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  1. NYJ1

    SOJ or beginning of a new era?

    Well, I definitely think this is a new era of football? Our team had almost no talent at all going into the offseason. There's only one way this team can go and that is up. I just don't know if this new era involves a SB? Making the playoffs? A winning record? That's all nonsense to me. The only thing that matters to me is winning the SB. Mac hasn't shown himself to be a very good draft guy. So this is why I have such reservations as to whether they'll ever win the SB.
  2. Mac has used this off-season trying to unf*ck this team once and for all. He upgraded a few positions lacking talent. He also confessed (via his actions)that Darron Lee was a mistake and immediately upgraded the position. Robbie Anderson is a kid that Mac knew close to nothing about other than he saw something and took a chance on him. I doubt he knew much about how mentally stable he may or may not have been? He's a decent player, but certainly not great. He also never really caught chemistry with Sammy the way people would have thought. Now throw in the fact that Mac has added a few very nice pieces to Sam's arsenal in Crowder and Bell. These guys will catch chemistry with Sammy like a duck takes to water. Why not rid yourself of all of your problems in one fail swoop? Anderson will only become more and more of a problem as times goes on. When you listen to him talk, that's the only logical conclusion you could arrive at. Like I saisd, he has 10 cent brain. A 3rd rounder for a time bomb is exceptional value given his antics. I would take it and run. Besides, it's not like this would be a costly loss. He never had great chemistry with Sammy and the draft is tomorrow. We could find equivalent value with a 3rd rounder with relative ease minus the trouble.
  3. NYJ1

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The ONLY thing that concerns me is will our incompetent GM utilize those picks correctly? Will he finally start hitting on his draft choices and make this team a contender? Up to now, he's done nothing to indicate he has the foggiest idea what he's doing.
  4. NYJ1

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Who gives a sh*t that he's done a few things to help Darnold? Sammys biggest need is the JETS biggest need and the area where Mac neglected this team the most. But it's not even about what he's done for Sammy. It's about horribly, consistent bad drafting. I'm sorry Sir, but you can't build a team to compete when your drafting is this bad. You can't build a team made up of strictly free agents. You MUST be able to draft some talent. To Mac's defense he's drafted a few nice players but the vast majority have been GARBAGE.
  5. Given his antics off the field, if the Jets were offered a 3rd for Anderson, I'd grab that pick and run like I stole it. Anderson has a 10 cent brain just like Geno Smith. Getting a 3rd for him is excellent return on an idiot.
  6. NYJ1

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Because now they're getting 1st and 3rd round picks for him?
  7. I would trade back. I would have a very good scouting dept. Backing me up. I would then find all of those steals in the mid rounds and make this team a contender again.
  8. NYJ1

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Sounds about right to me. He's hit on a few 1st rounders and VERY little else. That pretty much sums it up. Darron Lee is a horrible 1st rounder. So you can summarize with the following.... When he's had a no brainer pick fall to him, he takes said player. When he's left to display his individual talents and find those "diamonds in the rough", he fails miserably.
  9. No insult intended, but I take it you haven't been watching football all that long? You're a young person?
  10. NYJ1

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    Well, really what you're talking about is a coach/coordinator that coaches scared. If there's anything I HATE it's that coach that coaches "not to lose". Which pretty much guarantees losing. I haven't seen anything from Gase or his staff that would indicate he's going to call plays like Paul Hackett.
  11. Outside of improving the OL (probably the most important thing that Mac always neglects) I really like what Mac has done to give Sammy a confidence boost. The defense should be much better especially now that they dumped Lee and replaced him with probably the best ILB in the game today. This defense will keep Darnold in fighting chance to win games. I love Crowder and how much damage he'll do out of the slot. Sammy will have FUN gaining chemistry with him. LeBron Bell? Do I even need to describe how much he'll add to this offense? Don't get me wrong, I still don't believe the Jets are good enough to take the division from the patsies, but they ARE much improved.
  12. I've really never seen Peterson play. With that said, I have no problem saying Darrelle Revis is the best corner I have ever seen play the game. When Revis was at his best there was no WR in the game that could exploit him. The who's who of very best WR's in the game from 2009-2011 that Revis rendered useless is staggering. Better than anyone I've ever seen, including Deion.
  13. It DOES look like him, but I seriously doubt it is? That guy isn't tall enough. From what I understand Sam Darnold to be... He's a laid back very polite non-confrontational kind of kid. So basically everything with the exception of looking like him a bit is wrong.
  14. NYJ1

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    But in all seriousness, we had to start somewhere? I know, and probably everyone on this site knows, that this team is a JV high school team with a few nice pieces. Sam Darnold is a very good up and coming player. You can't send this kid out on the field with no weapons. That would be malpractice. I like the additions Mac made even if we still know Mac is an incompetent doofus. The Jets offense now, FINALLY, after years of being a comedy show, has some nice pieces to build around. They've still got a long ways to go, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let a potentially bad coach ruin my optimism. I really think you should do the same.

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