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  1. If I'm objectively stating the good picks Mac has made? I would say both Jamal Adams and Sammy Darnold were excellent picks and both have the ability to be difference makers. If I'm objectively stating the good picks Mac has made, but NOT players that are difference makers, I would say Marcus Maye, Nate Shepard, Folarunso Fatokasi, Lachlan Edwards. So I'm objectively stating SIX picks are decent players. In other words, 6 players out of approximately 35 picks have actually become good players. 6 divided 35 = 17.1% So 17.1% of his picks are worth anything. This is to say nothing about the team being 5-11? That's a very sobering statistic that let's you know your GM sucks. It's clear that's someone that had NO idea how to pick players.
  2. Jamal Adams is the very best player on this team and it isn't even close.
  3. It's encouraging to know Joe Douglas came from Baltimore. It would lead you to believe JD might have that unique ability to pick diamonds in the rough as a means to kill it late in the draft? That with a good mix of no brainer/ BPA picks that he'll transform this roster? Only time will tell.
  4. Last night was an illustration of two teams from opposite ends of the spectrum. The Ravens are a truly great organization that does everything right. They keep a constant stream of talent coming through the door and it's the reason they are always relevant. They have excellent ownership that made an excellent hire years ago in Ozzie Newsome. From there, it's been all Newsome that's made the team great. From him to Erik Decosta, the transition was super smooth. Newsome hired John Harbaugh and you couldn't ask for a better HC. The Jets have done EVERYTHING wrong. I don't blame ownership for anything more than not hiring the right people. All it's going to take is one good hire and everything will be fine. Hopefully, it's already been made? If JD can actually start that constant stream of talent coming through the door and hire the right HC, the Jets fortunes will immediately change for the better. Right now? They're deservedly so a LAUGHINGSTOCK.
  5. Yes. They've reached their limit on stupid hiring decisions for the time being....
  6. There's no doubt Mike Macagnan made 5-11 the new, exciting NORMAL. I mean look at how many yahoos on this site think the Jets are doing great and are actually optimistic right now? Losing is not only accepted by this pathetic team, it's EMBRACED as though they are so shrewd and building toward the future.
  7. For multiple reasons: 1) Many teams thought he was a RB. 2) His playing style is such that he may not have a long career.
  8. It's amazing how dumb the posters on this site can be, right? They're all trying to sack Rex, meanwhile as if these dingbats are better off with 🚽and Gase.
  9. Aikman is correct. Jets absolutely MUST stop the Ravens right now if they have any hope of winning.
  10. I hold on to a lot of confidence that Sam is going to stop throwing the idiotic interception at least once a game? The problem is he still hasn't kicked the habit.

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