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  1. What it really all boils down to is how much confidence Sammy has in himself? I think he believes he can turn into what the Jets are hoping. I'm just not sure he believes the Jets can give him a decent opportunity? And of course, he would never utter the words but you know he's got to be thinking about it. That's an obvious private joke in the Darnold household. Although I do think the Jets have a good GM now, in years past the incompetence is obvious. Darnold is an educated young man. He's not stupid. If he believes the Jets can give him a decent opportunity to advance his play, and I think he probably does, he'll stay (if the Jets do want him) and try his hand at getting that 5th year option. He could just tell them right now that he'd rather go and try his hand with a team that knows what they're doing? In that case, I believe the Jets would accommodate his request and trade him? But for me, the biggest problem here is the JETS. They have shown to be incompetent a$$holes and I'm sure that problem weighs heavily on Sammys mind.
  2. I'm sort of torn between two needs. If the Jets don't trade for Watson, there's a very good chance JD's pick would be Devonta Smith. However, I also very much think he wants to fix the OL, once and for all. Specifically, at #2 the pick has to be Sewell or Smith. If they trade down, depending on how far, I still believe either of those would very much be in play. Smith is too good to simply pass over. My belief is any trade down JD executes wouldn't be so far that he couldn't get one of those two.
  3. I love the idea of going all in with Sammy. Normally, I wouldn't think of making a move until we were certain Sammy was no go. However, because this is Deshaun Watson a PROVEN commodity in a QB driven league. I believe we MUST entertain the idea of getting him. He's too good to simply ignore entertaining the idea. And make no mistake, Saleh and JD's silence is very telling. If they truly were not interested they would have come out and ended the speculation. I think this speculation could go on until draft night.
  4. The AFC East is truly wide open, but certainly NOT open for the Jets to exploit. As a coincidence the Jets roster has been raped by an incompetent a$$hole content on killing the Jets for the ages. It's true. The Jets roster just so happens to be the very worst when the division is wide open. In other words, the Jets are truly just another EMBARRASSMENT even through the scheme of time. lol Did their incompetent a$$hole management team NOT know a day like this would come? Only the Jets could be so insanely STUPID.
  5. Shut up with your facts! Beerfish knows better.... Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Tell me more Nostradamus.... Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Got to have talent. MAC provided ZERO Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I thought this was the right thing to do. Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. The Jets are retaining special teams coordinator Brant Boyer, a source confirmed Monday. Boyer has been the Jets special teams coordinator since 2016 when former coach Todd Bowles hired him. He was retained by Adam Gase in 2019 and now new coach Robert Saleh has decided to keep him on his staff. The 49-year-old Boyer had a difficult season this year with injuries and the quality of the roster severely hurting his units. Sports Illustrated had Boyer’s units ranked 26th in the NFL in 2020. The Jets used three different kickers and had a rookie punter in Braden Mann, a sixth-round pick. Boyer called 2020 his toughest year in coaching. “There’s certainly not a ton [of positives], to be honest with you,” Boyer said before the final game of the season. “That’s just my own self-evaluation. I expect better from this crew and myself. I’m not happy with how things went. Regardless of situations and how many guys we’ve had to play and things like that, we’ve got to do better.” Boyer is the highest-ranking member of Gase’s coaching staff to be retained by Saleh, who was hired two weeks ago. He has kept some lower-level coaches, too. Saleh hired Mike LaFleur from the 49ers as his offensive coordinator and Jeff Ulbrich from the Falcons as his defensive coordinator. Sent from my SM-G930VL using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. You all seem to be stuck in 1st gear? Critique toilet all you'd like, you're pissing up a rope if you think you know what he could have achieved with a decent roster? He was SCREWED regardless of his individual coaching prowess and so was Gase and Rex....
  11. I'm not sure Mac Jones is the specific guy JD should draft, but I definitely think JD should draft a QB. Sammy 's regression is alarming. Joe Douglas MUST hold Sammy's feet to the fire. At this point, I feel comfortable saying Sammy is going to get another shot at starting with a MUCH better supporting cast than he's ever had. But I think JD and Saleh would be correct in hedging their bets? Promise Sammy NOTHING. Give him an opportunity to win the starting job. JD should draft a QB he truly believes in and tell him that he can also win the starting job if he outplays Sammy. Then, hold an open QB competition in training camp. Fair and square and may the best man win....
  12. You're not understanding the larger issue here... Bowles, just like anyone else could NEVER win with the Jets roster. Whether you think he's a good coach or not is not relevant. NO ONE could win with the Jets roster....

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