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  1. All of those hardened Jets fans want to say signing guys like Long and Crowell are good things where they got out so easily. The problem with that is that the team has a net LOSS in the talent. Mac's not drafting good talent so he's relying on FA. At the end of the day however, the Jets still had stinko players at RB and Center last year and now they have gaping holes that will need to be filled this offseason . This team is so devoid of talent that I doubt 100 million even scratches the surface of all of the Jets needs. This teams problems start and end with the same guy that you're celebrating for being so shrewd in structuring contracts. He MUST start drafting better. He MUST start doing the main priority of his job!
  2. With all science applied I fix the Jets chances at winning the AFC East at ZERO. This team, as it is currently comprised, doesn't check a single box toward a winning record, let alone win the division. The Jets have the 25th overall defense and the 28th overall offense. How anyone could feel that one off-season spending spree could make this team go from worst to first, is beyond me?
  3. Honestly, I can't remember thinking even when Kotite was here that the Jets had a worse roster. This roster right now is pretty much devoid of talent thanks to our GM.
  4. It was very stupid that Mac wouldn't even consider him.
  5. OK. Now I understand. But a few points.... 1) Jamal Adams is still getting better and I think you would agree with that? You don't know if he's the type of player that while very solid doesn't generate turnovers. He could become a true great at generating turnovers as time goes on. 2) Lawrence Taylor proved long ago that one player can truly be a difference maker. Now I'm not saying Jamal is LT but I am saying he can be a difference maker. 3) I'm as big of a Sam Darnold fan as anyone. However, he'll never win it alone. He needs complimentary players, just like Jamal does. Remember, the 2000 Ravens? Their very best player was Ray Lewis and they had a good running game. So it happens.
  6. believe whatever you want to believe then, but like I said, you're convinced you're right until someone uses it to win the SB on the big stage. Then you'll somehow wax poetic about how the league is changing again. I watch the NFL just like you and I see all the rules curtailed toward a more productive passing game. It means nothing when someone comes along that designs a great, well executed game plan designed to take advantage of time of possession and keep the ball out of that passing offenses hands. Long drives of 8 minutes or more that end in touchdowns and cause an enormous upset. Then you'll change your tune. It's only got to happen once.
  7. OK. Honestly this response is going right over my head? Can you please explain? I have no idea what you're trying to say.
  8. Our GM's philosophy for the last two years had been to shop for players that are below average at best. Players that would not be starters on other teams. So, in a way, you could say the Jets have plenty of depth but almost zero starters. Shopping in FA this year should only be about picking up starters. Players that will finally make the team competitive and not a push over.
  9. I agree with this. The Jets shouldn't have to spend all their money on Bell. But the problem is the Jets are flirting with signing him because they're drafting is TERRIBLE. No approach to improving this team is going to work until Mac starts doing his job. The Jets will never be able to create a potent running game until Mac starts drafting OL that turn out to be successful.
  10. I'd rather Mac draft that kid from UMASS? Let's not break the bank on expensive FA's. The best approach is always to use the draft.
  11. It's ALWAYS been of utmost importance. There's those sadly mistaken people out there that still believe the ground and pound is not a viable offensive philosophy in today's NFL. That's nonsense. They'll continue prognosticating this drivel until it happens again (and it will, it's only a matter of time), then they'll claim they knew it all along. The only thing that's changed in the NFL recently in regards to the running game is the need for a fullback. Many teams choose not to deploy one because they lack a talented fullback. A truly talented fullback gives you an extra offensive dynamic. A guy that can block ahead of the RB, a guy that can catch the ball out of the backfield, a guy that can run the ball in a pinch, those guys become an enormous part of a productive offense.
  12. The hatred?? Penis envy?? of Jamal Adams on this site is pretty insane. WHY... and PLEASE give me an educated answer, not some garbage excuse like he talks too much as to why you hate the guy so much? I'm beginning to think you're the same posters that hated Keyshawn? For those of you that just can't get over Jamal's outspoken way, understand it isn't going anywhere. You've heard someone tell you about a certain thing, "It isn't going anywhere and you can't control it by complaining, so GET OVER IT"? It's the very same thing with Jamal. Jamal is an outstanding player that's only getting better. With talent like that you also get a larger say on how the team operates. It goes with the territory. How is it any different than Sam Darnold? And quite frankly I'm glad he's getting a say in who the team picks up. He knows the players he can work with are winners. So if he created a winning environment accidentally, that should make you happy, right? Or are you one of those people that's not happy unless they're miserable?
