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  1. I have to disagree here. I support giving Lee a shot in Williams 4-3. As I mentioned before it's not all Lee's fault he's been terrible, he's been a square peg in a round hole with the Jets. That's the fault of Mac and Bowles for not recognizing that his size would become a major factor. It's there fault they haven't tried utilizing him in other ways more suited to his strength. But in agreement with you, there's absolutely NO justification for exercising his 9.8 million option. If Mac does that, that will be looked upon as foolish a move as Tanny resigning Mark Sanchez was.
  2. This isn't the first time Darron Lee has gotten in trouble byChris Mascaro The third-year inside linebacker has been in hot water before, just not this scalding Jets inside linebacker Darron Lee was suspended four games for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, the league announced Friday, meaning the 24-year-old's season is over. It could also mean his time with the Jets is over. The suspension not only will cost the former first-round pick $325,000 in game checks, it also triggers default language in his contract, meaning his $1.8 million base salary for 2019 is no longer fully guaranteed, according to ESPN's Rich Cimini. The Jets have until May to either exercise Lee's fifth-year option for 2020, which would then guarantee his contract next season as well, or they can cut him at very little cost. What began as a promising season for Lee has turned in a hurry, much like the Jets (3-9) as a whole. Lee, the 20th pick of the 2016 draft out of Ohio State, had his first career interceptions in the Jets' Week 1 rout of the Lions in Detroit, returning the first for a touchdown. He had another INT off Andrew Luck in the Jets' Week 6 win over the Colts, which is impressive since pass coverage has been one of the weaker parts of his game, especially his rookie year. But Lee, like many of his teammates, has played poorly during the team's six-game losing streak, and he failed to record a sack in 12 games this year. Darron Lee off-the-field issues This isn't the first time Lee has been in trouble. Head coach Todd Bowles suspended him one game last season for being late to practice, and the Jets beat the Chiefs at home without him, 38-31. Two offseason ago, Lee got into a verbal altercation with his girlfriend at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York, and teammate Leonard Williams had to physically remove him from the situation. 226 people are talking about this He didn't get punished for the incident -- by the team or the NFL -- but the league did investigate the situation. Lee also amassed $72,965 in fines last season, including two for roughing the passer, another for an "excessive" facemask (according to the league) and another for a late hit. And for all that baggage, Lee hasn't been worth the trouble, as he was the lowest-ranked linebacker in 2016, and the second-lowest in 2017, by Pro Football Focus. He has four sacks, two forced fumbles and three interceptions in three seasons (40 games, 36 starts), and the Jets are actually 3-1 in the four games he's missed. You asked for another article? Well, here you go. Yet another article that points to his weight being 220. But I guess they aren't valid sources of news according to you? When did you become the news authority?I I especially like the part that explains he started out 2018 playing rather well, he played poorly during the teams 6 game losing streak and failed to record a sack in 12 games this season. and to Kleckineau's point, I've also seen Lee in person and he does not look even a pound heavier than Jamal Adams. If he was truly 232 like you claim, he wouldn't need to add more muscle to his frame as his pro scouting report points out. this is to say nothing about all the troubles he's had off the field and yet you want to pay this pot head 10 million? All I can say to that is thank God you're not running the team? We're just going to have to agree to disagree here. Have a good night.
  3. Every single site ever? Did you even READ the article I posted? You act as though 232 pounds is his weight and it's never been questioned. That's nonsense. I already showed you one article listing his weight at 220 and I can show you others. Stop pretending like you know and where all conspiracy theorists. Lol his playing weight is VERY MUCH debated all over internet sites. Lol everyone tends to think he's undersized because he often gets tossed aside like dirty laundry by lead guards, rb's in the hole, etc. His coverage skills have never matured as he still to this day cannot cover rb 's and te's. He never gets his head turned around to actually LOOK for the pass and if he can actually knock it down. Most people that are actually fans that attend games and watch preseason practices, etc. continually question his weight because they are LOOKING at him in person and can tell he's at best Safety size. But what's most damming is that not under ANY circumstances can paying him 10 million dollars be justified. His play is not even close to that kind of money, especially when you consider he's a pot head.
