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  1. You can look at it anyway you want. If Saban win a SB, with the Jets of all teams, would easily cement his legacy as one of the best all around coaches, ultimate success n both college and the pros. Not at all Jet centric.
  2. IF Lawrence would play for the Jets, I would hold on to Sammy and put him in a straight up QB competition with Lawrence.
  3. I don't believe that's possible so stop teasing us
  4. I'll be watching the youngsters. The only hope I feel I have as a Jets fan is for this draft class to turn out good? I want to see a glimmer of hope watching Becton further dominate established veteran pass rushers, I want to see Denzel Mims finally play a game and show some sort of chemistry with Sammy, I want to see Lamichael Perine show some of the compliments he got during TC. I DON'T want to see Braden Mann as that would indicate the offense might actually have a few longer drives. But I s still want the Jets to lose....
  5. It appears Joe Douglas is doing everything he can to ensure the Jets remain perfect? I say good job. I can't imagine the kings ransom we can get for the number 1 pick. There's no way Lawrence would ever come here. If Lawrence won't play here that's fine. I don't think Sammy is forever broken. I just think he needs a new team. With all of the picks JD would obtain in trade for Lawrence, coupled with Jamal picks, coupled with the rest of the Jets picks, coupled with FA, coupled with potentially 100 million in cap space, JD could quite possibly field an almost brand new team next season.
  6. Winning a SB in a city everyone claims to be the very worst destination in sports. If he won a SB here it would eclipse any accomplishment he's achieved at Alabama times TEN.
  7. Now, obviously you're dead set on playing the role of Nostradamus. So I'm just telling you... I guarantee Gase is a goner after the season
  8. Eating mayonnaise from a jar with a dirty scumbag at the bottom....
  9. Just putting it out there... After the season, when DOUGLAS hires the next HC, he should interview Nick Saban. I'm not sure he'd ever want to come to the Jets? Douglas would have sell himself to Saban, but Saban would make a great HC IMO. He's learned so much since his stint in Miami. He's perfected the college game. He couldn't possibly be any better than he already is.
  10. You couldn't possibly believe this. Why are you such an attention whore? Do you have a bad home life?
  11. WOW. What a bold proclamation. Are you related to Nostradamus?
  12. Gase is a genuinely bad HC. But make no mistake, NO HC can win with the Jets current roster. The roster is expansion team bad. I'm not excusing Gase here. But in my honest and humble opinion, it's impossible to judge a player like Sammy when you surround him with the HACKS masquerading as players.
  13. The bottom line with ALL of this imho is TALENT. And maybe a slight, little bit of idiocy on RA's part? RA's part is essentially so small that it's pretty much irrelevant. Robbie had "Geno Smith disease" for a while. His actions off the field were that of an a$$hole. So rightfully so, Jets management and the fan base were pretty much in lock step on Robbie. Offer him a contract but not one with crazy money. His conduct off the field had something to do with his reduced offer as well. However, the biggest reason why he's excelling now is because he actually has talent around him. Carolina is nothing special IMO when it comes to drafting? They're average as far as I'm concerned. But even being average at drafting is infinitely better than the Jets train wreck of a scouting department. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm exaggerating the issue here? You must have talent to win and the Jets have ZERO. Then, when the Jets start to acquire a genuinely talented athlete like a Jamal Adams, they immediately TRADE said staple player for picks. As though suddenly the Jets can acquire an equal or greater amount of talent with those picks. Well, I'm not here to go off on Joe Douglas. IMO, the jury is still out on Joe? IMO, thus far he's been shaky at best in handling the draft and FA? What I can say with 100% confidence is that trading Jamal for picks with Mac making decisions? Would have meant just another train wreck of BAD decisions in a long, long list. In the end, Robbie's development in Carolina, should be equally as eye opening as watch the Jets field the very worst team, potentially, in the history of the league. The Jets are currently expansion team bad. This only can change when the GENERAL MANAGER, and no one else, starts doing his job.
  14. You founded the Adam Gase fan club. You want to have his babies. With that said, be quiet and let the adults talk......
  15. Make no mistake, he IS hiding. You would be to. I just think there's no way he could have made this season any better? He had no say on the HC and the damage was already done when it came to the players. His FA moves did NOTHING to help a very bad situation.
  16. I would love to see Rex become HC again and with a decent GM he'll win several SB's. That said, I don't want Rex back right now. When the season ends, then I'd immediately hire Rex. Let Gase complete the perfect 0-16 and get us the number 1 pick.....
  17. The most truly JETSY thing to happen is for the Jets to go a perfect 0-16 then have TREVOR LAWRENCE refuse to play for the Jets. That's the JETSY way!

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