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  1. To me, this just sounds like being happy for scraps? I'm sorry but I can't be happy for scraps! Just because we're so relieved that our sh*thead GM got fired and our new guy has made what looks like a few good moves in firing Gase. Which gives us another healthy dose of RELIEF. Meanwhile, the problem still exists? Listen, I posted the thread about a week ago where I said I have 100% support for JD. I like the guy and everything he's done seems to be pointing in the right direction. But all that is is a FEELING. A BELIEF and nothing more. We, as Jets fans, have ZERO tangible, substant
  2. Well, I guess I have to hand it to you @Creepy Lurker. You pretty much created the documented portion of getting Mac ousted? Although, it had been popular it just wasn't mentioned with such disregard for the Mac lovers feelings. I wanted him canned after the 2016 season. I knew when I heard the name Darron Lee that the Jets were f*cked. Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs about how the Jets were going to be 10-6 that year. Lol I said 4 to 6 wins at most. But I must congratulate you for your conviction and the Jets fanbase didn't even have to rent a billboard!:)
  3. Exact. And it does make you wonder, doesn't it?
  4. You mean an agenda as in thinking the Jets f*cked Sammy and we're still getting over it? Yes. You're absolutely correct on that notion. However, I do NOT dislike Zach. Zach, for me is everything I'm not and everything I wish I could be. He's a great kid, superior athlete, and I like everything else about him up to and including his politics. So the answer is NO, I do not have any agenda of any kind. I doubt anyone else could possibly have an agenda. Anyone who takes a disliking to Zach will do that based on his play on the field.
  5. Well, that's certainly a way to combat the problem but it does not ultimately fight the injury wave. Like I said, two year ago we were hiring guys off the street because our linebackers had been completely gutted. Depth does not prevent the problem. It's silly to think otherwise...
  6. That's actually a good point. Thanks for bringing it up. Sometimes IMO players reach the point where their frames are either too large or too small to play professional football? Kris Jenkins to me is a prime example of a tremendously big man to the point where he's injury prone because his weight is simply too big for his joints to support? Robbie Anderson, although he never really had any significant injuries, was too small? He NEEDED to put on more muscle to avoid injury.
  7. Can't say I really know? What I do know is that the Jets have raised breaking the fans hearts to an artform. The last two years have been new levels of insult. I'm also very encouraged by JD and what he's done? Saleh is an unknown commodity for me. Can't really say anything about him. I always try to remain cautiously optimistic and that would be my best advice to you? We can't be drama queens all the time but we can't fall for outside impression hook, line, and sinker either...
  8. I think something that gets lost in all the hatred of Adam Gase, and all the other issues from the last two seasons is the health of the team. The Jets, the last two seasons have been gutted by injuries. Two seasons ago our linebackers got so banged up that we were playing guys signed off the street. Last year, we damn near lost all of our WR's at one point. It's foolish to think the Jets will be even mildly successful if we get as banged up as we have the last two years. JD has applied a nutrition program and conditioning to combat the level of injuries. However, that did not seem to stem the
  9. I think that's awesome. I'm so happy they are taking to important PR roles during their off time. Now they just got to add Mekhi Becton to the group....
  10. Relax. Is she bothering Zach or his ability to develop his craft with the NYJ? Are you offended by an outspoken Republican woman? I'm not. Not that it's really any of our business. I do think Zachs family should be off limits anyway.
  11. And they'd have every right also. It happened once to Sammy and JD beared witness. If he does it twice that makes him an idiot.
  12. JetsFanShawn = SNL character "Massive head wound Harry"...
  13. Anything short of the playoffs IMO does not constitute an exciting season. Encouraging maybe but certainly not exciting
  14. Gase guided the Jets to a 7-9 record in 2019. 7-9 was the best we'd had since 2015. Douglas could not and there certainly wasn't any reason to fire Gase.
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