  4. Correct. Although the posters arguing with me seen to have forgotten that? They also seen to forget that I am on their side? I want the Jets to succeed as much as they do. I'm order to do that you need to admit where mistakes have been made. Imo, Darrin Lee was a mistake and an embarrassment (given his behavior off the field) when he was drafted. What's infinitely WORSE is to give this failure 10 million dollars. Neville Hewitt played just as good as Lee ever has.
  5. You pretend as though that happened only a few times. Lol
  6. Jets' Darron Lee was NFL's worst rookie linebacker Jets first-round pick Darron Lee had plenty of speed and athleticism, but it did not always translate to success on the field. Lee graded out as the worst linebacker in the class of 2016 according to Pro Football Focus, despite being selected 20th overall in 2016’s draft. The biggest shortcoming for the former Ohio State Buckeye was his pass coverage, which the Jets thought would be a strength heading into the season. When targeting Lee in coverage, opposing quarterbacks had a rating of 132.9. In fact, the only measurable that Lee didn’t struggle in was discipline. He committed just two penalties this season. Heading into his sophomore season, the Jets need to find a better way to use Lee. He was consistently overmatched by opposing tight ends in coverage. At 6-foot-1 and 220 pounds, he is undersized for an inside linebacker in Todd Bowles’ 3-4 base defense. He was regarded as one of the best blitzers in the 2016 draft class, yet he rarely did that for the Jets. Either way, Bowles needs to find a way to get more out of the team’s 2016 first-round pick.
  7. I wonder if Patriot Killa ever bothered to watch the Redskins and Jets preseason game? I forget who that RB was met Lee in the hole and Lee got blown off the LOS. That RB's listed playing weight was something like 235.
  8. Well, at least I don't think Williams belongs in the same class as the posters on this site are placing him? Bowles/Mac stripped Williams of all the talent on the DL. Bowles forced Williams inside and Williams is better suited as a DE.
  9. See that's exactly what I'm saying. When you looked at Lee next to his teammates you knew that listed playing weight was BS.
  10. Every pro scouting report pumps up the subjects playing weight in an effort to increase the draft hype. But I guess because I'm the new guy, I must be wrong? That's amusing.... OVERVIEW Lee's never been short on confidence, proclaiming to teammates that he was the one to take over for 2014 first-round pick Ryan Shazier in the Buckeyes' defense -- even though he was only a year removed from starring as a quarterback and cornerback in high school. He wound up starting all 15 games in that redshirt freshman year for the national champion Buckeyes, earning multiple Freshman All-American accolades with 81 tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks. Lee truly hit the national stage by terrorizing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, receiving Defensive MVP honors with seven tackles, three for loss, and two sacks. His play as a sophomore was just as good, tracking down ball carriers 66 times, 11 for a loss and 4.5 sacks on his way to second-team All-Big Ten accolades from league coaches (third team media). ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Quick to diagnose and flow to the ball. Has unusual ability to find the most efficient routes to the ball. Has athleticism and flexibility to contort his body and succeed through difficult tackle angles. Plays with loose hips, quick feet and desired agility of an NFL weak-side linebacker. Former high school quarterback with the change of direction and speed to be a rangy playmaker. Comfortable in space and excels there. Has plus man cover talent. Willing to stand in and take on blockers with a leveraged strike if his gap is being threatened. Capable gap blitzer with ability to get skinny through the holes. WEAKNESSES Smallish linebacker. Play strength doesn't come close to matching puffed up listed weight. Balance issues at point of attack could plague him over his NFL career. Has the body type of a big safety. Tape shows few authoritative tackles. Involved in too many arm and shoestring tackles. Comes flying in and fails to come to balance at times. Charged with 21 missed and five broken tackles over the last two seasons. Always at size disadvantage and will have to learn to slip more blocks. Can get better at finding targets in zone coverage. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 1 SOURCES TELL US "Don't get overly excited about Ragland making a lot of plays behind those tackles at Alabama. It won't be that way in the pros. Lee had talent on his defense too, but he's a natural three-down player who can cover and blitz. He's a much better playmaker than Ragland." -- AFC executive NFL COMPARISON Zach Brown BOTTOM LINE Lee's level of NFL success might very well be tied to scheme fit and his ability to add more muscle to his frame. His athletic traits and ability to make plays should make him a starter, but he won't unlock his full potential unless he gets strong enough to handle the rigors of an NFL linebacker. Meanwhile, just using common sense and looking at him with your own two eyes will tell you there's no possible way he's 232 pounds. Ryan Shazier lol
  11. Good point that's better answered by Mac and Bowles
  12. That's a blown up exaggeration. Just like his pro scouting report is a blown up exaggeration. His playing weight has always been right around 215 to 220 pounds. Stop fooling yourself. You need only look at him to know he's approximately the same size as Jamal Adams only not nearly as talented.
