversation. You obviously don’t know what’s going to happen on Draft night, but I just remember our conversation and it was something special. The fact that I’m here is just surreal.” Part of what makes it so surreal is where the Chiefs ended up last season. They were a play away from going to the Super Bowl, and there are plenty of players on the team who are aching to see themselves right back in the mix to go to Super Bowl LIV. Lee gets the sense that something special is going on in Kansas City. “It’s been a great situation,” Lee said. “To come here and learn a new system and be a part of something special. These guys have something really special going here, especially if you’ve watched these past couple of years, and especially last year. So I’m really excited just to be here and be part of this team.” There’s a lot of work ahead of Lee in learning a new defensive system. The same can be said for a lot of Chiefs defenders, but Lee is the last one to the party and he has some catching up to do. “I have to play catch up a little bit, some guys have a leg up but that’s okay,” Lee said. “I’m just going to take my time and take it day-by-day.” Chiefs Kingdom has shown Lee a lot of love so far during his brief time as a member of the Chiefs. So far it’s really helped it feel comfortable. “I felt welcome,” Lee said. “I know what the Chiefs mean around here. They welcomed me with open arms. I’m definitely happy to be a part of Chiefs Kingdom and part of this organization. I look forward to helping us win ball games down the road.” Hopefully Lee will be a part of many wins in Kansas City. He won’t be going at it alone, though. He has a new teammate on the offensive side of the ball that is the NFL’s reigning MVP. Lee and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes bonded over Game of Thrones before they were teammates. They’re now competing together to land the Chiefs on the NFL’s metaphorical equivalent of the Iron Throne. Lee has seen the things that Mahomes can do on the football field on TV, but now that he’s seen those things first hand, he decided to bend the knee to the one true king of the AFC Westeros. “He’s magnificent,” Lee said of Mahomes. “He’s everything that has been advertised. Like I said, they already have something great brewing here. It’s one thing to see it on TV, but it’s something different to see it in practice.”
  3. Well I don't and I'll guarantee you right now about draft time the fan base won't give a hoot how Douglas was hired. The ONLY thing anyone cares about is, "Can he draft talent?"
  4. Wth does the hiring process have to do with anything? What matters is who will ultimately end up being the best GM. Who gives a sh*t about the hiring process?
  5. WHO was our GM at that time? He should be our GM now?
  6. That team did have lots of talent, but it was too young and undeveloped at that time and Coslet was a terrible HC.
  7. This has got to be the very dumbest thread I've ever seen on any Jets internet message board. I would think a thread pertaining to paint drying would be far more entertaining. Time to lock this trash.
  8. And don't get so carried away? Joe Douglas COULD end up being another jibroni. You never know. We just THINK it's a good hire right now.
  9. He'll be fine. He probably won't be in charge of players again for a while, but he'll end up with another NFL franchise. He will land on his feet. You guys are a bunch of cruel yahoos for the things you're saying/thinking/posting.
  10. A realistic expectation for me is 7-9. Most of these posts point out that the Jets are better, and they're right, but not enough to transform this team. They have a few good pieces, but they also have gaping holes at corner and Center, they are paper thin in that there are no suitable replacements if a starter is lost to injury, and the second half schedule is tough. 2020 is the year when we should be expecting playoffs.
  11. Despite not playing a franchise position, Jamal is a franchise player. He's the kind of player you can build around. A player that can become synonymous with mentioning the New York Jets. I love what I'm hearing coming from Gase and his interactions with Jamal. It just doesn't serve any purpose at all to be at odds with him. He's a great player that can elevate the HC of you help him.
  12. 1st is undoubtedly Weeb Ewbank. Anybody who wins the SB takes a higher seat than the rest. Close 2nd is Parcells. Followed by Rex Ryan. After that there's a whole mess of sh*tty coaches in any sort of order. Dead last is Kotite.
  13. In a QB driven league, I see your point. Just the same, Jamal Adams was a sure thing at the time. Mahomes was certainly not a sure thing. If anything a definite gamble. Instead, the Jets secured the best Safety in the league today and a great up and coming QB. Just as much as I'm perfectly satisfied with not selecting Mahomes in 2017, I'm sure Mac feels the same.
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