  13. Stop listening to the POS Smith. He's an a$$hole.
  14. You can't trade down too far because the Jets have way too many needs. I would day trade down no farther than say #8? Possibly allowing Mac to still grab the best OL available. He's just screwed up so badly over the last 4 seasons that the Jets just don't have as much freedom as they should.
  15. Undoubtedly, his worst whiff is CHRISTIAN HACKENBERG. He couldn't hit the ocean he was so bad. It's first day misses like that that will break a team. His picks overall have been below average at best and the yield numbers support that. Overall, even on picks he's hit on they are nothing to write home about, (Williams, Jenkins, etc.) It seems to me whenever he's tasked with making a pick using scouting reports he stinks up the joint. Whenever, there's a no brainer pick that slips to him he's always smart enough to take him, (Adams, Darnold). That's probably his only saving grace.
  16. I just hope Adams was also involved. It makes total sense to get your very best players involved.
  17. I can't place Reid any higher than 5th. He's never won a SB. All the other coaches have. Don't get me wrong, he is a very good HC but until he gets a SB under his belt, he can never be higher on that list.
  18. Where the hype comes from surrounding this total disappointment I will NEVER know? He's bar none the very worst 1st round pick Mac has made. Isn't he also a drug addict? Enough is enough. Anything he was ever going to do in a Jets uniform he's already done. The return simply does not justify the investment. Time to move on.
  19. Well, as a life long Jets fan I've been screwed over far too many times when I started drinking the Kool-Aid. I will NEVER do that again. So remain slightly optimistic but mostly skeptical. That seems to work best.
  20. There's no reason to blame Williams for Bowles/McCagnan's misdeeds. Everyone knows Williams would've done his best work on the outside, but due to two factors he didn't: 1) It was Mac's job to get Leon some help so he wouldn't constantly be double teamed. He didn't, so Williams (the good soldier) treaded on and kept his mouth shut when surrounding talent like Richardson and Wilkerson got traded or cut. 2) Bowles decided he needed Williams playing on the INSIDE. Something Williams (the good soldier), knew would not bring out the best in him? But he treaded on and kept his mouth shut. Do I know Williams is JJ Watt talented? Of course not. I don't think he's even close. But I do think we owe ourselves to see if all this time Williams has been misutilized? We all talk about it. A good HC puts his players in the best position to do what they do best. Leonard Williams has been used in the wrong fashion due to poor front office management. So why not hang on to him just one more year? Give him some players on the line. Let him play DE like everyone thinks is best for him. Give him an edge rusher to take the pressure of constant double teams off him. Now we can truly see if he's either a bum like everyone wants to think these days or !maybe he was truly misused?
  21. Understand ADAM GASE is one of young offensive genius trend guys.
  22. The reason for this pathetic ratings performance can mostly be linked to the following two factors: 1) Most fans are tired of the patsies getting every questionable call. Most hate the patsies and seeing them in yet another SB bored everyone to the point that they'd rather not watch. 2) Un- american a$$holes (and Goodell is one of them) getting their way. Kaepernick should have been fired for insubordination when he refused to stand for the anthem. All these conservative owners should have nipped this problem in the bud by firing Goodell long ago. This entire issue starts/ends with Goodell.
  23. This is the lone thing that Mac seems to be good at? Yet when he spends the money he gets terrible players like Spencer Long?
  24. Honestly it's like Mac doesn't fear for his job at all? He has ZERO concern about the timeline of a player getting up to speed and contributing? Take Darrin Lee for example. Despite him being a day one starter he was for intents and purposes USELESS for his first 2 seasons in the league. Even now, he's a far below average player. Yet Mac doesn't take the learning curve into account when drafting players. Every year he's done that he's put this team behind the 8 ball. You must get contributions out of your 1st round draft choices in their rookie seasons, otherwise wth is the point taking them in the 1st round? The only player that I've seen pop the very second they stepped on the field under Mac is Jamal Adams and he's only a Jet because Mac got lucky having him drop the way he did. So until someone lights a "sense of urgency" under Mac's a$$, the Jets will always have players that you'll be lucky to see playing decent in year 3.
  25. Well, you can knock his off field behavior all you'd like. Quite honestly you're probably right. However, he is very much a professional. He's an accomplished athlete in every facet of his game. A true offensive weapon in every sense of the word. I also see where he's coming from economically speaking? He's got a very limited, finite amount of time to make money that will tide him over the rest of his life. He's also well aware of the short lifespan of a rb when they're overused. It's also easy for OC's to become too reliant on the rb because so many of them call plays like they're trying to avoid losing.
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