  13. Where does this fallacy come from that claims Lee got better in coverage? Lee is TERRIBLE in coverage and it has never changed since he was drafted. He had a few pick 6's against a simply overwhelmed Lions team, but the fact is he wasn't assigned anyone to cover on those plays or simply missed his assignment. He was standing in the secondary and reading Stafford's eyes. He had all the time in the world to jump routes. The fact is, when a player does not have an assignment they can focus on jumping routes. ANYONE can do that. Now in contrast, whenever Lee had an assignment to actually cover a RB out of the backfield, he was the SAME player he's always been. He never looks for the ball and therefore he never prevents a pass completion. He could keep up with the intended receiver but he never prevented opposing QB's from having an astronomically high rating when passing to his coverage responsibility. He was completely useless in coverage. So where so many are getting fooled into thinking he was somehow improved or better in coverage I will never know?
  14. It's a good question? What we know is that at least 3 years into his career he's nothing better than a 2nd day pick. With the drug suspension it makes him that much more of a liability. Besides, Hack this is one of Mac's very worst picks. The fact is, that entire draft was very seriously mismanaged. There's no possible way the Jets are going to pay the little guy 9 million. There's no way to possibly justify it. There's one glimmer of hope IMO to salvage Lee. First of all, we know Mac and Bowles seriously botched this pick in that Lee is a 4-3 player. He was never big enough to play in a 3-4. They essentially drafted a square peg for a round hole. So this is not 100% Lee's fault. He'll get the chance to play in Williams 4-3 defense and maybe (and I do stress MAYBE) Williams can make a decent player out of him. But for that to happen there's 3 things Lee must do: 1) Play MUCH better than his first 3 years would represent. Like I said, 3 years into his career he's not even close to justifying being taken with the 20th overall. 2) He'd better get sober and stay that way. He's a pot head and there's no way anyone is going to tell me that he has a problem with addiction? He has a problem with laziness. He smoked pot all the while knowing he would be drug tested and eventually fail. He didn't care. He placed his own personal wants over the team. 3) Assuming the first two do actually happen, Lee will need to take a pay cut to stay with the Jets. There's no earthly way at this moment that his play justifies exercising that option.
  15. Yeah. Announcing you're out on parole is not really something anyone ever announces? Like they're proud of it?
  16. Honestly I was resigned to the fact the Jets were going to end up with Baker Mayfield. I thought there was no way the Jets would get Darnold. When it happened I was almost disappointed because I had invested so much time into researching Mayfield. I thought Darnld had HUGE bust factor. I was wrong and I couldn't be happier.
  17. The article just doesn't touch on the seriousness of the situation? What about the 2nd drought? How long can you go on talking about all of the bums selected in the 2nd round? So obviously this article doesn't put the state of the team in proper perspective. It's been a full on abortion for decades.
  18. I'm really not sure what to say?
  19. I'm not going to get anywhere near as hostile or downright nasty in this post as I could... The bottom line is Mac needs to start doing his job and I mean right now. He's the very reason why this team is horrible right now. He purely had done a horrible job drafting. There's no other way to describe it. I find no earthly reason whatsoever why Chris would trust this slug.
  20. THANK YOU. I forgot that slugs name. I'm shocked and dismayed that this loser hadn't already been mentioned in this discussion? I see everyone's Curtis Conway and I raise you KEVAN BARLOW.
  21. The HC is only as good as the talent on the roster. It doesn't matter how good your HC is if he doesn't have talent to work with your team still stinks. MAC is responsible for the talent on the team and he's consistently provided one of very least talented rosters two years running. So, YES, it is all about Mac and him starting to do his job once and for all.
  22. What about that RB Mike Tannenbaum traded with the 49ers to get? He was pretty BAD.
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