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  1. NYJ1

    I'm out on....

    Yeah. Announcing you're out on parole is not really something anyone ever announces? Like they're proud of it?
  2. Honestly I was resigned to the fact the Jets were going to end up with Baker Mayfield. I thought there was no way the Jets would get Darnold. When it happened I was almost disappointed because I had invested so much time into researching Mayfield. I thought Darnld had HUGE bust factor. I was wrong and I couldn't be happier.
  3. The article just doesn't touch on the seriousness of the situation? What about the 2nd drought? How long can you go on talking about all of the bums selected in the 2nd round? So obviously this article doesn't put the state of the team in proper perspective. It's been a full on abortion for decades.
  4. NYJ1

    I'm out on....

    I'm really not sure what to say?
  5. NYJ1

    Butt Fumble

    Sounds VERY gay??
  6. I'm not going to get anywhere near as hostile or downright nasty in this post as I could... The bottom line is Mac needs to start doing his job and I mean right now. He's the very reason why this team is horrible right now. He purely had done a horrible job drafting. There's no other way to describe it. I find no earthly reason whatsoever why Chris would trust this slug.
  7. THANK YOU. I forgot that slugs name. I'm shocked and dismayed that this loser hadn't already been mentioned in this discussion? I see everyone's Curtis Conway and I raise you KEVAN BARLOW.
  8. NYJ1


    The HC is only as good as the talent on the roster. It doesn't matter how good your HC is if he doesn't have talent to work with your team still stinks. MAC is responsible for the talent on the team and he's consistently provided one of very least talented rosters two years running. So, YES, it is all about Mac and him starting to do his job once and for all.
  9. What about that RB Mike Tannenbaum traded with the 49ers to get? He was pretty BAD.
  10. All of those hardened Jets fans want to say signing guys like Long and Crowell are good things where they got out so easily. The problem with that is that the team has a net LOSS in the talent. Mac's not drafting good talent so he's relying on FA. At the end of the day however, the Jets still had stinko players at RB and Center last year and now they have gaping holes that will need to be filled this offseason . This team is so devoid of talent that I doubt 100 million even scratches the surface of all of the Jets needs. This teams problems start and end with the same guy that you're celebrating for being so shrewd in structuring contracts. He MUST start drafting better. He MUST start doing the main priority of his job!
  11. With all science applied I fix the Jets chances at winning the AFC East at ZERO. This team, as it is currently comprised, doesn't check a single box toward a winning record, let alone win the division. The Jets have the 25th overall defense and the 28th overall offense. How anyone could feel that one off-season spending spree could make this team go from worst to first, is beyond me?
  12. NYJ1


    Honestly, I can't remember thinking even when Kotite was here that the Jets had a worse roster. This roster right now is pretty much devoid of talent thanks to our GM.
  13. It was very stupid that Mac wouldn't even consider him.
  14. OK. Now I understand. But a few points.... 1) Jamal Adams is still getting better and I think you would agree with that? You don't know if he's the type of player that while very solid doesn't generate turnovers. He could become a true great at generating turnovers as time goes on. 2) Lawrence Taylor proved long ago that one player can truly be a difference maker. Now I'm not saying Jamal is LT but I am saying he can be a difference maker. 3) I'm as big of a Sam Darnold fan as anyone. However, he'll never win it alone. He needs complimentary players, just like Jamal does. Remember, the 2000 Ravens? Their very best player was Ray Lewis and they had a good running game. So it happens.
  15. believe whatever you want to believe then, but like I said, you're convinced you're right until someone uses it to win the SB on the big stage. Then you'll somehow wax poetic about how the league is changing again. I watch the NFL just like you and I see all the rules curtailed toward a more productive passing game. It means nothing when someone comes along that designs a great, well executed game plan designed to take advantage of time of possession and keep the ball out of that passing offenses hands. Long drives of 8 minutes or more that end in touchdowns and cause an enormous upset. Then you'll change your tune. It's only got to happen once.

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