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  1. The ONLY way the Titans can win today is if they limit Tannehills responsibilities to being a game manager. Tannehill will kill the Titans if he's forced to start passing regularly. Summerhill sucks.
  2. I think the clock just officially struck midnight on the Titans Cinderella run.
  3. The Chiefs can easily put this game in the bag of they start stopping the Titans offense. KC is a dynamic, prolific, fast acting offense. The Titans are a very good team in their own right, but they simply would never be able to keep up with KC in a high scoring affair.
  4. Keep up with the program Warfish. I didn't post that someone else did. Lol
  5. You are so full of you know what. Stop associating every Jets offensive problem on Gase. That's not even half true. Adam Gase took over a team that was already horrendous on offense. Gase was also forced to coach players brought in by one of the worst GM's in team history. They had probably the very worst OL in franchise history. He was a GM that neglected the OL for his entire Jets career. You always think that you're some sort of master debator or something? You're not. You're someone who consistently answers a posters opinion with your own OPINION and nothing more. The FACT is, and this is probably the ONLY fact, is that the Jets offense has been TERRIBLE regardless of who has been coaching it for years. It's not just Adam Gase. It's EVERYONE from REX Ryan to Todd Bowles to Adam Gase to Brian Schottenheimer to Tony Sparano to Marty Mornhinweg to Chan Gailey and a sh*t ton of others. I don't know, I lose count of all the people that produce the very SAME result. What I will say and this is my OPINION: 1) I don't believe a single HC or OC the Jets have had has gotten a chance to run their offense with anything more than one or two players of their preference/liking? ALL of them have worked under less than ideal circumstances. 2) Gase deserves an opportunity to operate a Jets offense at least partially in his preference. I want to see what he can do with a revamped OL. He went 7-9 last season with a terrible roster. That's the best record the Jets have had in 5 seasons. 🚽went 10-6 in 2015 after the GM spent 50 million in FA. Based on that season alone the Jets gave 🚽an additional 3 seasons to coach the team. So I think Gase has earned at least one more season to see this thing through.
  6. That video shows how athletic he is. We already knew he could run. However, I'm happy for the way he's approaching the game in the pros? He's not the biggest fish in the pond in the NFL. He's just one big guy of MANY. We also already know Sammy can develop into an excellent pocket passer as time goes on. He's already the best pocket passer in his class or at least tied with Mayfield and Jackson. So him having running talent is something nice to have in his pocket, but his career can still develop into so much more.
  7. I don't know? Perhaps Marcus Maye? I know he's not even a pro bowler, but he's definitely solid. Probably top 5? However, if your point is to make everyone aware how untalented this team is? You're preaching to the choir. Mike Macagnan left the cupboards absolutely bare. That's a fact. That's why my only hope for JD is for him to actually start picking TALENT. I don't even care if he uses picks 100% on BAP, just so long as Douglas starts bringing talent through the door and I'll be happy. The fact is, we haven't had a GM do that since the very earliest days of Mike Tannenbaum/late drafts of Terry Bradway.
  8. "I was told at Shrine Game practices that the Jets are going to take a hard look at every offensive lineman that is available in free agency." In other words, you can bet your a$$ the Jets WILL be taking at least one OL, probably two in free agency. GUARANTEED. The problems with this team on offense are so obvious... A revamped OL ALONE makes this offense at least 3 wins better.
  9. Parcells gave him a chance and he immediately sh*t the bed. No thanks.
  10. We'll have to see how it all works out? I think there's potential there no doubt, but I wouldn't consider any TE we have as a top TE. Not even close actually and the reliability factor also comes into play here. Herndon was useless this season. While Griffin was a pleasant surprise, he's got to stay healthy or else he's no good to the team.
  11. It's a good thing the playoffs are not under consideration in awarding coach of the year? John Harbaugh laid an egg
  12. So it makes a difference about whether you ask for an arrest warrant if the guy is someone you like? That's NONSENSE.The law is the same for EVERYONE. Better get used to that idea.
  13. Why in the world would we want to trade a guy that was the second best player on defense in 2018? Why not keep him so he can make our defense that much better?
  14. The coaching staff needs to put Sammy in a position to succeed. Running all the time with the ball is a fools approach. Sammy had it in him to be an excellent pocket passer. He only needs to run as a very last resort. IF should get Sammy plenty of weapons he can utilize and build chemistry with. The coaching staff should accentuate what Sammy already doesc well.
  15. It would be nothing short of amazing if the Jets actually made the playoffs in 2020. The drafting had been so poor for so long that this team is without a doubt the very most untalented team in Jets history.
  16. Makes sense to me. There is nothing else he could draft that would benefit the team as much as an OT. A revamped OL would have an infinite benefit. Both the running and passing could easily be twice as good as it was in 2019. YES. It's currently that bad.
  17. Oh, and Mike Macagnan is a sphincter boy.... As you were
  18. He's gone. He'll get cut whenever it's most financially advantageous. Simply cannot stay healthy and he's no good to the team of he's constantly on IR.
  19. You mean I've been saying how untalented this team is and only NOW Jets fans are understanding me?
  20. The "EYE TEST" when it comes to Gase tells me one thing.... He simply did NOT have talent to work with. That's a fact. Then, I come to the realization that the talent situation is so bad that, NO ONE, not just Gase, could be successful coaching this team. Not even a young Bill Parcells. So ultimately no one knows if Gase is a good HC. Everything on this site is merely one's opinion. Not even my own opinion matters. What must happen is the GM must start doing his job.
  21. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. @TomShane is just going to have to unbunch his panties.
  22. I don't think there's any way Grant Delpit is still available at 11. Even assuming he would be there's no way the Jets would have any interest in drafting him. Delpit more than likely goes top 5.
  23. Just putting it out there.... There's 3 WR's between these two teams, Higgins, Chase, and Jefferson, that I would love for JD to draft.

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