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  1. You have no idea what you're talking about. Zach? Perfect? Lol he can't even hit a *cling 5 yard pass
  2. BS. That was a contested catch. He had a CB draped all over him
  3. And Zach Wilson, and the WR's, and the defense, and wait.... The entire team played like sh*t today led by the CS and Zach Wilson and piss poor accuracy
  4. This is such BS. Zach Wilson can't hit the ocean with his passes.
  5. Can Zach execute a normal play? Or is it that he can only be successful when he's throwing with complete abandon?
  6. Make no mistake, this is very much a winnable game for the Jets. The Falcons are a flawed team in many different ways. They're also taking the injury bug on the chin. At this point honestly I think the Jets SHOULD win this game. But the way they'll lose it is if they decide not to do their jobs. They finally found chemistry last weekend but it's a fragile thing. They can just as easily lose it as they can continue on building it. I think the key here is for Zach to execute the game plan and play some boring football. If he does that I think the Jets win....
  7. Today is another test for Corey Davis. He definitely does Get the dropsies from time to time, but he is most certainly a number 1 WR. He made a fantastic CONTESTED catch against the Titans in the end zone last weekend. So all of you yahoos that were flapping your guns can shut it. Whether you think he's worthy of the title "number 1 wideout" or not is IRRELEVANT. He IS the Jets number 1 wideout.
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